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Chapter 417: Shi Jin Can Pass the Examination

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He was not disappointed.

After all, it was Shi Jin.

Zhang Fengnian did not like her to begin with.

As for Li Yuanyuan, he had never heard of her before and did not care about her at all.

“Congratulations, Vice Director.” Zhang Fengnian handed the name list to Ouyang Ping.


In the afternoon, Li Yuanyuan enthusiastically invited the three of them to eat something delicious.

“Shi Jin, Zhaodi, what do you want to eat” Li Yuanyuan asked.

“Im fine with anything.” Xu Zhaodis voice was very soft.

“Then lets eat roasted lamb!” Li Yuanyuan said.

“Its been a long time since Ive eaten meat to my hearts content.

They all say that the mutton in the capital tastes especially good.”

“Its too much.

The three of us cant even eat half of it.” Shi Jin didnt agree.

“Then lets eat hotpot.

The weather is getting cold, so its suitable for eating hotpot.

Or we can eat soup pot.

Beef soup pot is nutritious, and mutton soup pot is nourishing.”

Xu Zhaodis fingers clasped together nervously.

Shi Jin saw a noodle shop in front and said, “I havent eaten noodles in a long time.

Why dont you have some noodles with me”

“This is too…” Li Yuanyuan frowned, but seeing Shi Jins expectant look, she still agreed.” Alright, lets eat the noodles.

Zhaodi, what do you think “

Xu Zhaodis fingers unknowingly relaxed as she said, “Sure.”

The three of them went in.

Shi Jin ordered beef noodles while Li Yuanyuan ordered pork ribs noodles.


Zhao looked at the menu for a while before ordering a bowl of egg noodles.

Shi Jin tilted her head and glanced at her.

When she did not notice, she looked away again.

Although the meal was simple, it didnt affect everyones good mood.

Li Yuanyuan could still talk and laugh.

Xu Zhaodis expression finally relaxed.

After dinner, Li Yuanyuan rushed to foot the bill, but Shi Jin said, “Lets split the bill.

Splitting the bill will make the friendship last longer.”

Li Yuanyuan thought about it and agreed.

She immediately bought her share.

Xu Zhaodi also paid her own money easily.

After they came out, Li Yuanyuan asked curiously, “Shi Jin, did you learn Chinese medicine before Without you, we definitely wouldnt have gotten so many marks in this test.

How did you recognize those complicated herbs Look at me.

I used to help my grandfather collect herbs.

I recognized all the herbs that were placed separately, but when I mixed them together, I couldnt separate them.”

Xu Zhaodi also looked at Shi Jin curiously.

Shi Jin said, “I used to work part-time at a place that needed me to grow herbs.”

“Really Theres such a part-time job” Li Yuanyuan asked.

“Well, if you want to do it, I can introduce you.”

Li Yuanyuan felt a headache coming on.

“I think Id better forget it.

Ive been busy with my studies recently and havent had enough sleep every day, so I wont be doing any part-time jobs.”

Xu Zhaodis lips quivered.

“Shi Jin, can you introduce me”

“Add me on WeChat, Ill push it to you.

However, this part-time job isnt easy, but the benefits are that it can help our studies.”

“Im not afraid of hard work or tiredness!” Xu Zhaodis voice was much louder than before.

In the blink of an eye, she sounded a little down.

“I just… I just dont know if this part-time job is easy or not, and if I can do it.”

“Its not difficult as long as youre willing to learn.”

“Im willing to learn.” Xu Zhaodi immediately nodded her head.

Such a part-time job was really rare.

Not only could she earn money, but she could also learn professional knowledge.

It was the best for her.

Very quickly, Shi Jin sent someones WeChat information to Xu Zhaodi.

At the same time, she opened her WeChat and communicated with the other party.

“I recommended a classmate to work part-time.

Please take care of her.”

“Alright, Miss Shi.” The other party agreed very quickly.


Tian Xinjie was also called in by Teacher Cai.

Teacher Cai comforted her and told her that as long as she maintained these grades, there was a high chance of passing the selection test next semester.

Teacher Cai was still very protective of this student.

“Teacher Cai, will another person appear next semester to snatch my spot”

Hearing her tone, Teacher Cai was stunned for a moment.

“Snatch Why do you say that Shi Jin and Li Yuanyuan passed the exam too.”

Tian Xinjie smiled.

“I understand, Teacher Cai.”

She turned around and walked out.

Pass the exam There was no need to talk about the test.

It was normal for Shi Jin to get a good score because of Li Yuanyuan, but could Shi Jin really pass the theoretical examination

She and Shi Jin took the exam together and Shi Jin handed in the paper after half an hour.

The theoretical examination took two hours.

Even she had to work for one and a half hours before she could barely finish it.

She even spent twenty minutes checking and filling in the gaps.

Shi Jin didnt even go to class and she still got that score.

It was too exaggerated.

She was indignant.

For an actress, the teachers had openly cheated and given the spot to Shi Jin!


In the afternoon, Shi Jin and Li Yuanyuan were brought to Ouyang Pings research class.

“In the future, more than half of your classes will be held here.

Only a portion of your theoretical classes will be in your original class.” Ouyang Ping introduced.

After saying that, he thought of Shi Jin and looked at her faintly.

The class had yet to start, but Shi Jins leave application was already in his WeChat.

“Go and familiarize yourself with the class,” Ouyang Ping said.

Shi Jin only knew Li Liangjing, but he was not around today.

She chose a seat next to a girl and walked over with Li Yuanyuan.

As soon as she approached, she smelled a rich sweet fragrance.

Shi Jin and Li Yuanyuan found seats and sat down.

The girl looked up and smiled sweetly.


She grabbed a handful of candies and handed them to Shi Jin and Li Yuanyuan.

“Have some candies.”

It was the White Rabbit Milk Candy, and it smelled exactly the same as the sweet scent she was giving off.

Shi Jin reached out for one and Li Yuanyuan followed suit.

Her voice was also very sweet, and she was like a rich and sweet milk candy.

“The Vice Director treats everyone very well.

Its that Old Li who is in the medicinal research field, Teacher Li, who is the strictest.

The class monitor, Senior Li Liangjing, didnt come today.

Also, that Meng Xiuyuan over there is quite a good person.

Hes a senior in his fourth year.

If you have any questions, you can ask him.”

After talking for a long time, she finally remembered to introduce herself.

“My name is Su Sitian.

I got in when I was in my second year.

Im in my third year now.”

“Hello, Senior Sister Su.

Im Li Yuanyuan.”

“Senior Sister Su.

Shi Jin.”

A boy beside her came over to give her some documents.

His expression was dark and uncertain.

When he saw Shi Jin, he gave her a side-eye.

After he left, Li Yuanyuan said curiously, “This student has a hot temper.

He doesnt usually have a hot temper, but this time, you guys have hit his head.”

“Whats going on, Senior Su”

“His name is Wu Siqi.

Hes Tian Xinjies boyfriend.” Su Sitian opened another milk candy and stuffed it into her mouth.

Shi Jin glanced at Wu Siqi.

No wonder..

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