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Chapter 418: The School Cant Convince the Crowd

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Tian Xinjie could not enter this class, so of course he would not treat her well.

Li Yuanyuan stuck out her tongue.

“No wonder I found him familiar.

I think Ive seen him somewhere before.”

Su Sitian grabbed another handful of candies and said, “Im really happy to be able to see all of you.

At least, I wont be seeing Tian Xinjie in class for half a year.”

“So, do you and Tian Xinjie have any conflicts” Li Yuanyuan asked mysteriously.

“Well, not really.

I did an experiment with Wu Siqi, and Tian Xinjie has hated me ever since.

She even went on the school forum to talk trash about me.

Does she think everyone finds Wu Siqi to be a treasure like her”

Li Yuanyuan was shocked.

So the main character of the post on the school forum that was talking about a girl trying to steal peoples boyfriends was right next to her.

How exciting!

“Shi Jin, you still dont know about that thread, right Let me show you.” After Li Yuanyuan said that, she opened the school forum.

“So the thread was posted by Tian Xinjie.

Wait, whats with this thread”

Li Yuanyuans hand paused, and she quickly clicked into a post.

The topic was “The school is not a place for entertainers to play tricks.

Do you think this is the entertainment industry, openly snatching peoples resources”

The content was very simple.

The content of this anonymous post was targeted at this selection test.

There were some classes that did not have outstanding results and no one was selected.

There were one or two students from each class that had outstanding results.

This time, almost ten people were selected.

Among the ten people, Shi Jin was the only celebrity.

Therefore, even though this post didnt specify the name, it was equivalent to pointing at Shi Jins nose and scolding her.

Of course, they did not let any teacher who was involved in this selection off the hook either.

It was obvious that the teacher had colluded with Shi Jin on purpose to ruin the schools reputation.

There was another question at the end of the post.

“Theres no need to talk about Shi Jins test.

If she teamed up with one of the students with the best results in the class, she would definitely get a high score.

However, she handed in her paper in thirty minutes for the theory test.

How could she get full marks Im sure everyone who has done the basic questions knows how many words she has to write, right Really, how is the fairness of the test”

This post attracted many comments.

Previously, no one had paid attention to the class that Shi Jin was in.

The students of other classes would not be able to interfere with her grades.

However, things were different after the post was released.

Everyone had the same question.

“So Shi Jin only took thirty minutes for the theoretical examination.”

“Arent the teams for the experiment chosen through drawing lots Shi Jin was lucky enough to be in the same group as the student with the best results”

“Urgh, did someone really ignore the rules of the exam”

“I want an explanation!”

“Let the school give an explanation.

You cant convince the public like this.”

“Shi Jin was the top scorer of the college entrance examination back then.

This result is normal.”

“But didnt you see what the thread said If you dont go to class for a few months and hand in your paper in thirty minutes Even if youre the top scorer in the college entrance examination, you cant possibly get high scores out of nothing, right”

Li Yuanyuan showed the content to Shi Jin.

With a calm expression, Shi Jin said, “Lets take a look at the information Wu Siqi gave out.”

“Are we not caring about this anymore The person who posted this is really too much!” Li Yuanyuan said indignantly.

Actually, she had already guessed who had posted it.

Su Sitian chewed on her milk candy and said, “Shi Jin is right.

Lets look at the information first.

There are so many teachers involved in this post.

The school will definitely handle it.”

Shi Jin received a WeChat message from Principal Ling.

“Shi Jin, focus on your studies.

The school will handle the matters on the discussion forum.”

“Yes, Principal Ling,” Shi Jin replied.

After leaving the research class, the school released the clarification information on the schools forum.

The clarification information included three parts.

The first part was about why Shi Jin had teamed up with Li Yuanyuan and why she was allowed to do so freely.

The second part was the surveillance footage of Shi Jins exam.

There were surveillance cameras in every classroom.

Although they could not see clearly what Shi Jin had done and how much she had written in the past thirty minutes, they could roughly tell that she was very fast.

She had been writing ever since she received the test paper.

She did not stop at all and finished all the questions in one go.

When she stood up to hand in her papers, the surveillance camera clearly recorded the papers she was holding.

The third part was Shi Jins test paper.

This post was pinned.

Then, everyone could see her answers.

The students who were clamoring for the schools explanation read her paper and fell silent.

It had to be said that no one could compare to her answers.

Especially her handwriting.

It was really enviable.

“What a joke.

It turns out that the idea of forming a team freely was suggested by the other students in the class.

When I saw the thread, I thought it was suggested by Shi Jin.

Or rather, the school deliberately gave Shi Jin a handicap.”

“I finally know why Shi Jin and the other two students took the test together.

They scored 19 points while Shi Jin scored 20 points.

Also, her handwriting is so beautiful.”

“Thats right, even if we dont talk about the contents of the test paper, just the handwriting alone is pleasing to the eye.”

“So Shi Jin really took thirty minutes to finish the test!”

“Back then, Shi Jin also handed in her college exam papers in advance.

Do you guys still remember”

“I remember now.

Not only the college entrance examination, but she also handed in her papers early when she participated in the international math and chemistry competition!”

At that moment, everyone recalled Shi Jins glorious exam achievements.

It also occurred to them that she had always been talented and quick with her hands.

Coupled with the schools proof, was there anything to doubt about her results


Tian Xinjie bit her lip in disbelief after reading the proof.

She did have a lot of suspicions, but after seeing this post, she realized how much she had misunderstood Shi Jin.

Although she had heard of Shi Jins speed and ability, she had never taken it seriously.

Because she and her friends were the ones who suggested that they form teams freely during the experimental exam, many people guessed that she was the one who posted the thread.

Of course it was indeed posted by her, and the consequences had arrived.

Teacher Cai called her to the office.

“Teacher Cai.”

“I hope that you can put your mind back to your studies and not be blinded by the success of others,” Teacher Cai said earnestly.

“If you post in the school forum, I believe you know that with the schools ability, we can find out who posted it, right

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