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Chapter 432: Chinese medicine is dispensable

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As it involved the profession of traditional Chinese medicine, Zhang Fengnian and Ouyang Ping had obtained these four treatment plans.

“Xie Ruilang and the others are not bad.

One of the medical records used antiviral treatment to alleviate the illness, and then it was mainly used for recuperation.

The other two have undergone a comprehensive evaluation and have chosen facial nerve truncation,” Zhang Fengnian evaluated.

“Theres no better way to treat severe facial paralysis.”

Ouyang Ping said, “But once a facial nerve truncation operation is performed, people wont be able to make many subtle expressions.”

“That wont affect anything.

Treatment is the priority, isnt it” Zhang Fengnian said as he flipped open the proposal that Li Liangjing had submitted.

“Or should we continue to use medicine With an illness of this level, forgive me for being blunt, but we really need to rely on modern high-tech technology.”

Ouyang Ping did not refute.

Indeed, Chinese medicine had an effect in treating chronic diseases.

However, when it came to treating this kind of disease, even he could not deny that modern technology was more effective.

It was also because of this that gradually, everyone felt that it didnt matter if there was no need for traditional Chinese medicine.

Just like the question he had seen on a famous question-and-answer platform: “If traditional Chinese medicine disappears, what will become of the world”

Many of the praised answers were: “Theres no effect.”

It was clear how unimportant traditional Chinese medicine was to everyone.

The existence of Chinese medicine had no effect.

If it didnt exist, it had no effect either.

It was precisely because of this that it was terrifying.

Seeing that the other two patients had chosen surgery, the girls mother became even more anxious.

When Shi Jin entered, she saw that she was saying something hurriedly and quickly.

The girl kept shaking her head.

His mother got angry and turned to wipe her tears.

The girl was crying too.

However, because of her facial paralysis and her tears flying around, she looked disheveled and ridiculous.

She really didnt have any dignity to survive.

After checking on the situation for her, Shi Jin made another record.

Every time the girl saw Shi Jin come, her mood would improve.

She tried her best to give her a smile but failed.

Shi Jin patted her cheek and said, “Dont give up.

Theres still a chance.”

Shi Jin returned to Li Liangjings side and handed him a bottle.

“Senior Li, this is the extraction of essential oil from the medicine you added last time.”

“Really” Li Liangjings calm face revealed a rare look of surprise.

“Whats the purity”

“Seventy percent,” Shi Jin said.

“This is great.

That kind of medicine is only produced by boiling.

The usable portion of the medicine is less than one percent.

Currently, there are no other pure portions on the market.

I was just thinking about how to incorporate this medicine into the medicine.”

He was more professional than Shi Jin imagined.

He quickly understood why Shi Jin had given him the medicine.

He adjusted the prescription for her to see.

“Shi Jin, take a look at this.

Can it be used”

“This prescription can greatly improve her condition.

You can just adjust the prescription later.”

“Alright, Ill send them over to brew some medicine for her.” Li Liangjing was now very confident.

In the afternoon, Doctor Liang came over to make arrangements.

“At present, we have an opportunity to follow Teacher Cao to a mountain village in the suburbs for volunteer medical consultation.

We can get in touch with many real medical cases.

You two groups can choose two people to go with Teacher Cao.

The rest of you can stay and continue treating the patients on your hands.”

Being able to come into contact with more real patients would be a great boon to medical students.

However, when they heard that they were going to the remote mountains, the families of the few paralyzed patients who were being treated were somewhat unwilling.

“Arent they the ones treating us If we leave, what will happen to our condition”

Doctor Liang explained patiently, “There will be students who will continue to stay.

Furthermore, since youve entered the hospital, we wont ignore your condition.”

The patients family members felt a little relieved.

The young lady in Shi Jins group clutched Shi Jins clothes tightly.

She looked like she could not bear for her to leave.

“If I go to the remote mountainous area, Ill contact you on WeChat.

I can also see if there are any suitable herbs to bring back,” Shi Jin said softly.

She immediately let go and looked at Shi Jin hopefully.

Although there was something wrong with her facial nerves and she could not express any emotion, Shi Jin could still see the light in her eyes.

In the end, Shi Jins group confirmed that Shi Jin and Li Liangjing would go.

Xie Ruilangs team confirmed that Xie Ruilang and Liu Kaiyuan would be going together.

Li Liangjing told Su Sitian, Meng Xiuyuan, and the others about the use of the medicine.

He then told them about the increase in the amount of medicine on the prescription.

“If theres anything, call me immediately,” Li Liangjing instructed.

The leader of the volunteer medical consultation in the mountains was an old Chinese medicine doctor, Teacher Cao.

Teacher Cao was very experienced and had done many volunteer medical consultations.

This time, he brought the students along hoping that he could teach them everything he had learned in his life.


The next day.

The volunteer medical consultation activity began, and Teacher Cao led the selected students out.

In the car, he spoke of ancient Chinese medicine with pride.

“Although Chinese medicine is on the decline now, we have cured many difficult diseases with Chinese medicine.

In my opinion, our Chinese medicine can still last for 5,000 years.”

“Teacher Cao, tell us.

Can wild herbs still be found in the suburbs” Li Liangjing asked curiously.

“That depends on the situation.

In some areas, there are too few plants that are manually planted, let alone medicinal herbs, but in the places that we went to, there are few young people now.

The mountains are high and far away.

Most of the time, they are occupied by the elderly.

Its not impossible to find some suitable herbs,” Teacher Cao said with a smile.

Li Liangjing was interested.

“Then Ill go pick some.

Teacher Cao, help me watch and check.”


Its rare for us to have young people like you who are interested in our traditional medical skills.” Teacher Cao chuckled.

Xie Ruilang and Liu Kaiyuan did not speak much.

Both of them were leaning towards modern medicine.

Other than acknowledging the medicinal properties of certain herbs, they were not interested in anything else in the field of ancient traditional Chinese medicine.

Seeing that Li Liangjing and Teacher Cao were chatting happily, and that Shi Jin would occasionally interject, the two of them directly closed their eyes to rest.

Seeing their behavior, Teacher Cao couldnt help shaking his head secretly.

He felt a little helpless in his heart.

He knew that young people these days had overly high standards and didnt think much of these old antiques.

The car drove for a few hours before they finally entered the remote mountainous area.

When they got out of the car, the few young people were stunned.

Teacher Cao smiled and said, “Its hard to imagine that there is such a place in a first-tier city, right”

Everyone silently followed Teacher Cao as they walked along the difficult mountain path towards the mountains.

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