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Chapter 430: No wonder What

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When the two of them came out, they couldnt help, but shake their heads secretly.

“We are in the field of ancient Chinese medicine.

If we dont believe that we can do it, how will outsiders believe it”

“Ancient Chinese medicine has declined, so we have to work harder,” Principal Ling said.

“You have good medical skills, so you have to work harder to bring your students out.”

Hearing that Ouyang Ping and Principal Ling were going to fight for it, Zhang Fengnian was more pessimistic and did not have much hope.

He only wanted to grasp the resources in his hands before ancient traditional Chinese medicine was completely replaced.

Fortunately, the higher-ups approved Ouyang Ping and Principal Lings application very quickly.

They decided to give Ouyang Pings class a chance and let them compete with the combined Chinese and Western medicine major.

When the news came, Ouyang Ping heaved a sigh of relief.

However, there were even more people who were worried for the professionals of the ancient Chinese medicine major.

How could there be any victory in such a competition


Imperial Capital Universitys affiliated hospital was a typical Chinese medicine hospital.

Even though the name had the wordChinese medicine in it, in reality, all the knowledge and content of the students in the specialization now included the foundation of Western medicine.

With its sophisticated instruments, modern treatment, and detection methods, Western medicine had already occupied a higher position in the medical industry.

The only profession that still retained the essence of Chinese medicine were the ancient Chinese medicine majors.

However, with the decline of the ancient traditional Chinese medicine major, there were many talented medical practitioners, who had tried to save the overall situation.

Shi Jins research class was facing the same situation.

After the research class received the internship opportunity, they quickly joined the class of the combined Chinese and Western medicine majors and entered the affiliated hospital to participate in practical work together.

Other than Shi Jin, Li Yuanyuan, Su Sitian, Li Liangjing, and Meng Xiuyuan had all obtained this opportunity.

The three interns from the combined Chinese and Western major were the elites of their major.

The teacher leading the team introduced them to each other.

“Huang Ze, Liu Kaiyuan, Xie Ruilang.”

The three people on the opposite side glanced at Shi Jin and the others.

There was an irrepressible contempt in their eyes.

Shi Jin was there too

Huang Ze smiled and said, “Shi Jin, I thought I could only see you on TV.”

“So…” Liu Kaiyuan said calmly,” Are you planning to win by numbers ”

While these two people were mocking them, Su Sitian reached out her hand and said, “Do you want some candy”

Huang Ze and Liu Kaiyuan were even more amused.

Did they think this was a kindergarten They even brought candy here to eat It looked like there was a reason for the decline of the ancient Chinese medicine specialization.

Su Sitian retracted her hand.

“Oh, youre not eating No wonder.”

Xie Ruilang said, “Alright, lets go.”

Huang Ze and Liu Kaiyuan left with him.

It was obvious that Xie Ruilang was the leader among the three of them.

Li Yuanyuan asked Su Sitian, “No wonder what”

Su Sitian had just unwrapped a candy and put it into her mouth.

She did not have the time to respond to Li Yuanyuan.

Shi Jin answered for her.

“No wonder their mouths stink.”

Li Yuanyuan could not help laughing.

“Senior Sister Su, the way you insult people is quite interesting.”

Li Liangjing said, “According to the mission given by the teacher, we have to learn from the attending physician and help manage and treat the patients.

Lets begin when were ready.”

“We will listen to Seniors arrangements,” Li Yuanyuan raised her hand and said.

Li Liangjing gave everyone a basic task.

The specific tasks would be assigned by the corresponding doctor.

For three consecutive days, the students of the traditional Chinese medicine major only did some miscellaneous tasks.

At most, they would help the patients change their dressing and help the nurses carry their things.

Meanwhile, Huang Ze and the rest had already entered the operating theater to assist the doctors in surgery.

Su Sitian could not help asking Doctor Liang who was leading the team, “Doctor Liang, can we enter the operating theater to help”

Doctor Liang glanced at her and said, “No, what youve learned is very different from what we do in surgery.

You cant help.”

“So we can do something further”

Doctor Liang looked around at the students.

“Not yet.”

After Doctor Liang left, Liu Kaiyuan said, “Have you taken a western medicine class Do you know how to use the medical equipment How can you be qualified to treat patients and save people with just pulse-reading and asking questions”

Meng Xiuyuan couldnt take it anymore.

“Liu Kaiyuan, what you have learned also includes Chinese medicine techniques.

Is there a need to belittle our countrys traditional techniques”

“Im telling the truth.

Its precisely because Ive learned both of them that I can see the pros and cons of both of them clearly, but in comparison, Western medicine is practically flawless.”

“Thats because your skills arent good enough! A good traditional Chinese medicine practitioner completely beats Western medicine!” Meng Xiuyuan said angrily.

“Oh, then tell me.

The patient over there is suffering from abdominal pain.

How are you going to eliminate the possibility that its hernia, gastric disease, appendicitis, or foreign substances Also, if the patient over there doesnt use anti-inflammatory drugs in time, how are you going to prevent his wound from getting infected That patient doesnt need any equipment to check.

How are you going to determine the reason for his coma If the patient over there doesnt use western techniques to make the medication, are you going to wait until youre done brewing the medicine before feeding him”

Liu Kaiyuan pointed at the patients and asked Meng Xiuyuan and Su Sitian.

Meng Xiuyuan was speechless.

Liu Kaiyuan then said indifferently, “Oh, the specialization you guys learn isnt completely useless.

You usually do acupuncture when you have nothing to do, drink some Chinese medicine to recuperate, and then treat the so-called yin and yang deficiencies.

It has quite a comforting effect.”

“You!” Meng Xiuyuan was so angry that he wanted to hit him, but Li Liangjing held him back.

His words were the focus of everyones controversy in recent years.

More and more people felt that Chinese medicine was useless.

Even students who had learned both would have such thoughts.

Traditional Chinese medicine being useless was a common topic.

Even doctors who studied traditional Chinese medicine became more reliant on western medicine to treat patients.

Liu Kaiyuan was not an exception.

Liu Kaiyuan turned around and left while saying to Huang Ze, “Doctor Liang said that the patient in Bed 38 needs to be observed carefully.

Record the core data.”

During lunch, Meng Xiuyuan held his bowl and looked at the people coming and going in the canteen.

He moved his chopsticks, but the food in his bowl was still there.

Picking up food, Li Yuanyuan asked in a low voice, “Is traditional Chinese medicine really useless My grandfather has been practicing medicine his entire life, and he has treated many people, but now, they have chosen to look for western medicine instead of coming back.”

“How is that possible” Shi Jin said calmly.

“Senior Meng is right..

Once you are proficient in your studies, Chinese medicine will naturally be able to defeat Western medicine.

How can something passed down by our ancestors be useless just like that”

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