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Chapter 435: Healed!

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However, he could not suppress the despair in his heart.

If the situation really worsened, appendicitis would most likely develop into an even more serious abdominal fistula, resulting in all kinds of complications.

The consequences would be unimaginable.

He regretted not treating his illness in time for this volunteer medical consultation.

If he was careless for a moment, he might regret it for the rest of his life.

Finally, Shi Jins herbs were ready.

“Give it to him,” Shi Jin said to Xie Ruilang.

Xie Ruilang and Liu Kaiyuan didnt believe in Chinese medicine.

For example, if they had modern medical equipment, they would be able to clearly see where the lesion was after the relevant examination.

Then, they would be able to quickly solve the problem with the relevant treatment and medication.

The only difference between them and Shi Jin now was the environmental factors.

However, at this point, the two of them did not insist anymore.

As long as it did not kill them, they would drink it.

Liu Kaiyuan quickly finished a large bowl of medicine.

A moment later, his stomach hurt even more.

Shi Jin brought another bowl over.

“Continue drinking.”

“Shi Jin, how about we stop The ambulance is already on the way.” Xie Ruilang took a look at her medicine.

They were all harvested from the road.

It was hard to tell how effective it was.

Appendicitis easily affects the abdominal cavity.

If he drank more of this, who knew what would happen If it was an intestinal perforation, the consequences would be too severe.

“If he doesnt drink it, Im afraid he wont be able to last until the ambulance arrives.

Make your choice.” Shi Jin placed the bowl in front of them.

Liu Kaiyuan groaned in pain.

Sweat poured down his face like rain.

Shi Jin placed the bowl down and went to check on Teacher Caos condition, ignoring them.

Liu Kaiyuan thought for a while, but he still braced himself and took the medicine, drinking it in one gulp.

However, after drinking it, his stomach hurt even more.

Xie Ruilangs face darkened.

Liu Kaiyuan felt a sharp pain in his stomach and said, “I need to go to the washroom.”

Xie Ruilang helped him over.

Li Liangjings herbs had been dug out.

Shi Jin checked them and said, “Theres no mistake about it.

Boil water and boil medicine.”

“Hows Teacher Caos condition now”

“The bleeding has stopped, but we still need this medicine to dissolve the clotting,” Shi Jin said.

On the other side, Xie Ruilangs face was filled with disbelief.

Her medicine could stò the bleeding of a cerebral hemorrhage like this without checking or confirming the bleeding point, and it could even dissolve blood clots

Even in the Traditional Chinese Medicine Pharmaceutical Subsidiary Hospital, such a situation required equipment.

Of course, if he had the equipment, he could handle most of it.

Li Liangjing had finished brewing the medicine and fed it to Teacher Cao.

Before Liu Kaiyuan came out, Xie Ruilang knocked on the bathroom door.

“Kaiyuan, whats wrong with you Kaiyuan, open the door!”

The door creaked open.

Liu Kaiyuan walked out and said, “I dont feel pain anymore.”

Xie Ruilang looked at him in surprise.

The sweat on his forehead was gone.

Although he still looked listless, it was obvious that the crisis had been resolved and his sickness had disappeared.

This was truly a miracle.

Without any surgery, the symptoms were greatly alleviated, and he even used the herbs that Shi Jin plucked from the roadside.

Even Liu Kaiyuan was shocked.

As a medical student, he was well aware of his own condition.

He found it hard to believe that Shi Jins two bowls of medicine had cured his symptoms.

He thought that he would have to die here today.

Who knew that there would be such a turn of events…

Liu Kaiyuan did not say anything else.

He took a step forward and helped Shi Jin and Li Liangjing feed Ms.

Cao the medicine.

Half an hour later, the ambulance stopped at the foot of the mountain.

Xie Ruilang went down the mountain to receive the medical staff and carried Teacher Cao down.

Liu Kaiyuan was extremely regretful and uneasy.

If Teacher Cao had tried to support him, he would not have injured his head.

He hung his head and did not speak.

After a while, he looked up and asked Shi Jin, “Shi Jin, can Teacher Cao really recover”

“It depends,” Shi Jin said calmly.

“However, you dont have to blame yourself.

His cerebral hemorrhage should have been caused by damage to his cerebral angiomas [1.

an abnormal growth produced by the dilatation or new formation of blood vessels.].

Its a pathological cause and not caused by external injuries.”

Even though Shi Jin had said so, Liu Kaiyuan was not feeling any better.

When the ambulance arrived at the hospital, Teacher Cao was sent to the examination room.

Liu Kaiyuan requested that he follow him in.

Since he was a medical student and had the experience of helping with tests, he was allowed to enter as an assistant.

Shi Jin waited outside the examination room with a calm expression.

An hour passed before Teacher Cao was finally sent out.

The doctor said, “This is really a miracle.

The damage to the patients cerebral hemangioma [2.

Hemangiomas are benign tumours formed from blood vessels.] caused bleeding, but the bleeding was stopped before the patient was sent to the hospital.

What we found was that his blood clot is currently slowly dissipating, and hasnt accumulated in his brain.

In this case, we dont have to perform surgery.

We can just treat him conservatively and observe him.

Of course, if his condition worsens, we would suggest surgery immediately to remove the hemangioma.”

Liu Kaiyuan and Xie Ruilang couldnt help, but look at Shi Jin.

Their eyes were no longer filled with doubt and arrogance.

Shi Jin nodded.

“Alright, lets observe first.

Teacher Caos family should be on their way.”

“Liu Kaiyuan, do a checkup,” Xie Ruilang said.

The two of them had a feeling that Liu Kaiyuans condition had been alleviated.

Liu Kaiyuan immediately registered and went in to check.

Under the instruments, he could clearly see that his physical condition had been restored.

The appendix, which had been inflamed, had been somewhat swollen the last time he had examined it, but this time, the inflammation subsided.

The pain before was real, but so was the health now.

His mouth dropped open.

He couldnt speak.

The doctor said, “Your condition isnt that serious.

Its just strange.

I can tell that there was quite a lot of pus-like liquid in this area previously.

Now, its absorbing itself.

Did you use some medicine”

“Yes, Chinese medicine,” Liu Kaiyuan said.

The doctor smiled and said, “Yes, I remember now.

Youre students from the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

I didnt expect Chinese medicine to be so magical.

Your condition is still alright.

Theres no problem.

Go back and take care of it.”

By the time he was done, Teacher Cao had already woken up.

Xie Ruilang briefly explained what had happened to him after he passed out.

A trace of fear appeared on his face, but at the same time, he looked relieved.

When he heard about the medicine that Shi Jin used, he could not help nodding his head repeatedly.

“Yes, its those kinds of medicine.

However, Shi Jin used those medicines very dangerously.

Normal Chinese doctors would not dare to prescribe medicine like that.”

Xie Ruilang asked, “Any side effects”

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