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Chapter 438: Was the Scene Changed

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Shi Jin was stunned for a moment.

In the script, this was not the case at all.

There was no such thing as vomiting blood.

Besides, its just for show.

She did not use any strength in her hands at all.

Considering that the girls face was exquisite, Shi Jin controlled her strength very well.

The reporters were also shocked.

They had also received the script for this segment and knew that it was a scene in a movie.

It was mainly to test ones acting skills.

Everyone had been impressed by Shi Jins acting skills, but had she slapped Chu Jia to such an extent

Was the scene changed Or was it something else

Chu Jias eyes were filled with tears as she said to everyone, “Its alright.

Shi Jin must have accidentally hit me too hard.

Ill be fine after applying some ice.

Director Cao, Im sorry.

Ill go out for a while.”

After saying that, Chu Jia covered her face and left, heading straight to the dressing room.

The crowd was in an uproar.

Did Shi Jin really injure her that seriously

This amount of blood spat out seemed like she was hit with full strength.

Director Cao also hurriedly called for the filming to stop.

He got someone to calm the reporters down and not report what happened today.

He walked towards Shi Jin and asked, “Whats going on”

“I didnt use much strength,” Shi Jin said simply.

She raised her hand which was still stained with blood.

“I can tell that you didnt use too much strength, but on Chu Jias side…” Director Cao glanced in Chu Jias direction.

“Shi Jin, take a rest first.

Ill take care of things here.

Shi Jin knew that it was impossible to control the situation.

Since Chu Jia dared to do this, there must be people among the reporters that she hired.

At this moment, the news must have already been released and the photos as well.

Yao Jiahong walked towards Shi Jin.

“Shi Jin, Ive asked someone to remove the news, but Chu Jia obviously came prepared…”

“I know.

She has a lot of shows waiting to be broadcasted.

If shes determined, she must become famous.

Ill fulfill her wish.” A cold smile appeared on Shi Jins lips.

Yao Jiahong asked, “What are your plans Let me do it.”

Shi Jin spoke softly.

As expected, the matter had already spread and was trending.

# Shi Jin Hit Someone #

# Shi Jin injured Chu Jia #

# Chu Jia is seriously injured #

Any news that touched on Shi Jins name was always very popular.

Moreover, it was the negative news that the netizens loved the most.

A few hot searches were accompanied by pictures of Chu Jias swollen face, as well as scenes of Shi Jin giving Chu Jia a tight slap during filming.

Although many people spoke up for Shi Jin, there were still many onlookers who did not know the truth and found it hard to accept such a scene.

“This is the first time Shi Jin is making a movie and shes already so arrogant”

“Chu Jia is the second female lead.

How could she hit her like that”

“Theyre all actors and all rely on their faces.

Isnt she too ruthless”

“The Shi Jin filter in my eyes is about to shatter.”

“Shes really ruthless.

No matter what Chu Jia did, its too much for a woman to make things difficult for another woman.”

As the matter was in an uproar, Shi Jin sent a Weibo message.

“In the afternoon, I will broadcast my apology to Chu Jia.

Im sorry, I dont know why Chu Jia would vomit blood with such a light slap.

I will give everyone an explanation.”

“Ugh, youre still denying that you didnt use any strength at a time like this.”

“Im vomiting with disgust.

Dont you know how much strength you used If you hit her lightly, would she vomit so much blood”

“Youre a famous celebrity after all.

Whats so good about bullying a newcomer”

“I heard that Chu Jia is Chu Lings cousin.

Could it be that… Shi Jin has a grudge because of love”

As Chu Jias identity was exposed, everyone had another heated discussion.


On set.

A low-key luxury car was parked at the entrance.

When Fu Xiuyuan appeared at the entrance of the set, the staff who were familiar with him hurriedly led him towards Shi Jins dressing room.


Fu, weve all witnessed this.

Shi Jin is definitely not that kind of person.”

The staff knew very well what had happened and felt indignant for Shi Jin.

However, the problem now was that the tempo had been raised and no one had strong evidence to prove that Shi Jin did not hit her on purpose.

There was no way to prove her innocence.

Chu Jia stayed in her dressing room and everyone could only wait.

When she came out, there were tears in her eyes.

Although she used her hands to cover the scars on her face, everyone could still see that the left side of her face was swollen and had a red mark.

“Dont blame Shi Jin, everyone.

Its normal to have some hiccups in acting,” Chu Jia said to everyone.

Her tone was very sincere and humble.

There was no anger in her eyes.

The reporters were moved by her words and nodded their heads secretly.

This lady was really not bad.

She didnt say a single bad word about Shi Jin even though she was injured so badly.

Although the crew members were confused, they couldnt criticize her, so they could only wait and see.

When Fu Xiuyuan passed by Chu Jia, she was being interviewed by a reporter.

“Shi Jin really didnt do it on purpose.

I hope everyone…”

Suddenly, she felt an extremely cold aura pass by her, making her feel as if there was a sharp blade on her back.

She turned back and saw a tall and cold figure walking towards Shi Jins dressing room.

She couldnt see who the man was, but she was sure it wasnt Yao Jiahong.

His aura was much stronger than Yao Jiahongs, which gave Chu Jia a bad feeling.

Without waiting for her to think about it, the reporters chased after her and asked her more questions.

She could only turn her attention back and continue, “I still hope that everyone will be more lenient towards Shi Jin.

Im fine, Im really fine.”

Combined with her magnanimous words and the scars on her face, her image seemed to grow larger.

These interviews were naturally posted by the reporters she had bribed.

After sending it out, people felt pity for her and condemned Shi Jin.

Chu Jias popularity rose again and again, and she ate up all the profits.

Just like that, she became a hot topic.

Shi Jin was in the midst of putting on makeup.

She twisted open the lipstick and applied it on her lips.

When the man appeared in the mirror, she put away the lipstick and asked him in the mirror, “Why are you here”

“I saw the news, of course.” Fu Xiuyuan walked towards her, placed his hands on the chair, and lowered his eyes in an extremely protective manner.

“Which kind of position do you plan to ban Chu Jia in”

Shi Jin smiled and looked up.

“I havent thought about it yet, but we might be able to come to a conclusion at the apology conference later.”

Fu Xiuyuan lowered his head and kissed her before reaching out to pick up her right hand.

“Does it hurt”

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