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Chapter 415: The Wen Familys Box Office Failure

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Gao Bo would definitely be in trouble.

If the outside world did not report it, then it was most likely covered up by someone.

Not only did they cover up their mistake, they even pushed the blame to Liu Ning.

When Shi Jin found out about the situation, she immediately searched for posts on Weibo that might have escaped.

With so many people posting videos, it was impossible for them to be completely undetectable.

In addition, Gao Bo himself wasnt well-known, so the matter didnt escalate.

She immediately used her computer skills to restore the videos that were deleted within three hours on Weibo.

From the massive number of deleted videos, she accurately located Gao Bos video.

Then, she restored the video and used an unmanned account to send the video to Liu Ning.

Even if someone wanted to delete it, they would never delete the video on her side account.

Therefore, Gao Bos incident quickly became a hot topic.

For such an unpatriotic person, if he was just an ordinary person, they might not even bother to look at him if they discussed him in private.

However, Gao Bo was a public figure.

In a semi-open workplace, he spoke so arrogantly and agitatedly.

The consequences were obvious.

“What an idiot! Ive never seen such an idiot!”

“Im proud of being a citizen of Country S.

If you dont want to be a citizen of Country S, please dont earn the money here and dont live here.”

“Our great nation really doesnt lack a brainless person like you.

Please get lost!”

“Now I know whyTodays Rescue suddenly stopped selling tickets and why it postponed its release date! So its because of this idiot!”

“Thats right, I see.

Thats what Im saying.

How did the commercial competition causeTodays Rescue to become like this”

“Ive been meaning to say this for a long time.

‘Todays Rescue has gathered so many popular celebrities such as Wen Yaoming, Wen Yongwei, and Chu Ling.

The publicity momentum is so high, especially Chu Lings fans.

Theyve practically blown this movie up into the sky.

How could Liu Ning use that kind of method to get rid of it I see!”

“Ah, poor Liu Ning!”

“‘Emergency Rescue is really miserable.

Just because their competitors side has an idiot, so many people scolded them for it.”

“Ill go change the score forEmergency Rescue.”

“Ill apologize to Liu Ning.”

“Could Gao Bos incident be Liu Nings scheme”

“Again, again, again.

Is Gao Bo a fool Did Liu Ning make him say those words Did Liu Ning force him to say those words with a knife to his neck”

“Dont blame others if your brain isnt clear! At this point in time, theres still someone to cleanse Gao Bos name”

In just a few hours, the tables had turned and Liu Nings Weibo was flooded with apologies.

The rating for “Emergency Rescue” slowly recovered, while the rating for “Todays Rescue” had already dropped below 6.

Although Gao Bo was in the wrong, in the eyes of the audience, the production team had to bear the consequences of using an artist like Gao Bo.

Moreover, after the incident, “Todays Rescue” was obviously using technology to change Gao Bos face.

However, it did not give any explanation to the audience.

It allowed everyone to destroy Liu Ning on the internet without any explanation.

They only wanted to muddle things out in secret and didnt really want to resolve it.

These actions were unreasonable.

The box office sales of “Emergency Rescue” had also recovered to the momentum of the morning.

The figures were delightful.

As forTodays Rescue, those who already bought tickets refunded the tickets and those who didnt buy tickets also didnt have a good impression of it because of this matter.

They probably wouldnt buy tickets anymore.

Coupled with the delay of seven days, the audience would already be satisfied by the same type of movie.

By then, it would be too late.

Once the reputation was ruined, everything would be gone.

After Yao Jiahong finished watching all the drama, he showed the statistics to Shi Jin.

“Producer Lius movie should be successful again.

Currently, the pre-sales results are not bad.

Ive seen the pre-screening and the quality is not bad.

The reputation in the future should continue to grow.”

Shi Jin glanced at the data and returned it to Yao Jiahong.

“Its alright.”

“Things are probably going to be bad over there.

Wen Yaoming and Wen Yongwei, who wanted to rely on this movie to make a name for themselves, now had their dreams shattered.

Chu Lings reputation is also going down.”

“When the Wen family came to throw a huge sum of money at the movie and stole the entire crew away from Producer Liu, this ending was destined,” Shi Jin commented lightly.

No one could be blamed for this.

They could only blame themselves for being too greedy.


University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The grading of exam papers for the research class was also carried out as usual.

