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Chapter 42: This Was a Live Telecast!

Shi Jin did not have a problem performing either song since she had practiced both, but not Gu Qinghua.

She was anxious by nature, so it was already very hard for her to go on stage.

If the song suddenly got changed, she was bound to go insane.

Sure enough, Gu Qinghua had started to tremble and broke into a cold sweat.

“Everybody makes mistakes, right” The employee sounded arrogant.

“Isnt this completely normal”

Some of the film crew were biased.

They could not be bothered with people like Shi Jin and Gu Qinghua who had no chance of winning.

This employee previously caught sight of the ghastly scar on Shi Jins mouth when she removed her mask and was utterly disgusted.

Since then, he became careless and lazy about Shi Jins matters and kept procrastinating whenever he could.

Even though he was in charge, he had not checked the recording, so he had not noticed any problems with the accompaniment.

Since they had no hope of winning, what difference would it make when they got kicked out

“Do you want to change the song It is almost time,” rushed the employee rudely.

Gu Qinghua shook Shi Jins hand.

“Why dont we change it You can sing more parts and I will do less.”

Although the backup song was hers, she had not completely mastered it.

“Thats more like it.

Its not like there isnt a backup,” said the employee.

“Isnt this precisely what backups are for”

The film crew supervisor, Deng Yongjian, heard the commotion and strode over.

The moment he learned what happened, he said, “This is no big deal.

Little Stone, Little Peanut, stop making trouble and go on stage now.”

“The backup song is an additional option for the contestants and not an excuse for the employees to mess up.” Shi Jin looked angry.

“Why should we be held accountable for your mistakes”

Even though Deng Yongjian was at fault, he did not really care about Shi Jin.

“Okay, okay.

I will tell the staff to watch out.

If you dont get onto the stage, it is going to be too late.”

This was a live telecast!

Shi Jin picked up a guitar from the side and handed it to Gu Qinghua.

“I recall you can play the guitar, right”

“Yes, I do,” acknowledged Gu Qinghua right away.

“We dont need the accompaniment or to change the song.

We will play it on our own.”

During a live telecast like this, vocals and accompaniment were incredibly important.

Since good accompaniment would be a boon to their performance, they would be at a disadvantage to play the guitar.

Deng Yongjian did not attempt to talk them out of it since they decided to dig their own graves.

Yu Guannan could not help rubbing his temples when he saw them going on stage with the guitars.

He recalled they did not use guitars during rehearsals.

Were they trying to be creative

A lot of mockery appeared in the comments.

“I didnt think that desperate dog and rookie are capable of playing guitars.”

“To be honest, the guitar is the easiest instrument to master, so it is no surprise for songwriters to know it.”

“Thats right.

I can play too.

Its really no big deal.”

Everyone was unimpressed.

“I am waiting to see what stunts Little Stone will pull on Chu Ling tonight!”

“Most of the time, guitars are used when performing love songs, so she must be singing the song for Chu Ling.”

Although Shi Jins “Get Lost” was remarkable, Chu Lings talent agent paid for some online marketing to say that she was singing it to get Chu Lings attention and the lyrics werent intended for him.

Chu Lings fans were readily brainwashed and quickly believed Shi Jin was trying to get his attention.

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