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Chapter 421: Quick, Dodge!

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Furthermore, everyone knew that this set of armor weighed more than twenty pounds.

If an ordinary person wore it, it would be very difficult for them to even move, let alone walk with such large strides.

However, Shi Jin did not feel uncomfortable at all.

She walked over casually as if she had completely adapted to it.

When the staff was helping her tidy up her outfit, she secretly pinched the outfit.

Yes, it was indeed the same outfit from the production team.

It was very heavy.

“Lets begin.” Director Cao picked up the loudspeaker.

“Everyone, get ready.”

The horse was pulled over.

The horse trainer and the stage supervisor went forward to help Shi Jin up, but she waved her hand and rejected everyones help.

Fu Xiuyuans gaze landed on her.

He naturally believed that his girl could do anything and do it well.

However, he still felt worried.

He was afraid of losing her, and could not tolerate any accidents happening to her.

From the moment she came out in her armor, his gaze had never left her.

Shi Jin got onto the horse, her swift action surprising everyone.

Lu Tings actions were within everyones expectations, so they werent surprised.

However, the fact that Shi Jin could do this was completely beyond everyones imagination.

Naturally, there were even more exclamations.

Xiao Li was stunned.

He had been following Shi Jin and knew that she was intelligent and capable, but was her equestrian skills that good

Shi Jin mounted the horse and flew out.

Her movements were more graceful than Lu Yaos, and the horses movements were more gentle and obedient.

Director Cao could not help but nod to himself.

He had high hopes for Shi Jin.

Shi Jin could be said to be even better than Lu Ting.

Especially since she looked gentle and beautiful, but when she mounted the horse, she looked valiant.

This visual impact was even more contrasting than Lu Ting, and it showed the characteristics of the female protagonist abandoning her previous position to serve the military.


Todays audition was held in the racecourse.

The set was completely sealed off, separated from the rest of the area and blocked with a fence.

In the horse farm beside them, there were children learning to ride today.

One of the younger kids snuck off to the horse trough while the teacher and his parents werent looking.

There were many horses tied here.

Some of them had strong temperaments, and only trained riders could ride them.

They were not open to the public.

This horse was very tall and its fur was as white as snow.

It looked majestic and exceptionally beautiful.

Attracted by it, the child could not help, but walk forward, untie its reins, and use the railings at the side to climb onto it.

The white horse didnt react much at first.

It was lazy.

However, when it felt the childs awkward movements, it began to jump up and run to the side, trying to throw the child off.

The teachers and parents who saw this scene were stunned!

“Chen Cheng! Chen Cheng!” When the childs mother saw the childs condition, her tears fell.

“Quickly save Chen Cheng!”

The rider immediately leaned towards the white horse, but the white horse had gone berserk and was not to be approached at all.

When it saw the railings at the side, it leaped over them with both legs.

“Oh my god!” Her mother stamped her feet.

“Save him!”

All the riders sprang into action.

However, the railing was very high and was surrounded.

No one could see where they were going.

They could only hear the child screaming.

Shi Jin was riding her horse back when a horse suddenly leaped over the railing and galloped in her direction.

Everyone in the production team saw the situation clearly.

“Where did the horse come from Shi Jin, dodge!”

The consequences of colliding with a horse were no less terrifying than colliding with a car.

In fact, it was even more terrifying than an accident.

Seeing this scene, the crew members were all worried, but the riders were too far away to rescue them at this time.

Everyone was anxiously trying to think of a solution when suddenly, their vision blurred.

A man in a suit pushed himself up with both hands, crossed the railing, and ran towards Shi Jin.

“Ah, who is this Why is he causing trouble!” Someone complained.

At that moment, the white horse did not crash into Shi Jin.

Instead, it ran in the same direction as Shi Jin.

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief.

Shi Jin was finally fine.

As long as she rode over successfully, it would not be a problem.

However, at this moment, a childs scream was heard.

“Theres a child! Theres a child on the horse!” The stage supervisor pointed at the white horse and shouted.

Everyone was worried again, but no one could save him.

There were not many people who knew how to ride a horse, and in such a situation, no one dared to approach.

They watched as the childs hand lost its grip on the reins.

If this went on, he would be thrown off the white horse in less than a minute.

Not only that, given the horses current temperament, it was likely to trample on him.

The child looked to be at most seven or eight years old.

If he was stepped on, he might die on the spot!

Everyones hearts were in their throats.

At this moment, someone shouted, “What is Shi Jin doing”

“Shes deliberately approaching the white horse!” the rider cried out.

“Does she want to save him”

“Is she panicking or is she trying to save him Or is she exhausted” someone asked.

However, no matter what the outcome was, it would be a disaster.

All production teams were superstitious.

Before filming began, they would burn incense and pray to ensure that everything went smoothly.

Now that they had encountered such a huge incident during the audition, it was easy to imagine how everyone felt.

Everyones hearts turned cold.

Seeing someone get into trouble in front of them and yet be helpless, it was really unbearable.


Shi Jins horse approached the white horse.

Some soft-hearted female employees covered their faces with their hands, not daring to look anymore.

At this moment, the man was also approaching the horses.

In other words, all three of them might be injured.

The next second, there were many twists and turns.

Shi Jin approached the white horse.

She stretched out her arm.

Everyones vision blurred as the child was brought into Shi Jins arms.

This action of hers was extremely difficult.

If she was careless, not only would she not be able to save the child, but she might also fall off the horse.

It was only when they saw that she had successfully caught the child that everyone heaved a sigh of relief!

Director Cao couldnt help but clap.


This action was the action of the audition in the afternoon.

The role played by the female protagonist saved the young emperor and saved the country from chaos.

It was just that during the auditions, there would not be any child actors.

The entire production team was only testing the female artists movement speed and flexibility, as well as her various movements under pressure.

And at that moment, Shi Jin did not even use wires to save the child!

After the child was taken away, the white horse lost the burden on its back and rushed over crazily.

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