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Chapter 434: A Chance of Survival

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Suddenly, Liu Kaiyuan held his stomach.

“My stomach hurts.”

Xie Ruilang patted his shoulder.

“Did you eat too much sweet potatoes”

“No…” Large beads of sweat appeared on Liu Kaiyuans forehead.

He staggered and was about to fall.

Xie Ruilang saw that something was wrong and rushed to help him.

Teacher Cao was also the closest to Liu Kaiyuan.

He held Liu Kaiyuan first.

However, Liu Kaiyuan was over 1.8 meters tall and weighed more than two hundred kilograms.

Teacher Cao was old and almost half his height.

Teacher Cao did not catch Liu Kaiyuan.

Instead, he was pulled by his body until he fell.

With a bang, Teacher Cao fell to the ground, followed by Liu Kaiyuan.

When Liu Kaiyuan fell to the ground, he specifically moved his body to avoid pressing Teacher Cao, but Teacher Cao still fell quite heavily.

Shi Jin and Li Liangjing sat a little further away.

When they heard the sound, they stood up, but by the time they arrived, both of them had already fallen.

Xie Ruilang quickly reached out to support Teacher Cao.

“Dont help him yet,” Shi Jin stopped him.

At Shi Jins reminder, Xie Ruilang lowered his head and looked at Teacher Cao.

He realized that he had fainted and his face was pale.

“Teacher Cao Teacher Cao” Xie Ruilang panicked.

He immediately used the first-aid method to perform chest compressions for him.

This was the most common and effective first-aid method after someone fainted.

Shi Jin stopped him.


“What are you waiting for” Xie Ruilang had always had a good temper.

At this moment, he could not help but lose his temper.

“Teacher Caos various indications are consistent with the characteristics of CPR.

If we dont give him first aid now, there wont be any time left.”

While he was speaking, Shi Jin had already done a rough checkup on Teacher Cao.

“He did not have cardiac arrest, but acute brain hemorrhage.

The external indications are very similar, but there is still a slight difference.

Look at his eyes and ears.”

Xie Ruilang looked at it carefully and had to believe it.

“Ill call the ambulance now.”

He then made a call.

However, after he called, he remembered that when they came here from the foot of the mountain, they had walked for two to three hours.

If he had an acute cerebral hemorrhage, he would have missed the best time for emergency treatment.

Liu Kaiyuan cried out in pain and stuttered, “Dont, dont worry about me.

Carry Teacher Cao down the mountain immediately.

Theres still a chance…”

“Acute cerebral hemorrhage patients cannot be moved at will, or it will cause more bleeding.” Shi Jin rejected this suggestion.

Xie Ruilang knew this as well, so he was helpless.

However, when he saw Shi Jins calm and unhurried manner, he couldnt help but be a little annoyed by her indifference.

He said, “Then what should we do Theres no treatment equipment here, and we cant stop the bleeding immediately.

Are we going to watch Teacher Cao…”

He could not continue.

Although he didnt like Chinese medicine, he respected Teacher Cao.

Shi Jin said to Li Liangjing, “Senior Li, the herb that I picked today in my bag is serrated and dark green.

Use a hundred grams of it to turn it into juice and feed it to Teacher Cao.”

When Xie Ruilang saw that they had made the medicine into juice, he doubted Shi Jins judgment.

Was this really an acute brain hemorrhage

Would there be a problem if he did not perform CPR immediately Without relying on advanced equipment, was it really accurate to judge with the naked eye

Li Liangjing did not suspect anything.

He cooperated with Shi Jin and poured the medicine into Teacher Caos mouth.

“Senior Li, please go out and look for some moss-like medicine under the big rock.

If you find it, quickly scrape some off.”

Hearing Shi Jins arrangement, Li Liangjing went out immediately.

Liu Kaiyuan was at his limit too.

Xie Ruilang rushed over and did a rough check before he said, “Its appendicitis.

We have to do an emergency operation immediately.”

“He can wait for the ambulance to arrive.

This kind of appendicitis can hold for a few hours,” Shi Jin said as she took care of Teacher Cao.

“Maybe, maybe I wont be able to wait anymore…” Liu Kaiyuan muttered.

“My appendix hurt a few days ago.

I didnt want to, didnt want to miss this opportunity to come for a volunteer medical consultation.

I planned to, I planned to perform the surgery after I went back.

Painkillers are useless to me now…”

When Shi Jin heard this, she immediately went forward to check on Liu Kaiyuan.

After checking, she realized that the situation was indeed very urgent.

“I have a fruit knife.

I can operate on you immediately.” Xie Ruilang weighed the fruit knife in his hand.

“Theres also enough anti-inflammatory medicine.”

“What about the stitches and needles” Shi Jin asked.

Xie Ruilang fell silent.

Among so many people, his medical skills and clinical experience were the best.

He had always been one of the best in the combined Chinese and western medicine major.

This was not the first time he came to the affiliated hospital for an internship.

He had seen many doctors perform this kind of conventional surgery.

If he was given the corresponding tools, this kind of surgery would be nothing to him.

However, the difficulty lay in the lack of suitable tools.

With Shi Jins reminder, he recalled that if there were no surgical tools such as endoscopy, it would be impossible to perform non invasive surgeries.

He had to cut open Liu Kaiyuans stomach before he could locate the lesion.

This was not a small surgery.

Liu Kaiyuan knew this as well.

He pointed at his bag and said, “Ill, Ill try eating more painkillers.

It wont hurt so much in a while.

Ill walk down the mountain slowly…”

Xie Ruilang had no choice, but to get him some painkillers.

“Wait.” Shi Jin stopped them.

“If we dont stop the pain, he wont last long.” Xie Ruilang was burning with anxiety.

Teacher Cao was lying on the ground, and Liu Kaiyuan was in this state.

Li Liangjing was even ordered by Shi Jin to dig for herbs.

However, Shi Jin remained calm as though nothing had happened.

He ignored her advice and poured out a bunch of painkillers, feeding Liu Kaiyuan.

Unexpectedly, the pain did not stop after he ate it.

Instead, he held his stomach and almost rolled over.

His clothes were drenched.

Seeing them like this, Shi Jin said calmly, “Ill get some herbs to boil.

You start a fire.”

Xie Ruilang had no choice, but to follow her instructions.

At the same time, he kept contacting the hospital to send another ambulance over.

Shi Jin washed the herbs slowly and put them into the pot.

Liu Kaiyuan didnt have much hope, but he felt very guilty.

That fall just now had brought Teacher Cao down.

He had never thought of that outcome.

It was fine for him to be sick, but if there was anything wrong with Teacher Cao, he really could not get over his conscience…

The pain quickly stopped him from thinking further..

He bit his lip and tried not to make his painful cries sound too unpleasant.

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