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Chapter 426: Outstanding Indeed!

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With the production team holding another audition, the impression it gave was that Shi Jin wasnt good enough.

Otherwise, the production team wouldnt be unable to produce even her audition videos.

Who wouldnt look forward to seeing such an exciting scene

The audience loved drama.

Only Shi Jins fans were worried.

Shi Jin and Lu Ting both changed and stepped towards the two horses.

These two horses were retired racehorses.

Although they looked tall, it was not difficult to control them.

Lu Tings agent reminded her, “The livestream has begun.

Just do as you normally do.”

Fu Xiuyuan approached Shi Jin and whispered, “Safety is the most important.”

He did not face the camera directly, only revealing half of his back.

The sharp-eyed fans immediately noticed this.

“Is that Yao Jiahong”

“No way.

Although Yao Jiahong is very handsome, this persons back view is obviously more handsome.”

“I can conclude that he is definitely a handsome man.”

“He might be one of the crew members.”

“Then this film crew is too godly!”

“Stop talking, the audition is starting!”

“So whats the audition content”

Lu Tings manager took on the role of the narrator.

“The audition this time is about horseback riding.

After all, Gu Zhao is a general who has been fighting all year round and has a lot of scenes on horseback.

She cant possibly use a stunt double or a fake horse and special effects all the time and ruin the movie.

In addition, we also need to test their fight skills and movements.

The martial arts scene is the most important part of this movie.”

“Then Lu Ting will definitely win.

Who doesnt know that no one in Country S can beat her”

“Lu Tings weakness is the non fight scenes.”

“Then is Shi Jin better at fight scenes or non fight scenes” someone asked.

“The front row.

You cant discuss things that dont exist.”


“The audition has officially begun,” Lu Tings manager reminded everyone.

Under his reminder, Shi Jin and Lu Ting simultaneously mounted their horses.

Both of them had done the same thing in the audition videos that were leaked out previously.

Now that everyone saw it, they were not particularly surprised.

However, the fact that Shi Jin was able to do the same actions as Lu Ting shocked those who hadnt seen the video.

As they watched them leave, everyones hearts were lifted.

Lu Ting wanted to show off her riding skills, so after taking a few steps, she urged her horse forward and shook Shi Jin off.

“Lu Ting is indeed outstanding!”

“Is Shi Jin planning to stroll around here for the entire afternoon”

Most of the people in the bullet screen were leaning toward Lu Ting.

Shi Jin rode her horse unhurriedly after Lu Ting.

Lu Ting accelerated, trotted, and galloped.

She controlled the horses rhythm well and showed off her horse-riding skills.

However, everyone realized that no matter how hard she tried to make the horse run, Shi Jin had never fallen too much behind.

She followed her unhurriedly and maintained within the camera frame.

Someone gradually figured it out.

“Did you guys see that Shi Jins rhythm is actually better controlled Although Lu Tings speed is fast, Shi Jin has never left the camera frame.”

“Isnt that due to the camera being adjusted”

“No, the camera follows the person in the front.

If the person behind could not grasp the rhythm well, she would be left behind, but Shi Jin was not.”

“I noticed it too.

Look at Shi Jin.

She didnt particularly urge her horse to do anything, but her horses speed was always able to keep up with Lu Tings.”

The things that the fans in the bullet screen noticed, Lu Ting herself noticed.

Whether she was fast or slow, she never managed to shake Shi Jin off.

She smiled faintly and was not anxious.

It seemed that Shi Jin did have some skills.

She liked the feeling of meeting an opponent.

She suddenly accelerated and circled around Shi Jin before running forward.

It was a provocative action, but she did it beautifully.

It was very enjoyable to watch.

After she ran out, Shi Jins horse immediately followed her.

The two horses began to pick up speed.

Director Cao said in surprise, “What are they doing”

Lu Tings agent was very relaxed.

“Its just a competition of speed and rhythm.

Dont worry, Director Cao.”

Seeing that the two of them were getting faster and faster, the comments started to explode.

“Is this a fight”

“But Shi Jin has really impressed me.

She has never been at a disadvantage.”

“Lu Tings technique is really good!”

“Oh my god, its too fast! I saw the staff members hair being blown by the wind.”

The two of them sped up, their figures exceptionally valiant and heroic.

Dressed in heavy armor, from afar, it really looked like what the director wanted.

However, after running two rounds, everyone realized that Shi Jins movements were more relaxed and pleasing to the eye, while Lu Tings actions were more forced.

When the camera zoomed in on Shi Jin, her eyes were determined and her face was tense.

She looked straight ahead calmly.

Lu Tings acting skills were already a weakness.

She was too focused on beating Shi Jin in horsemanship and movement, so her face was twisted.

There was no calmness in her expression.

Even her manager, who had been enthusiastically commentating, saw this problem and was speechless.

The two figures rode side by side, maintaining a similar speed.

The more Shi Jin rode, the more relaxed she became, while Lu Tings expression became more and more panicked, her palms sweating.

Every time she provoked her, Shi Jin would receive it and handle it well.

Shi Jin was able to repeat every action that Lu Ting was proud of easily and even did it better than her.

At a turn, Lu Ting had an idea.

She did not ride into the internal line that she had been staying at, but urged her horse to occupy the outer part of the road.

“Ah! Theyre going to crash!”

“Oh my god, Shi Jin might crash into her!”

“If Shi Jin doesnt crash into her, she will flip herself!”

Fu Xiuyuan suddenly stood up.

Director Cao also stood up immediately.

The others clenched their fists nervously.

It was difficult to say that Lu Ting was doing this on purpose.

After all, it was difficult to stay within one path, but if Shi Jin were to crash into her…

Seeing that Shi Jins horse could not stop in time, Shi Jin decisively turned the horses head and leaned further out.

Because the turn was too fast, when it was turning, the horses belly almost brushed the ground.

In everyones eyes, her horse would definitely fall and flip her over.

After all, she only had two choices now.

She could either crash into Lu Ting or flip herself over.

However, a miracle happened.

Her horse pressed against the ground, but not only did it not flip over, it even galloped forward at a high speed, returning to its previous state.

The people in the comments were relieved.

At that moment, almost everyone who was watching the livestream stood on the same side as Shi Jin..

They were moved by her.

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