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Chapter 420: God-like Existence

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“As long as youre around, Ill never let anything happen to myself.”

These words lingered in Fu Xiuyuans ears and went straight to the bottom of his heart.


Yao Jiahong and Xiao Li waited at the set.

Thankfully, Shi Jins audition number was at the back, so arriving late didnt affect her performance.

The crowd parted, and a female celebrity walked in, accompanied by several bodyguards.

She was very valiant, with a high ponytail and wearing a pair of black leather pants.

“Its the War Maiden Lu Ting!” Xiao Li exclaimed.

He had seen many celebrities with Shi Jin, but seeing Lu Ting was still shocking.

Lu Ting was one of the few stars that made her debut through fight scenes.

She was a popular actor personally groomed by the director known as the king of fight scenes, Wu Zonghua.

She was also famous in Hollywood.

She had won the hearts of countless people through action scenes.

A young man like Xiao Li, who liked Wu Zonghua and worshipped Lu Ting, naturally looked fascinated when he saw her.

“Lu Ting is here to audition as well” Yao Jiahong did not expect her to come.

This role was indeed tailor-made for her.

Someone who could fight, was valiant, protected her country, was loyal and courageous, and was skilled in horseback riding.

Each point matched Lu Tings skills.

The actresses and managers who came for the audition were surprised and disappointed.

Clearly, no one had expected their competitor to be someone like Lu Ting.

It was not that they were belittling themselves, but with Lu Ting here, everyone else present was trash.

After Lu Ting entered, everyone followed her in, wanting to see her performance.

The director saw Lu Ting and immediately greeted her.

“Lu Ting, come quick!”

Lu Ting walked over.

Her every move was rhythmic and powerful.

She had a medium build and looked completely different from the slim figures of the current female celebrities.

She was very healthy and beautiful.

Even a manager like Yao Jiahong who was used to looking at a great beauty like Shi Jin couldnt help but nod when he saw her.

Lu Tings figure was really good.

“Change into your clothes and try to ride a horse.

Well try the hanging scenes this afternoon,” the director arranged.

Lu Ting quickly changed her clothes.

She had a healthy and strong figure.

It was very suitable for her to wear armor.

It made her look even more heroic and beautiful.

As a well known fight scene director, Wu Zonghua has shot many beautiful and valiant women, but Lu Ting is the only one who is both beautiful and can fight well.

Now that everyone saw her, they realized that the outside world was not exaggerating.

Some of the young female celebrities who came for the audition had already started to retreat.

They heard that the armor was more than twenty pounds.

Not to mention riding a horse, even walking with the armor on would make one pant in exhaustion.

The stage supervisor asked the horse trainer to bring out a horse.

This tall horse looked docile, but it was very tall.

It was covered in black fur and looked sleek.

It raised its neck and neighed.

Its voice shook the sky, giving people a feeling that it was very difficult to control.

Without anyones help, Lu Ting jumped onto the horses back.

The horse, which had been somewhat difficult to train, did not stir after she mounted it.

Instead, it neighed and accepted this new master.

“Alright!” The director clapped.

With that, Lu Ting urged the horse forward.

Xiao Li couldnt help saying, “As expected of the Warrior Maiden!”

Yao Jiahong looked thoughtfully in Lu Tings direction.

Everyone else was also looking forward to it.

After a while, everyone saw Lu Tings horse galloping, occasionally neighing.

Under Lu Tings control, it was as obedient as a rabbit.

Lu Ting rode her horse, sometimes fast, sometimes slow.

After circling the field for a while, she returned to her original spot and dismounted with the horse trainers help.

There was applause all around.

The artistes who came for the audition were not stingy with their praises.

Everyone was thinking about their own strength and the other partys.

When they thought about the illustrious reputation of the Warrior Maiden and the strength she displayed, it was really well-deserved that she could take this role.

Xiao Lis palms turned red from clapping.

Yao Jiahong glanced at him.

Only then did Xiao Li stop.

Lu Ting walked towards the director and said with a smile, “Director Cao, how did I do”

“Other than good words, I really cant find any other adjectives.” Director Cao gave her a thumbs up.

“You should come over early to try out the wire scenes in the afternoon.”

Director Cao was very satisfied, and Lu Ting revealed a smile.

“Alright, Ill be on time.”

If she could perform so well on horseback, wire-flying would be a piece of cake for her.

Lu Ting had relied on this to become famous.

Her basic skills were others weaknesses.

How could it not be easy

After that, some female stars left without auditioning.

Some of them tried reluctantly, but out of fear of hurting their skin and faces, they ended hastily.

The director shook his head when he saw this, but he wasnt disappointed.

After all, there was Lu Ting, and these girls were just here to accompany her.

After everyone had tried it, they knew that it was hopeless.

They left without even trying the afternoon show.

In this day and age, it was already very popular for celebrities to use stunt doubles, but this production team still cared so much about the abilities of the artist themselves.

The celebrities also felt that it was not worth the effort, so they voluntarily gave up.

“Last one.

Shi Jin!” The stage supervisor called out Shi Jins name.

Only the staff members, Yao Jiahong and Xiao Li were left in the production team.

Shi Jin appeared at the door.

Fu Xiuyuan appeared behind her.

The film crew had already seen Lu Tings audition, so they no longer held any expectations for the others, especially Shi Jin.

She was too good-looking, and in their eyes, she was not suitable for this role.

Hence, the entire crew was a little lazy.

“Im here.” Shi Jin walked out.

When everyone saw Fu Xiuyuan, they were stunned by his imposing manner and no longer dared to be disrespectful.

They all stood up straight.

“Alright, Shi Jin, go get changed for the audition,” Director Cao said.

Shi Jin changed quickly and came out.

She was born beautiful.

Even though her face was usually cold, it was inevitable that there would be a trace of gentleness and delicateness that everyone imagined.

When she came to the audition, even Xiao Li, who had already been conquered by Lu Ting, felt that she was too delicate.

A female protagonist on the battlefield should have a strong and rough side.

For example, Lu Ting, an artiste who worked out all year round and worked out during filming, could display that side well.

As for Shi Jin…

As they were thinking, Shi Jin appeared before them.

Everyone was stunned.

Xiao Li also opened his mouth.

Shi Jin put on makeup and put on the armor that Lu Ting wore.

She did not deliberately show anything, but her gaze was firm and strong.

As she walked, her strides were long.

Although there was no rough side, her steps were very close to her character..

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