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Chapter 419: Cant I Accompany My Wife

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Tian Xinjie panicked.

She had been too impulsive to think of the consequences.

Initially, she was only angry at Shi Jin.

However, in the post, in order to expand her influence and to get everyone to stand on her side, she dragged the teachers and the school down with her.

Teacher Cai also felt that it was a pity.

After Tian Xinjie did such a thing, the teachers in the future would probably keep a respectful distance from her.

It would probably not be easy to get another opportunity to join the research class.

Unless she could impress everyone with her outstanding results.

However, her path was getting narrower and narrower.

“Go back and study hard.

Humans are not saints, so how can they not make mistakes” Teacher Cai said tolerantly, but his tone was very heavy.

Tian Xinjie had no choice, but to stumble out of the office.


Orchid Pavilion.

Shi Jin stood in the backyard and watched Fu Xiuyuan weed.

He was already very familiar with this kind of work.

He was even more familiar with it than the old uncle in the courtyard house.

Everyone who knew Fu Xiuyuan would find it hard to believe.

His current daily hobby was planting flowers and weeding for Shi Jin in the backyard.

Shi Jin opened her WeChat and received a message from Xu Zhaodi.

“Shi Jin, I succeeded in my part-time job interview today! Thank you!”

“You succeeded because of yourself.”

“If it werent for your introduction, I would never have known that such an opportunity existed.

Do you know that the medicinal plant cultivation base I went to was much larger than Director Zhangs experimental field It was filled with all kinds of medicinal herbs.

Before that, I couldnt even imagine that there was such a base in the capital.”

Xu Zhaodi was very excited.

Once she got excited, she became more talkative.

What she did not know was that the others did not know that such a base existed in the capital.

“Thats why I said it would be very helpful for our studies.”

“Yes, yes.

I will cherish this opportunity and go to work part-time tomorrow.”

“Good luck.”

After Shi Jin replied to this message, another one came in.

“Miss Shi, Xu Zhaodi, who came to apply for a part-time job today, is very down-to-earth and hardworking.

We let her stay.”


“Miss Shi, the weeds have been removed.

Is there anything else I can help you with” Fu Xiuyuans voice sounded from the side.

Shi Jin lifted her eyes and looked over.

He had already put down his tools.

There was still some mud on his wrist, but the dust-stained hand did not overshadow his magnificence.

Instead, it had a unique beauty to it.

Shi Jin smiled.

“Ive already asked you to do everything.

Theres nothing else I can ask you to do.”

“Oh, is that so” Fu Xiuyuan walked towards her.

He took a wet towel and slowly wiped the dirt off his hands.

When he approached Shi Jin, he looked down at her.

Shi Jin smiled.

“What else do you think I need you to do”

Fu Xiuyuan leaned close to her ear and whispered, “You.”


A single word mixed with hot air blew into her ears.

A faint, but clear shiver ran down Shi Jins spine.

She realized that Fu Xiuyuan was getting better at flirting now.

Compared to his cold and restrained desire in the past, it was as if some incredible mechanism had been activated.


After a selection process, Shi Jin finally chose a script, “Glory of the Song Dynasty.”

Yao Jiahong quickly contacted the crew and set an audition time for Shi Jin.

The original novel for “Glory of the Song Dynasty” was once very popular.

Since they were filming a movie this time, it naturally attracted a lot of attention from the outside world.

The female lead of this movie was different from other commonly seen characters.

She was a valiant champion on the battlefield.

In the original novel, she was either on horseback or on the road to protecting her homeland.

She did not have the softness and gentleness of other female leads.

Shi Jin had chosen this role for the audition to break through her established image.

Although she was very cold now and her appearance in front of the public was almost always a cold image, her looks were too deeply rooted in peoples hearts.

No matter how cold and aloof she was, there were always people who associated her with a great beauty and treated her as an example of someone who relied on her looks.

On the day of the audition, Fu Xiuyuan pushed back his work and accompanied Shi Jin to the nanny van.

This undoubtedly increased the difficulty of Yao Jiahongs work.

He glanced at Fu Xiuyuan.

Fu Xiuyuan immediately caught his gaze and looked back at him.

His gaze clearly said, “Cant I accompany my wife”

Yao Jiahong had no choice, but to say, “Yes, yes you can.”

The two of them exchanged a few glances.

Shi Jin only heard Yao Jiahongs last sentence.

“Can what”

“Nothing.” Yao Jiahong shook his head.

“Is wire-flying safe” Fu Xiuyuan asked in a low voice.

“The audition this time is divided into two parts.

The scene in the morning is about riding horses, and the scene in the afternoon is about hanging from the wire,” Yao Jiahong said.

“Because this role requires riding horses most of the time, and there are scenes of people flying down from horses, the audition is split into two parts.”

The part Fu Xiuyuan was worried about was in the afternoon.

It was Shi Jins first time attending such an audition, so Fu Xiuyuan was naturally worried about her safety.

Actually, in her previous life, Shi Jin had done odd jobs in many production teams and played various supporting roles and stand-in roles.

She was already used to such scenes.

She looked at Fu Xiuyuan.

“Its no problem.

Dont worry.”

“No.” Fu Xiuyuan was not at all reassured.

Hed never seen her hang from the wires, and horseback riding wasnt an easy skill to master.

Yao Jiahong had already discovered that Shi Jin was omnipotent, no matter what she did, he wouldnt be shocked, but Fu Xiuyuan was different.

His concern made him panic.

The more he cared, the more he panicked.

He moved closer to Shi Jin until he was almost touching her cheek.

“Ill only be at ease when Im guarding you.”


“Okay, stay with me then,” Shi Jin whispered.

Since he had to see it with his own eyes to feel assured, she did not mind that he was around.

She saw that Fu Xiuyuans fingers were clenched tightly.

Based on his original personality, he would never let her take such a risk to protect her safety, but he was also trying his best to restrain himself, to respect her choice and not interfere with her professional freedom.

He had already done very well.

There was a tinge of pain in Shi Jins heart.

She knew how much psychological pressure he had overcome.

The car stopped at the destination.

Shi Jin said, “Brother Yao, you guys can head over first.”

After Brother Yao left with Xiao Li, Shi Jin reached out and pulled Fu Xiuyuans finger over to her lips.

She was extremely beautiful.

When she silently looked at people, even the slight raise of her eyebrows could make ones heart go numb.

This action wiped away Fu Xiuyuans little bit of self-control.

“Shi Jin…” He could feel the tension and dryness in his voice.

Shi Jin raised her head and kissed him..

She took the initiative to clasp his fingers.

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