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Chapter 436: Slap People, Not Their Faces

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“Not really.

Its similar to using the wrong dosage, the kind that can be fatal.

This is a test of the doctors experience and the amount of medicine used,” Teacher Cao said.

“Shi Jin is more capable than I imagined.”

Liu Kaiyuan walked in and saw that Teacher Cao had already sat up and spoke clearly.

Even though he had already experienced Shi Jins ability to use medicine, he was still very shocked.

Logically speaking, a cerebral hemorrhage of this level had quite a lot of sequelae.

Even if he used surgery, he could not guarantee that he would recover to this state without any problems.

Was Chinese medicine really that magical

He fell into deep thought.

“Kaiyuan, come and sit.” Teacher Cao waved at him.

“Teacher Cao, according to logic, we have to undergo surgery to solve these two cases.

How can the effects of Chinese medicine be comparable to modern medical surgeries” Liu Kaiyuan felt that all his knowledge had been overturned.

Teacher Cao smiled.

“If you learn well, of course you can.”

Liu Kaiyuan was shocked again.

He had worked with many doctors, but he had never seen such a miraculous situation.

“Then how did she check the situation inside without using any equipment”

“Watch more, learn more, observe more, practice more,” Teacher Cao said earnestly.

Liu Kaiyuan was deep in thought.

After relying on modern advanced instruments, he rarely thought of methods such as watching and observing.


Teacher Cao quickly transferred to the affiliated hospital.

Shi Jin and Li Liangjing walked into the hospital together.

Xie Ruilang and Liu Kaiyuan followed closely behind her.

It was almost noon when they returned.

Shi Jin went to the canteen and was about to get some food when Liu Kaiyuan walked up to her and brought the food over.

“Shi Jin, I got it for you.”

Shi Jin had no choice, but to take it.

She put it down and stood up again.

“Arent you eating”

“Im going to get a drink.”

“What do you want to drink Ill buy it.”

When Shi Jin saw Liu Kaiyuan like this, she knew that he would go buy her something no matter what, so she said, “Cola.”

“Alright, take a seat first.” Liu Kaiyuan ran to the convenience store.

Li Yuanyuan, Su Sitian, and Meng Xiuyuan had just finished dealing with the patients matters.

When they went to the canteen to take a look, there was no more space beside Shi Jin.

Li Liangjing sat opposite her, Xie Ruilang sat beside her, and Liu Kaiyuan sat on the other side of Shi Jin.

Li Yuanyuan walked over and knocked on the table, saying unhappily, “What are you doing This is my seat!”

Liu Kaiyuan looked up at her and said with a smile, “Li Yuanyuan I bought you a cola.

Its right beside me.” He pointed to the seat next to him.

Everyone had a Coke and a handful of milk candy.

Li Yuanyuan had already heard about what happened between them.

She asked hesitantly, “Did Shi Jin really cure you”

“Of course.” Liu Kaiyuan was very proud of this.

“Ha, then you should know how wrong your previous thoughts were, right” Li Yuanyuan looked at him provocatively.

Liu Kaiyuan picked up his bowl.

“Slap people, not their faces.”

Shi Jin took the cola and smiled.

“Lets eat first.

We still have to see the patient with facial paralysis later.”

Everyone stopped arguing, but Li Yuanyuan was very unhappy that Liu Kaiyuan had taken her seat.

She made a few faces at him before sitting down to eat.

After they were done eating, Shi Jin took her phone and went to the side.

She had been busy the past two days and hadnt contacted Fu Xiuyuan.

Now she wanted to tell him everything that had happened.

This had become her daily routine.

“Shi Jin.” Xie Ruilang walked up to her.

“Can the two patients with facial paralysis in our group not undergo surgery and be transferred to your side for treatment”

“It might not work.

It depends on the cause of the illness and the current situation.

The treatment measures and medicine are also different.”

“This is their medical records and condition.

Take a look.” Xie Ruilang had already prepared it and handed it to her.

“I think its best to prioritize the health of the patients.

If your method is more suitable, Ill ask you to treat them.”

Shi Jin glanced at him.

It was reasonable for him and Liu Kaiyuan to have such a change.

After all, people who studied medicine had more or less the benevolence of a doctor.

She checked the medical record and said, “These two people are different from the young lady in our group.

Some of your previous treatments have already worked.

Next, you can use my method to treat them, and you can also use the surgery method.

Why dont you ask the patients for their opinion”

“Alright, Ill give you a reply as soon as possible.” Xie Ruilang immediately walked towards the ward.

One of them was a man in his thirties, while the other was a woman in her forties.

Xie Ruilang explained the situation to them.

“Both conditions can be treated, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The surgery method will be effective quickly, but you cant perform overly delicate facial expressions after that.

There will be a sense of involvement, and youll need a long massage to recover.

Moreover, theres also a problem with the surgery risk.

The Chinese medicine method is slower, and youll need to drink two courses of treatment.

Itll take a longer time, but the risk is relatively low.”

As the man shook his head, he used his phone to communicate with his wife.

The middle-aged woman was tempted and started communicating with her husband.

Finally, the mans wife said, “My husband said that we should choose surgery.

He doesnt really trust Shi Jin and Chinese medicine.”

She didnt say anything else.

Not only did her husband not believe her, but he also told her that this series of events, including Shi Jins treatment of Teacher Cao and Liu Kaiyuan, were all caused by the entertainment company to build up Shi Jins reputation.

He hated the entertainment industry and hated it from the bottom of his heart.

Now that he heard that he was going to be transferred to Shi Jins side, he immediately rejected it.

It was also because he could not speak properly now.

If he could speak, he would definitely give these people a good scolding.

The other middle-aged womans husband listened to his wife and said, “My wife said that she is willing to believe in Shi Jin and Chinese medicine and give it a try.”

The matter was settled just like that.

Xie Ruilang quickly passed the name list to Shi Jin.

“Liu Lan is the middle-aged female patient on my side.

She chose the Chinese medicine method.”

“Okay.” Shi Jin noted it down.

After she went back, she discussed the medicine with the entire team.

“Senior Li, Senior Meng, please concoct Liu Lans medicine.

As for the young ladys medicine, Yuanyuan, Senior Su, and I will concoct it together.”

After the medicine was confirmed, it was quickly given to the patients and they began to take it.

As for the male patient, because the surgery required scheduling and preoperative preparation, the surgery time was scheduled for the next week.

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