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Chapter 422: Both of Them Are Very Cool

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The entire crews equipment and staff were scattered all over the place.

Its direction was very wild, and no one knew which direction to avoid.

At the critical moment, Fu Xiuyuan, who had just run over, reached out and pulled the horses reins.

Following the horses forward momentum, he mounted the horse in a clean and efficient manner.

The difficulty level of this action was something that no one dared to imagine.

The speed of the horse charging forward was no less than that of a car.

It was clear that one needed to have excellent control and precise angling to not be dragged while grabbing its reins.

To mount a horse at this time was an unimaginably difficult action.

The martial arts director, who was standing at the side, had his mouth agape the entire time.

Before, he wanted to ask if Shi Jin was human, but now he wanted to ask, is this man human

After Fu Xiuyuan got on the horse, the white horse turned around and wanted to throw him off.

However, its actions were futile.

Instead, Fu Xiuyuan tightened the reins and forced it to stop.

All the crew members and precious equipment were saved.

There were no casualties or losses.

“This is too cool!” someone exclaimed softly.

“I dont know if Shi Jin is cooler or if this man is cooler.”

“Arent they both very cool”

Everyone finally recovered from their shock.

Fu Xiuyuan rode his horse towards Shi Jin.

Shi Jin had already saved the child.

The child was crying so hard in the midst of the huge shock that he had passed out.

He only woke up slowly after Shi Jin pressed on a pressure point.

“Are you okay”

Both of them spoke at the same time.

“Im fine.”

They spoke at the same time again.

Shi Jin suddenly broke into laughter.

“Fu Xiuyuan, what you did just now was too dangerous.”

“Shi Jin,” Fu Xiuyuan said seriously, “It was too dangerous for you to approach the white horse just now.”

He had rushed over to save Shi Jin.

At the crucial moment, he rushed over without any hesitation.

He could not watch her get hurt in front of him.

“I estimated his weight.” Shi Jin pointed at the child.

“Fortunately, hes lighter than I thought.

You, on the other hand, stopped the white horse.

Its more dangerous than what I did.”

Fu Xiuyuan didnt say much.

He stopped the white horse for no ones sake.

He was afraid that the white horse would continue to gallop around, trample on the staff and then target Shi Jin.

As long as he was around, he would never allow such a thing to happen.

The staff watched as the two chatted and rode the horses towards them.

Shi Jin rode a black horse and looked valiant.

The man was riding a white horse.

The two of them walked against the light and conquered everyone present in an instant.

This scene was exactly what everyone thought the movie would be like.

The childs mother, with the help of everyone, finally flipped over the railing and ran over.

“Chen Cheng!” She cried as she ran over.

Shi Jin dismounted and returned the child to her.

The rider hurried forward, took control of both horses, and led them aside for processing.

“Chen Cheng, are you alright Can you hear what Mommy said Answer Mommy.” The young mother cried her heart out and shook the child in her hands as she asked repeatedly.

“The child is fine, just a little frightened.

If you are worried, bring him for a checkup,” Shi Jin reminded softly.

Only then did Chen Chengs mother come back to her senses.

She recalled how she had seen her son in danger and how Shi Jin had disregarded her own safety and saved the child.

She hugged her son and saw that although his face was a little pale, his eyes were bright.

He should be fine.

She kept thanking Shi Jin.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for saving my son!”

“You should hurry to the hospital,” said Shi Jin.

The woman then hurriedly carried her son and walked out.

The staff gathered around her and asked sincerely and worriedly, “Shi Jin, are you alright Are you feeling unwell Do you need to go to the hospital for a checkup”

“The clothes are a little heavy.

It affects my performance.” Shi Jins words made everyones nervous mood relax.

Everyone couldnt help thinking.

The clothes were so heavy, and this action was done so cleanly.

If they changed into another set of clothes, wouldnt she be even more extraordinary

“You really scared us to death just now.

Thank goodness youre alright.” Someone hurriedly handed her some water to drink.

“And this handsome guy, are you alright” the stage supervisor quickly asked.

Everyones gaze landed on him, and they felt grateful towards him.

If he had not taken the initiative to subdue the white horse just now, who knew how mad it would have become.

If it had charged over, it would have definitely caused huge losses and casualties.

Everyone was as concerned about him as Shi Jin was.

When they looked at him from afar just now, they felt that he was a peerless beauty, like a god descending to the mortal world.

Looking at him from such a close distance, they realized that his facial features were impeccable and his aura was outstanding.

Standing beside Shi Jin, they looked like a match made in heaven.

This man was very unfamiliar, yet his facial features were able to beat all the male celebrities in the entertainment industry.

“Im fine,” Fu Xiuyuan replied mildly.

Everyone was impressed by his composure.

Someone asked Yao Jiahong in a low voice, “Mister Yao, is this your new artist”

“No, hes…” Yao Jiahong couldnt find the right words to describe Fu Xiuyuan.

“Shi Jins personal assistant,” Fu Xiuyuan said.

Shi Jin, who was drinking water, almost choked.

Personal assistant Personal Assistant Does that mean what she thinks it means

Yao Jiahong lowered his head and covered his mouth with his hand, restraining his smile.

The perpetrator, Fu Xiuyuan, was calm and composed, his expression unchanged.

Director Cao was completely at ease now.

He was very polite to Yao Jiahong.


Yao, come take a look at Shi Jins contract later.

We can have lunch together on the way.”

Regardless of public or private matters, Director Cao had to thank Shi Jin and her assistant for their help this time.

If not, although Director Cao would not have to be responsible for todays matter, the preparation work that took so long would have been completely wasted.

“Okay,” Shi Jin agreed.

Not to mention Director Cao, the entire crew had no objections to choosing Shi Jin.

With the outstanding ability and courage that she displayed, wasnt she the unforgettable female general of “Glory of the Song Dynasty”

During lunch, Director Cao passed the contract to Yao Jiahong.

Both parties did not have any objections and signed the contract over the meal.

Other than Director Cao, there were also two assistant directors and the stage supervisor.

On the surface, Fu Xiuyuans status was considered the lowest, but in front of him, everyone felt a sense of restraint..

One of the assistant directors who always liked to joke around with actresses did not say much throughout.

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