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Chapter 431: Can Ancient Chinese Medicine Do It

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Li Liangjing added, “So what if youre criticized What needs to be learned still needs to be learned.

Since this specialization still exists, it naturally means that it has its uses.

He already looks down on himself, so what is he”

Only then did Meng Xiuyuan perk up and eat.

In the afternoon, Doctor Liang finally gave everyone a chance.

“Li Liangjing, your group can participate in traditional Chinese medicines treatment of facial paralysis.

Recently, the hospital has taken in more than twenty patients with facial paralysis.

Currently, seven of them are severely ill using the current method.

However, whether they agree to your participation in the treatment will depend on their familys situation and your own ability,” Doctor Liang said.

Now that they could finally come into contact with actual medical cases, everyones mood was finally lifted.

They followed Doctor Liang into the treatment room.

The seven facial paralysis patients were all there.

They were considered to be in a more serious situation.

They had crooked mouths and slanted eyes.

Some of them couldnt even contain their saliva or speak.

Forget living normally, they didnt even have their basic dignity.

When Shi Jin followed them in, she realized that Liu Kaiyuan and the others were already there.

Doctor Liang briefly introduced the situation.

“Everyone, we currently have two groups of outstanding students from medical schools.

One group is from the combined medical specialization of both Western and traditional Chinese medicine, and the other is from the ancient traditional Chinese medicine specialization.

They will participate in your treatment.

However, since they are interns, whether you agree to their treatment will depend on you.”

When the family member heard that interns were arranged to treat patients, even though they were helpless, they did not object.

After all, there were no special medicines for facial paralysis currently, so the pathogenesis and principle were still unclear.

If they had not yet recovered from the ordeal even after visiting a few big hospitals, they would not have come to the affiliated hospital.

Doctor Liang said, “Xie Ruilang, Liu Kaiyuan, why dont you give everyone a brief introduction”

Xie Ruilang was already a fourth-year student with rich experience, so he calmly said, “We specialize in combining Western and Chinese medicine.

Although we dont have any special medicine for facial paralysis, we can treat it by investigating the virus in the blood and combining it with the patients condition.

If needed, we can even perform surgery to cut off the facial nerves.”

It sounded very scientific.

The treatment for truncating facial nerves especially gave the patient great hope.

Immediately, some patients chose them.

Li Liangjing said, “We can use Chinese medicine as a supplement to treat facial paralysis with acupuncture.

There are many ways to treat facial paralysis in ancient traditional Chinese medicine, but as for the specific person, we need to first determine the cause of the illness and then choose the appropriate medicine and acupuncture method.”

Immediately, a patients family member said, “Ancient Chinese medicine Will this method work”

A family member beside her said, “I heard that eating too much of those herbs will harm the kidney.

Its best not to choose that method.”

“Acupuncture is something that you can just watch on TV.

No one can understand the practical reasoning.

I dont think its scientific.”

At the end of the day, even if they were admitted to a hospital that combined Western and Chinese medicine, everyone would still prefer Western medicine to diagnose and treat them.

They were more at ease with solid data.

In the end, six patients and their families chose Xie Ruilangs group.

Only one person chose Li Liangjing.

The people in Xie Ruilangs group discussed among themselves.

Since they could not deal with six patients, they finally chose three.

The remaining three patients would be handed over to the doctors in the hospital.

The person who chose Shi Jins group was a young girl.

Due to her facial paralysis, no one could see her actual looks.

However, based on her facial features, one could guess that she was originally a very pretty girl.

Her mother was with her.

The girl could not talk or communicate.

She kept typing with her mother.

The two of them seemed to have had an argument and were a little agitated.

Her mother said in a low voice, “How can you be so stubborn Go to that group over there.

Even if its not enough, you can still perform surgery to remove the nerves.

Why must you stay in this group”

The girl was typing on her phone to show her mother.

Her mother sighed after reading and did not speak for a long time.

Shi Jin walked over.

The mother said with tears in her eyes, “Weve already found a few hospitals.

Please help us.

I dont expect her to recover completely.

I just want her to be healthy.”

The young lady took out her phone and typed on it.

After typing, she specially passed it to Shi Jin.

“Shi Jin, I dont want to undergo a neurotomy.

I want to act.

I want to maintain the facial nerves intact.

Can you help me”

When Shi Jin saw these words, she lowered her eyes.

No wonder the little girl had chosen to stay in his group.

She had high hopes.

After reading the content, Shi Jin handed the phone back and said in a low voice, “Dont worry.

Well definitely do our best.”

“Thank you.” The little girl typed two words.

Li Liangjing asked everyone to make a diagnosis first before treating her.

Because Li Yuanyuan and Shi Jin were inexperienced, she was mainly diagnosed by Li Liangjing and Meng Xiuyuan while Su Sitian assisted in the treatment.

Li Yuanyuan stood by the side and helped to hand things to them.

The mother kept looking at Xie Ruilang.

They had already brought the patients for a blood test.

She heard that they had to eliminate the viral infection factor.

It sounded very scientific.

Compared to the questionable method here, it looked more reassuring.

Her mother looked distracted.

After the diagnosis, Li Liangjing returned to his office and started prescribing medicine.

Meng Xiuyuan glanced at it.

“The patient has used this prescription before.

The effect is average.”

“I added another herb.

It should be able to improve,” Li Liangjing said after thinking for a while.

“Theres also acupuncture.

With the medicine, it should be able to play a preliminary role.

Sitian, youre good at acupuncture.

You can perform acupuncture for her then.”

“Alright,” Su Sitian agreed.

Shi Jin opened her WeChat and sent a picture to Li Liangjing.

His phone rang.

Li Liangjing picked it up and took a look.

He realized that it was a photo of an ancient medical skill.

The words on it were difficult to read, but he had quite a bit of research on ancient medicine, so he could still tell that these were used to identify the various therapies for facial paralysis.

He looked up at Shi Jin.

Shi Jin said, “Her situation is a little special, but with good herbs, she should be able to recover.”

Li Liangjing nodded and saved the picture.

Although he understood those treatments, he still needed to carry out further research in order to identify different medicines.


In the end, the treatment plans for these four patients were submitted to Doctor Liang.

Doctor Liang also sent a report to the school..

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