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Chapter 429: Wasting Things, Wasting Gods Gift

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The assistant was amused as well.

During the audition, Shi Jin had hyped things up, but from the looks of it, she was nowhere as good as she made herself out to be.

Shi Jin said to Director Cao, “Director Cao, can you make some slight changes to the camera positions”

Director Cao walked up to her and the two of them discussed for a while.

Director Cao got someone to change it according to Shi Jins request.

Chu Jias expression was full of disdain.

She had been wondering how Shi Jin got into the production team.

So she had relied on her looks to impress Director Cao

After the cameras were set up, Director Cao said, “Lets begin.”

“Attention all units, action!”

Shi Jin pulled out her sword.

Chu Jia and her assistant thought, “Thats all”

Even Chu Jias manager shook his head secretly.

However, the next moment, Shi Jin moved her wrist, spun the sword elegantly, and inserted the sword into the scabbard.

The plastic sword body made a soft humming sound because of the movement.

Director Cao smiled and said, “Not bad!”

The martial arts director widened his eyes.

What else could he do here

Chu Jia and her assistant: “…!!!”

Everyone knew that this action was difficult, so the custom was to film a sword drawing backwards as a sword returning to its sheath.

“Alright, thats all for today.

Shi Jin, go back and rest first.” Director Caos attitude towards Shi Jin was completely different from his attitude towards Chu Jia.

Shi Jin went to change.

Throughout the entire process, she did not even glance at Chu Jia.

On the other hand, Chu Jia kept looking at Shi Jin.

After changing, Shi Jin picked up her phone.

Just then, Li Yuanyuan sent a message.

“Shi Jin, I heard from Senior Li that our class can go to the experimental field to look at the herbs today.

Are you coming”

Shi Jin finished her scenes early and had time, so she replied, “Yes.”

“Okay then.

Senior Sister Su and I will wait for you to come before we go together.”

Shi Jin agreed and asked Xiao Li to send her to school.

After she entered, she went to the research class to look for Su Sitian and Li Yuanyuan.

After entering, she said, “Youve waited long, havent you Shall we go now”

Li Yuanyuan looked up and said in a sobbing voice, “Its gone.”


“The experimental plot is gone.

They originally agreed to give it to our research class, but in the end, the higher-ups decided to give it to the Chinese and Western medicine combined major.”

Shi Jin sat down and placed her bag down.


“They said that its a waste of resources to give it to people who study traditional Chinese medicine.

They said that our major is useless.

There are fewer and fewer cases of pure Chinese medicine being used now.

No matter what hospital it is, it has to rely on advanced western medicine science.

Even schools like ours are popular with Western and Chinese medicine.

People like us wont have any standing in the future.”

Shi Jin frowned.

“Who said so”

“Everyone is saying that.

Even Chinese medicine is made using western medical equipment.”

Su Sitian chewed on her milk candy.

“If this continues, its meaningless for our class to continue existing.

Its called a research class, but theres actually nothing there.

The Chinese and Western medicine combination major is really something.

Every year, theres a large sum of money to buy equipment, and there are also various classes in the experimental field.

Its enough, yet they still want to snatch our things.”

Li Yuanyuan added, “I heard that Director Zhang is willing to take in our class.

In the future, this research class will only exist in name.”

Shi Jin stood up.

“Where are you going, Shi Jin”

“Going outside to answer a call.” Shi Jin walked out.

After calming down, she did not go straight to the Directors office.

She was about to return to the classroom when Ouyang Ping walked over.

“Vice Director.” Shi Jin greeted him.

“Perfect, I was looking for you.” Ouyang Pings expression was still calm and collected.

“Do you know that we dont have any test fields”

“I heard.”

“The people at the top of that experimental plot are planning to give it to the Chinese and Western medicine integration major to let them study it.

Our class doesnt have this.

In the future, there will be fewer practices that we can learn.”

He said it tactfully, but Shi Jin knew that it wasnt just a small amount.

Without medicinal herbs to study and without any foundation, how could they learn

“Shi Jin, have you thought about transferring to Director Zhangs elite class You have a good foundation and you can have a better future there.

In the future, you can even go to the International Ancient Chinese Medicine School for an internship.”

“Ive never thought about it,” Shi Jin answered immediately.

“Vice Director, didnt you say that we have opportunities to interact with patients”

“Yes, but…” Ouyang Ping thought about it and said, “The foundation of our class is not solid, and there is a limited amount of research on drugs.

In the past few years, when we went to our schools affiliated hospital to get in touch with the patients, we were just by the side and didnt get to do anything.”

Even Li Liangjing and Meng Xiuyuan, who had good grades, were only there to assist the elite class every time they went, not to mention facing students from the combined Western and Chinese medicine major.

“Vice Director, lets go for an internship.

If we can use the methods we have learned to treat the patients, can the higher-ups give us the experimental plot” Shi Jin asked.

“So far, only Qin Fanya and Hu Hao have been able to use their own methods to treat the patients.

Because of the funding restriction, the people in our class didnt have enough research materials, so they didnt dare to do anything.”

Ancient Chinese medicine had little resources to begin with.

More than half of it was controlled by Zhang Fengnian, so less fell into Ouyang Pings hands.

A clever housewife cannot cook without rice.

His research class did indeed have a feeling of only existing in name.

Although he had tried his best to educate Li Liangjing, Meng Xiuyuan, and the others, there was still a gap between them and Zhang Fengnian.

Not to mention compared to the combined Chinese and Western medicine majors.

“How would we know if we dont try”

When Shi Jin said this, her eyes were clear and her gaze was firm.

Ouyang Ping thought about it and nodded.

“Alright, Ill apply for it.”

“If you do your best, we will also do your best.” Shi Jin nodded and returned to her class.

Wu Siqi was packing up and leaving.

Li Yuanyuan said to Shi Jin, “Look, hes going to the elite class.”

Su Sitian peeled another candy and said, “Hes still angry about Tian Xinjies matter.

He keeps feeling that someone has snatched his girlfriends position.

Those who should go cant stay, and those who should stay wont leave either.”

Li Yuanyuan placed both her hands on the table and said, “Forget it, let nature take its course.

Many doctors have never studied those medicinal herbs, but arent they also skilled in medicine I dont believe that only that experimental plot can make us successful!”

Su Sitian stood up and patted her shoulder.

“Good job, you have ambition.”

As for Ouyang Ping, he would fight for the chance to intern for the students in his class.

Even Principal Ling could not make the decision..

He had tried his best to fight for the resources given by the higher-ups, but since even the students wanted to try, Principal Ling and Ouyang Ping went to fight for it together.

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