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Chapter 437: I Really Have to Take Credit

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University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Teacher Cao and Liu Kaiyuans medical report was also sent to the school.

During the meeting, Ling Yida sent the information to the directors of the two academies.

“I believe everyone has seen the situation this time.

Director Huang, the combined Chinese and Western medicine major already has experimental fields.

Not only that, there are also sufficient resources.

Logically, this medicinal herb experimental field should be given to the ancient Chinese medicine specialization.”

Ling Yida was very direct.

The field was originally meant for Ouyang Pings experimental class anyway.

It was Director Huang who stepped in and caused the current situation.

However, Shi Jin turned the tide and changed the situation.

Director Huang said calmly, “Arent there still no results from the internship and treatment in the hospital Its not too late to wait for the final results.”

Ling Yida had no choice, but to obey the rules when he saw how stubborn he was.

“Alright, well wait for the final result.”


Shi Jin took care of the little girl.

After her mother fed her the medicine, she turned around and said to Shi Jin, “Doctor Shi, Xiao Shus face is much better now.

Look, she can bare her teeth and raise her eyebrows.”

Xiao Shu said, “This is because Shi Jin is very powerful!”

When she was admitted to the hospital, she could not speak yet.

Although she could not speak clearly now, the situation was not bad.

Shi Jin smiled.

“Then continue to drink the medicine and try to recover to your previous condition.”

“I will.” Xiao Shu smiled sweetly.

She was indeed an obedient and clever girl.

After Shi Jin left, the wife of the man with facial paralysis came forward and whispered, “Doctor Shi.”

“What is it”

“I want to choose to treat my husband with Chinese medicine.

I dont want him to undergo surgery.” She had seen Xiao Shus condition and she had recovered very well.

She was already tempted.

However, her husband had always been very stubborn.

That was why she secretly came to look for Shi Jin.

“Surgical treatment is also beneficial.

It depends on your own opinions.”

She shook her head and said, “Hes very resistant to your treatment.

Im sorry.

Its mainly because youre a celebrity, so hes… Im really sorry.

But I heard that there are a lot of risks in the surgery.

Its much more dangerous than Chinese medicine.

Ive also seen Xiao Shus condition and shes recovering quite well.

I trust you a lot.

Can you prescribe Chinese medicine for him Ill think of a way to make him drink it.”

“If he refuses to be treated this way, its useless even if I prescribe it.”

“Please help me prescribe it.

I will definitely find a way to make him drink it.

We have two children and elders at home.

If anything happens to him, this family will collapse.

Ive seen the risk of surgery.

Im really worried…”

When the woman said this, she sounded a little choked up.

Shi Jin looked at her for a while and said, “Youd better discuss it with Xie Ruilang.

If you change the treatment plan, the patient has the right to know about it.”

“I will persuade him and say that Doctor Xie and Doctor Liang prescribed the medicine,” she said guiltily, knowing that this was unfair to Shi Jin.

Seeing her insistence, Shi Jin did not object.

After a while, Xie Ruilang came over with a medical record and a bunch of Chinese medicine ingredients.

“Shi Jin, please help me take a look.

Is this prescription suitable”

“Has the patients wife convinced her husband”

“No, hes very stubborn.

I could only say that I was the one who prescribed the medicine, so he reluctantly agreed to give it a try.” Xie Ruilang smiled in embarrassment.

“Shi Jin, I really have to take credit for this.”

“Its for the sake of treating people.

Theres nothing to take credit for.” Shi Jin raised her eyes.

She was confident and forgiving.

Xie Ruilang pursed his lips.

Just like Liu Kaiyuan, he looked down on ancient traditional Chinese medicine.

Learning both Chinese and Western medicine was his only choice.

Now, in front of Shi Jin, he suddenly felt very small.

He had come to the affiliated hospital for an internship just because he wanted to find a better job and rise steadily step by step, not because he had a pure dream of saving people.

After Shi Jin finished speaking to him, she lowered her head to look at the medicine he listed.

Her eyebrows were calm and her eyelashes were slightly curled.

Her calmness was mixed with indifference.

She looked up.

“Your medicine is quite good.

However, if you change this medicine to a fresh one, its medicinal properties will be better.”

“Theres one in the experimental field.

Ill get it,” Xie Ruilang said immediately.

He finally realized how amazing the medicine he looked down on was.

The Chinese medicine ingredients used in the hospital had been dried using special methods to facilitate transportation and preservation.

However, through Shi Jin, he knew that many Chinese medicine ingredients used when they were fresh had different medicinal properties and effects.

No wonder Shi Jin and her research class wanted that piece of experimental plot so badly.


As the internship at the affiliated hospital came to an end, Shi Jin returned to the set of “Glory of the Song Dynasty”.

Seeing her return, Director Cao immediately arranged her scenes.

When Shi Jin came out after changing her clothes, she realized that she was filming with Chu Jia.

Chu Jia had been part of the crew for a long time.

She didnt have many scenes, but she was the second female lead and had a high status.

“Shi Jin, theres a press conference today.

You and Chu Jia should put on a good performance and strive to get more publicity for our show.” Director Cao took todays press conference very seriously.

Chu Jia smiled and said, “Director Cao, Shi Jin and I are very familiar with each other.

We will definitely cooperate well.

Dont worry.”

“Thats good.”

After the two of them were ready, the reporters came over with their cameras.

Last time, Shi Jins audition was very successful and the reporters had high hopes for her.

It was just that no one knew how good her acting was, so everyone wanted to watch it first.

“All units get ready.

Okay, action!” With the directors shout, Shi Jin quickly got into character.

The role played by Chu Jia and the role played by Shi Jin were originally good sisters.

However, in the middle of the scenes, when the two of them met with danger, Shi Jin could only turn against Chu Jia in front of outsiders to protect Chu Jia.

This scene was where the two of them pretended to be enemies.

“Sister, how could you do this to me” Chu Jia shouted at Shi Jin frantically.

Shi Jin raised her hand and slapped her.

“Ill treat you however I want to.

What Do you have any objections”

However, because it was fake, when Shi Jin hit Chu Jia, it would look like she used a lot of force, but in reality, she only used it lightly.

The reporters could not help but nod to themselves.

“Shi Jins acting skills are not bad.

She doesnt seem like a complete newcomer.”

“Right, this aura and strength really fits the character profile.”

Everyone had just finished speaking.


As Shi Jin slapped her, Chu Jia spat out a mouthful of blood.


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