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Chapter 427: A Loud Slap in the Face

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She passed Lu Tings horse, while Lu Ting was forced to stop her horse in an extremely inelegant manner.

Her expression was ugly.

Shi Jin said to her, “Ms.

Lu, lets go to the finish line together.”

Lu Ting smiled reluctantly.

Shi Jin waited for her politely.

Outsiders did not know that Lu Ting hurt her ankle when she pulled that move.

If Shi Jin crashed into her, the blame could all be pushed to Shi Jin, but Shi Jin avoided it cleverly.

Lu Ting was in pain, but she didnt want others to laugh at her.

She was the one who tore the film crew apart, and she was the one who wanted a second audition.

If she limped out, she would be mocked by the crowd, so she could only endure it.

However, Shi Jin refused to leave and continued to wait for her.

Lu Ting suspected that she had seen through the injury on her foot, but she had no evidence.

Shi Jin, who was in front of her, looked at Lu Ting with a calm expression and clear eyes.

Lu Ting had no choice,y but to endure the excruciating pain and head towards the finish line with Shi Jin.

When they reached the finish line, Shi Jin got off the horses back cleanly and walked towards everyone.

Lu Ting was unable to dismount because of the pain, but no one went up to help her.

After all, everyone knew her strength.

Since Shi Jin could do it, if people went to help Lu Ting, this would be considered an insult to Lu Tings ability.

As a result, nobody went forward.

Lu Ting got off the horse herself.

Pain shot through her and she staggered.

Compared to Shi Jin, the difference was nearly two galaxies wide.

Her leg injury worsened and her expression was twisted.

In the comments, the situation had completely changed.

Even Lu Tings veteran fans found it difficult to pick mistakes from Shi Jins performance.

“Shi Jin is really amazing!”

“And did you see how gracious she was She almost fell herself, but she still waited for Lu Ting.”

“The production team is too much.

Why didnt they keep the audition video from last time Fortunately, its a live broadcast this time.

Otherwise, we would have missed Shi Jins performance.”

“Has Lu Ting gotten old She looks so clumsy in front of Shi Jin.”

“Thats right.

The master-servant relationship between the two of them is very strong.

Shi Jin looks like a general admired by tens of thousands of people, but Lu Ting looks like… she looks like someone who does rough work beside a general.”

Lu Ting stepped down from the horse and did not talk to Director Cao.

Instead, she took off her armor and left.

Her manager was stunned for a moment before following her.

The crew stepped aside and watched them leave.

Fu Xiuyuan stared at Lu Tings back with a dark expression.

Shi Jin saw through his thoughts.

Lu Ting had indeed wanted to trip her, but fortunately, she reacted in time and wasnt hurt.

“Her leg might take two to three months to recover,” Shi Jin whispered to Fu Xiuyuan.

“Then let her rest for a while longer.” Fu Xiuyuan pressed his phone and sent a message.

Soon, all of Lu Tings jobs will be gone.

She could “recuperate” her leg injury.

Director Cao took a few steps forward and said, “Shi Jin, I have already sent the audition video to the investor.

He has no objections.

Our contract is still valid.”

#Shi Jin Defeating Lu Ting#

# Shi Jin is the Best Gu Zhao #

# “Glory of the Song Dynasty” audition live broadcast#

He scrolled through Weibos trending searches.

Those who had watched the audition videos were all convinced by Shi Jin.

Even if she didnt say a single line, everything she showed was as if she was Gu Zhao herself.

Those who had not watched the livestream of the audition looked at the trending searches in disdain.

“Is she trying to increase her popularity again”

However, when they saw the audition recording, they couldnt help being surprised.

“Is this really something that humans can do”

“Shi Jin is too good! Shes actually better than Lu Ting!”

“This face slapping is too loud!”

“Lu Ting really has no morals.

She was the one who requested for the re-audition, but after her audition failed, she left without even saying goodbye”

“Warrior Maiden doesnt live up to her name.”

“No wonder I havent seen her produce any good works in the past few years.

Shes acting rashly because of her ignorance.”


After Shi Jin and Fu Xiuyuan got into the car, Liu Ning sent them a message.

“Good news and bad news.

Which one do you want to hear first”

“Good news.

You dont need to tell me the bad news,” Shi Jin replied.

Liu Ning had a bitter expression.

“The good news is that the box office ofEmergency Rescue has exceeded one billion.

Ten days, one billion! Theres still some time left.

The trend should be quite stable.”

Shi Jin had not been paying attention to this matter for the past few days, but this outcome was within her expectations.

The plot of “Emergency Rescue” was good, and there was no problem with the film itself.

It was not strange that there was such a result.

“Congratulations,” Shi Jin replied.

Liu Ning sent another message.

Then, Su Ying sent a message: “Shi Jin, my box office earnings have exceeded one billion!”

“I saw.


“Sigh, I never thought that there would be a day that I would have such an opportunity.”

“Youve worked so hard.

You deserve this.”

Su Ying sent over a few emoticons and a big red packet.

“Dont stand on ceremony with me and say that you wont accept it.”

Shi Jin accepted it without hesitation.

Only then did she look at Liu Nings message.

“Shi Jin, when are you going to give me your own script Or you can come to the company and help me pick out a script.”

Shi Jin thought for a moment.

“Well discuss this when Im free.”

“When are you free”

“Not any time soon.”

Liu Ning: “Throwing tantrum.jpg, cant get up.jpg”

Shi Jin looked at the comments on “Emergency Rescue”.

There were mostly good reviews and some bad reviews, but it was normal.

No matter how good a movie was, there were different opinions.

If there is change, there is improvement.

When she watched “Emergency Rescue”, she couldnt help, but also watch “Todays Rescue”, which the Wen Family had spent a lot of money to film.

Due to the Gao Bo incident, the movie was delayed for seven days and the box office itself was greatly affected.

The AI face changing technique was not perfect, so the character played by Gao Bo had a distorted image and was different from the others.

‘Todays Rescue barely reached 100 million yuan after three days of screening.

All the major platforms estimated that the total box office earnings would not exceed 300 million.

As an investor, the Wen family could not even make up for the costs.

Wen Yaoming and Wen Yongwei also fell into an unknown state.

Even Chu Lings reputation was damaged.

However, this was no longer Shi Jins concern.


University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

When Shi Jin entered the research class, Li Yuanyuan waved at her.

“Shi Jin, come quickly.”

Su Sitian took out a handful of milk candy and placed it on the table.

“Lets talk while we eat.”

“Look what I found..” Li Yuanyuan took out a few fresh herbs.

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