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Chapter 425: Guarantee There Will Be No Mistakes

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“Director Cao.”

As Fu Xiuyuans voice rang out, Director Cao subconsciously straightened his back and straightened his body.

He had never been so nervous even when he was facing the investors.

“Please, go on.”

“Due to your own mistakes in your work, shouldnt there be an explanation for the trouble and inconvenience that Shi Jin would face”

Director Cao immediately said, “We will clarify things for Shi Jin on Weibo, but considering that we are afraid that the more we talk about it, the more the public will react, I feel that what the investor said about letting everyone speak with their abilities is more convincing.

Shi Jins ability is definitely not a problem.

Of course, we will compensate Shi Jin for wasting her time.”

Fu Xiuyuan didnt care about that bit of compensation.

However, he wanted a sincere attitude.

“Write the compensation into the contract.

Show it to the manager first.”

Director Cao agreed readily.

If he could make the decision on his own, he would not hesitate to give it to Shi Jin.

“Of course I will compensate.

This is my personal debt to Shi Jin.


Fu, dont worry.

I dont want to see Shi Jin suffer.”

Fu Xiuyuans expression softened.

“We can audition again, but this time, I hope you can make sure nothing goes wrong.”

“Definitely, Mr.


We will definitely ensure that nothing goes wrong again,” Director Cao promised repeatedly.

Fu Xiuyuan then put down the phone.

Shi Jin heard their conversation and felt that Director Caos tone was completely different from when he was speaking to her.

She could not help but laugh.

Fu Xiuyuan had the ability to turn everyone he talked to into his subordinate.

The official website of “The Glory of the Song Dynasty” announced another opportunity for both Lu Ting and Shi Jin to audition at the same time.

This was clearly a compromise for the masses.

Of course, it was also the entire crew compromising with the investors.

Everyone was unhappy about this.

However, the mistake was made by the production team, but Shi Jin was the one paying the price.

Everyones anger was directed at Lu Ting.

Everyone in the production team was unhappy, but the outside world felt that this was a collective victory, a celebration of the audience.

“So if youre unhappy, you have to say it.

Otherwise, the capitalists will feed us sh*t.”

“I dont believe that the production team will dare to do anything rash this time.”

“Could it be another formality”

“A lady with good acting skills and good image deserves more opportunities!”

“I look forward to a satisfactory result.

Otherwise, I will boycottGlory of the Song Dynasty to the end!”


On set.

Todays set had been rearranged.

However, compared to the last time, there were many unfamiliar people in black suits and sunglasses checking all the equipment and the situation at the scene in detail.

These people were all Fu Xiuyuans men.

The crew did not find it strange.

After all, they were afraid of the accident that happened during the audition.

They were happy that Fu Xiuyuan had arranged for people to check on Shi Jin and ensure that she would be safe.

“It looks like Supreme Entertainment really protects Shi Jin as a money tree.”

“Of course.

Why wouldnt you support someone as capable as Shi Jin”

The staff at the side were discussing softly.

Yao Jiahong heard this from the side and looked at Fu Xiuyuan expressionlessly.

Shi Jin was indeed supported by the boss, but it wasnt the boss of Supreme Entertainment at all.

Instead, it was this big boss.

The moment Shi Jin appeared, the staff automatically came forward to help her with the fitting and take care of everything.

When Lu Ting arrived and saw that almost everyone was surrounding Shi Jin, her gaze was cold.

The manager said in a low voice, “I dont believe that they will offend the public this time and choose Shi Jin.”

“From the looks of it, do you think theres any suspense” Lu Ting felt humiliated.

The entire crew had already taken Shi Jin to be the first female lead, and treated the re-audition this time as a hassle.

It was inevitable that they were cold to Lu Ting.

Lu Ting felt that this was differential treatment.

Her manager had already asked around and found out that Shi Jin saved a life during the audition that day.

However, without video evidence, Lu Ting and her manager did not believe any of it.

Director Cao walked over with a business-like attitude.


Lu, are you ready Do you want to try first or later”

It seemed like he was giving her the initiative, but Lu Ting could sense that he was being perfunctory.

She said, “Why dont we try it together We can try riding, fighting, and hanging from the wire.

Shi Jin and I can try it at the same time.

Itll save us some time, right”

“Shi Jin, what do you think” Director Cao asked softly.

“Im fine with anything.” Shi Jin had no objections.

Lu Ting smiled and said, “If thats the case, lets try it together.

Director Cao, please prepare all the filming equipment today.

Otherwise, if theres no video again, theres going to be a lot of discussion.”

Director Cao pointed at the surrounding cameras and said, “There are cameras everywhere today.

It wont be like last time.

Oh right, there are even cameras installed on all your bodies.”

Director Cao was furious that Shi Jin and the entire crew was being scolded.

He wanted to see if anyone had any objections today!

Lu Chens agent said, “I hope nothing goes wrong with the equipment this time.”

These words were obviously hinting at something.

The derogatory meaning behind it was also very strong.

He and Lu Ting did not believe the explanation of the film crew at all.

With their current attitude, they made it seem as if the film crew was in debt to them, when in reality, Lu Ting was the one who requested to audition again.

If not for the pressure exerted by the investors, Director Cao really wanted to retort back.

Shi Jin, who had been watching from the sidelines, said calmly, “Since everyone is so afraid that something will go wrong, why dont we do a live broadcast of the audition Everyone is waiting to see it.”

These words were spoken coldly, but they were especially arrogant.

Lu Ting immediately said, “Come on, livestream it then!”

She was filled with anger.

Did she have to be afraid of this inexperienced artist

“Director Cao, Shi Jin said it herself.” Lu Tings manager opened his livestream account on the spot.

Due to the audition, his and Lu Tings fans had skyrocketed.

Even without any promotion, the moment the livestream opened, thousands of people flooded in.

Director Cao also got the film crew to start a livestream.

Yao Jiahong was not to be outdone.

He immediately opened a livestream as well.

As a result, although there wasnt an extremely high number of viewers, there was still a considerable amount.

The fans were very surprised.

“Whats the livestream for Do you have any new news to share”

“Didnt they say today is the day of the audition of Lu Ting and Shi Jin Are they going to do a live broadcast for us”

“Im so lucky! Its so rare for me to come in time for such a big day!”

“Fight! Fight!”

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