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Chapter 423: Finished Auditioning in the Morning

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The assistant director found it strange that he was so afraid of an assistant.

“Shi Jin, to a happy collaboration.” Director Cao raised his glass and clinked it with Shi Jins.

He felt like he had found a treasure.

The smile on his face bloomed.

“To a happy collaboration, Director Cao.” Shi Jin also raised her glass.

Director Cao also sent a message to Lu Tings manager, telling them that there was no need to prepare for the audition in the afternoon.

Lu Ting was at the hotel.

She had just returned from her strength training.

She saw her manager reading her messages and asked, “Is there work”

“Sister Lu, Director Cao said that we dont need to go for the audition this afternoon.

He has already confirmed the candidate.”

“Whats the situation” Lu Ting tossed the sweat towel down.

“I thought we only did the horse scenes in the morning Arent there other scenes in the afternoon”

“They said they finished all the auditions this morning.”

Lu Ting scoffed.

She was very dissatisfied with this explanation.

She had been named Warrior Maiden for so long, and there was no film that she could not win with her ability.


“Sister Lu, Im already trying to find out who they chose,” the manager said.

If it was an artist that could convince the public, there was nothing much to say.

A moment later, the manager said, “Its Shi Jin.”

“Who is that” It had been a long time since Lu Ting was named Warrior Maiden, and she had been famous for a long time.

She had a high status in the industry and had never taken these newcomers seriously.

“The runner-up fromThe Ultimate Singer Songwriter.

Shes the highest scorer for this years college entrance examination.

She plays the piano well and has released many singles.

Previously, she played a minor role in a movie, but I cant tell how much acting skills she has.”

Lu Ting smiled coldly.

“A talent show internet celebrity.

Show me her audition video.”

She wanted to see just how outstanding the other party was.

“The production team didnt give it to me.

They said that during the audition in the morning, Shi Jin performed very well.

Everyone was full of praise for her.

Director Cao immediately agreed to sign her and everyone was overjoyed with this decision.

However, because of an accident, there wasnt a complete audition video, only a portion.”

Even the manager felt that the credibility was greatly reduced when they gave such an explanation.

What kind of good performance could make everyone so elated that they decided to sign Shi Jin on the spot without a complete audition video

This sounded like nonsense.

He was also especially angry.

“Its fine that they internally decided on Shi Jin, but they even made you come here for nothing.

Could it be that their time is valuable, but our time is worthless”

Director Cao indeed did not have any audition videos of Shi Jin.

At that time, the situation was critical and everything happened too suddenly.

The camera was touched by the frantic staff, so only the first part of Shi Jins audition was recorded.

Director Cao and the rest of the crew sighed in regret.

They had missed such a good scene.

However, the thought of witnessing such a scene with their own eyes would become a lifetime memory filled everyone with satisfaction.

Lu Ting was very angry.

She got her manager to call Director Cao and waited for an explanation.

Director Cao personally called her back.

“Im really sorry, Ms.


Weve confirmed Shi Jin.

Im sorry for wasting your precious time.

Ill personally treat you to a meal to apologize.”

His words were sincere, but in Lu Tings ears, they were perfunctory.

After hanging up the phone, she logged into Weibo and saw that “The Glory of the Song Dynasty” had officially announced that Shi Jin would play the female lead, Gu Zhao.

They released the official photos so quickly, it was hard for her to believe that it wasnt already decided internally.

Currently, the comments under the official Weibo account were extremely controversial about Shi Jins casting.

When they saw Shi Jin, everyone was confused.

“How could it be Shi Jin”

“I cant believe my eyes either!”

“Acting skills, horseback riding, fighting scenes, kung fu, and clean moves.

Which one matches Shi Jin”

“Ha, the movie casting these days is really terrible!”

“Even if I really like Li Juekais acting skills and think that Shi Jin can be considered a National Daughter, acting skills cant be directly inherited, right Its better to consider the actual situation, right”

“I have no objections to Shi Jin acting as a singer or acting in modern films, but can you not bring trouble to my first love, Gu Zhao”

Although there was a lot of controversy, there werent many people.

The popularity wasnt very high and it didnt affect many people.

Lu Ting said to her agent, “Post both my audition video along with hers.”

The manager immediately sent it out.

With the help of this video, everyone now knew that “Glory of the Song Dynasty” had chosen Shi Jin as the female lead!

“This, this, this, this has shocked my entire family!”

“Who is it Who is it that is destroying the classics again”

“I beg the director not to film!”


Everyone finished their comments before clicking on the full video.

This was the audition videos for Lu Ting and Shi Jin.

Lu Tings audition video was complete.

From getting onto the horse to getting off the horse, her movements were smooth and she looked very valiant.

After years of training, her every move was filled with strength and rhythm, giving off a feeling that she was a soldier from ancient times.

When Shi Jin came out, her performance was surprisingly not bad.

The first half of the video was almost flawless.

When they saw this, everyone couldnt help but exclaim.

They actually felt that it wasnt that hard to accept, other than Shi Jin being a little too good-looking.

However, the original female protagonist was already a great beauty that could cause the downfall of a country.

It was only because of years of fighting that she looked a little rough.

This was quite fitting.

However, Shi Jin appeared just like that and disappeared after riding a horse

Everyone played the video repeatedly, afraid that they were seeing things, but not long after she got on the horse, there was really no trace of her in the video.

Compared to Lu Ying, Shi Jins appearance was more like a formality.

Lu Tings popularity was high to begin with, and her appeal in the entire film market was not small.

Seeing such a contrast, everyone was furious.

“Thats it Thats it Why is the audition video of Lu Ting so complete Although she didnt say a single line, she looked like a real living person, and Shi Jin only auditioned for twenty seconds”

“So whats the point of auditioning”

“Could Shi Jins twenty seconds prove anything”

“You guys dont understand.

These twenty seconds are enough.

After all, some people only need to show their face when theyre filming a movie.

They always use stunt doubles.”

“Its already good enough for some popular female artistes to appear for more than twenty seconds and even get on a horse personally.”

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