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Chapter 424: It Will Be Worth It

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Their thoughts were exactly the same as Lu Tings.

Shi Jin probably would use stunt doubles too, right It was not convincing at all that she had defeated the Warrior Maiden with her twenty second audition.

Although the fans tried their best to prove that she could act well, the publics will could not be overthrown.

Shi Jin was on the hot search list and there were many people scolding her.

# Poor Lu Ting # Steadily placed in second place on the hot search list.

# The director is blind # at third place.

# “Glory of the Song Dynasty” Will Be Destroyed # at fourth.


At this moment.

Outside the filming set.

After saying goodbye to Director Cao and the rest, Shi Jin and Fu Xiuyuan got into the car.

Once they got into the car, Shi Jin tugged at his tie and asked, “What do you mean by personal assistant”

“It means personal assistant.” Fu Xiuyuans expression did not change.

However, Shi Jin could hear a completely different feeling from his tone.

“Do you feel that youre different from before”

“What was I like before”

Shi Jin loosened his tie.

“You didnt like to talk in the past.

You were aloof and wouldnt say such things to anger people.”


“And you most definitely wouldnt say such nonsense.”

Fu Xiuyuan adjusted his tie and approached Shi Jin.

“Which sentence is nonsense”

Shi Jin felt that there was something wrong with the wordspersonal assistant, but if she had to decipher all the meaning out loud, she would be falling directly into Fu Xiuyuans trap.

Shi Jin was so angry that she didnt want to talk to him.

She turned away and looked out of the window.

Fu Xiuyuans hand followed over and rested on her chin.

Seeing that she was still ignoring him, he reached out and carried her over.

“I wont talk nonsense next time.” He buried his head in her shoulder.

Shi Jins heart softened and she said in a low voice, “Arent you a personal assistant Come, massage my shoulders.”

Fu Xiuyuan broke into laughter and massaged her shoulders smoothly.

He knew what kind of strength to use to make her feel comfortable, causing Shi Jins eyes to narrow.

Fu Xiuyuans hand slid down her waist.

“Ouch…” Shi Jin felt pain.

“Whats wrong” Fu Xiuyuan paused, his eyes nervous.

“Let me see.”

He lifted Shi Jins clothes and saw a bruise on her waist.

It was about the size of a palm.

“Youre hurt.

Ill take you to the hospital.”

Fu Xiuyuan immediately wanted to bring her out of the car.

Shi Jin lowered her head and saw the bruise.

She must have endured the force from the armor when she was trying to protect the child from being hurt.

Previously, she only felt a touch and it did not hurt much.

Now, after being massaged, the pain slowly spread.

“Its no problem.” Shi Jin shook her head.

“I have my own medicine.”

“What if there are other places…” Fu Xiuyuan regretted his negligence earlier and thought that she was really fine.

“You forget that my own medicine is better than anyone elses.”

Only then did Fu Xiuyuan let go of her hand, but he still worriedly checked her from head to toe.

When he realized that only one part of her body was bruised and the rest of her body was fine, his frown eased slightly.

When they returned to Orchid Pavilion, Shi Jin was asked to lie on the bed and not get up.

She was used to being independent and was rarely controlled like this, but when she looked up and saw Fu Xiuyuans anxious and heartbroken expression, she obediently buried her head in her arms.

It seemed quite nice to be controlled like this.

The cooling ointment touched the bruise and Shi Jin sighed softly.

Fu Xiuyuan pressed his warm palm on her and melted the ointment, the heat source bringing a more comfortable feeling.

Actually, it didnt hurt much anymore, but she couldnt bear to reject such a precious feeling.

“Does it still hurt” Fu Xiuyuan asked softly.

“Much better,” Shi Jin murmured.

He lowered his eyes to look at her waistline.

The thin lines outlined a beautiful curve and the bruises on her fair skin were even more shocking.

His eyes were filled with emotions as he recalled the dangerous scene earlier.

“Why did you stop” Shi Jin asked, her voice laced with laziness and enjoyment.

Fu Xiuyuan retracted his emotions and gently massaged again.

Her medication was effective.

The bruises and swelling quickly faded.

It was just that her skin was too fair, which made the mark linger.

“Is it worth it to save someone” Fu Xiuyuans voice was low.

“Thats a child,” Shi Jin said in a low voice.

“I cant bear to let him die.”

Fu Xiuyuan had never thought about this question.

He was only concerned about Shi Jins safety.

He did not care about anyone else.

Shi Jins soft voice could be heard.

“As long as you follow your heart, it will be worth it.”

Fu Xiuyuans fingers paused for a moment before he touched the mark again.

Shi Jins phone rang.

It was a WeChat message.

She opened it and saw Director Ji, Liu Ning, Director Cao and Yao Jiahongs messages.

Everyone was talking about the same thing, and that was Lu Ting, who posted the video.

Shi Jin opened her eyes and looked at Lu Tings audition.

In the video, her performance indeed could not be compared to Lu Tings.

The public even scolded her badly.

It was as if the entire film industrys mistakes could be blamed on her.

Lu Ting did not hide anything.

She forwarded the video with her main account and added, “If my strength is insufficient, I admit defeat.

As for the rest, I refuse to accept it.”

In the video, she was clearly not weak.

She used her main account and personally went down to tear her apart.

This attracted even more support.

Everyone even said, “As expected of the Warrior Maiden! Good job!”

Fu Xiuyuan saw it too.

His voice turned cold.

“Wheres Director Caos video”

“Director Cao just told me that because everything happened so suddenly today, everyone was prepared to protect the equipment so that it wouldnt be damaged.

When they went to tidy up, they knocked off the power source of the camera, so the latter half of the recording wasnt recorded.”

“No one recorded it on their phones”

“Because the auditions are confidential and not public, no one is allowed to take photos or record videos.”

Fu Xiuyuans expression hardened.

Shi Jin sat up.

“Dont worry.

Ill call Director Cao to discuss the situation.”

Just as she finished speaking, Director Cao called.

Shi Jin picked it up.

Director Caos attitude was very good, mixed with embarrassment.

“Im sorry, Shi Jin.

Now that the matter has blown up, the investor has also heard about the situation.

He told me to rearrange your audition with Lu Ting.

This matter is indeed my fault.

There is no record of the exciting moment of your audition.”

“And now Lu Ting and I will have to re-record, yes”

“Yes, Im really sorry.”

Fu Xiuyuan reached out and gestured for her to pass him the phone.

Shi Jin pondered for a moment before passing the phone to him.

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