Principal Ling paid close attention to Shi Jins situation and personally came to the office of the director of ancient Chinese medicine to check on the situation.

Zhang Fengnian smiled and said, “Principal Ling, the grades are not out yet.

Dont worry, I will report to you if anything happens.”

“What about Shi Jins grades”

Zhang Fengnians expression immediately dimmed.

“I havent seen it yet.”

“Pay more attention to Shi Jin.

If she doesnt make it this time, make sure to tutor her.

If you dont want to keep her talent, the medical school at Imperial Capital University has long wanted to take her away.

There are also a few other majors who are vying for her.”

Faced with Principal Lings instructions, Zhang Fengnian looked at Ouyang Ping.

“Shi Jin is someone specially taken care of by the Vice Director.

The Vice Director has his own ways of nurturing her, right”

Principal Ling looked at them and walked out with his hands behind his back.

A moment later, the teacher from next door came to deliver the grades for Year One Class Two.

Teacher Cai also came over.

“Teacher Cai, your class did well this time.” The teacher put down the test paper and handed him the scores that had been calculated.

“There was a student who did very well.

Her theory and practice were exceptionally good.”

“It must be Tian Xinjie,” Teacher Cai said with a smile.

“This child has always been easy to deal with.

Ever since she entered the school, she has been happy to improve and work hard.

Director Zhang, Tian Xinjie is a good seedling.

I hope you can take good care of her when the time comes.”

Of the two experimental classes, one was led by Zhang Fengnian.

The other was led by Ouyang Ping.

Zhang Feng had always had outstanding results in his early years.

Now, he had brought out two top students, Qin Fanya and Hu Hao.

Therefore, the class he led was also called the elite research class.

It contained the top students in ancient Chinese medicine.

People who were able to enter Zhang Fengnians elite research class, even if they did not make it to the top of the industry in the future, at least when they were looking for a job, they would definitely be regarded as highly sought-after by all the major hospitals.

As for Ouyang Pings research class, it was not bad.

Many students wanted to enter it, but compared to the elite class, there was still quite a gap.

After saying that, Teacher Cai immediately opened the score form and pointed to Tian Xinjies results.

A look of surprise appeared on his face.

“The theoretical foundation has 80 points, and she got 77 points.

The practical results are out of 20 points, and she got 17 points! Not bad!”

Zhang Fengnian was also very pleased.

“This kind of result can be considered quite good among the freshmen.

After all, many of the test papers this time are actually beyond the syllabus, especially the test for the research class.

Without some foundation and good learning spirit, its impossible to get high marks.”

“Director Zhang, do you think this result is enough to learn from you” Teacher Cai asked.

“If theres no one better, this result is not bad.” Zhang Fengnian had seen too many outstanding students.

Although Tian Xinjies result was not bad, it barely moved him.

Teacher Cai said, “I dont think there will be anyone better.”

The teacher who graded the papers at the side reminded, “Teacher Cai, I remember that your class has students with better results.”

“Ah” Teacher Cai quickly flipped through the papers.

Could it be another student

He did remember that there was another boy who had good grades and was very serious.

There were two other girls who came from a medical family.

He immediately flipped through the scores.

Instantly, he flipped to a score of 80 points and 20 points.

He immediately followed the name.

Shi Jin.

Shi Jin

Shi Jin!

Teacher Cai took another look and confirmed that he was not mistaken.

“Why is it her”

Ouyang Ping asked, “Who else did well”

Teacher Cai was embarrassed and handed the form to Ouyang Ping.

Ouyang Ping took it and saw Shi Jins name at a glance, as well as the obvious perfect score.

“Not bad.” Ouyang Ping was not as excited as Teacher Cai.

He had chatted with Shi Jin on WeChat before.

Occasionally, when they talked about questions, Shi Jin would answer them with ease.

Ouyang Ping took another look at the other students scores.

“This Li Yuanyuan is not bad either.

She scored 19 points for the experiment and 77 points for the theory.

Theres also Xu Zhaodi, who scored 67 points for the theory.

Shes a little lacking, but she also scored 19 points for the experiment.

Teacher Cai, with Shi Jins score, she will definitely be able to enter the research class.

Li Yuanyuan is about the same.

Have a chat with the two students and see which class they choose.”

The students could choose either research class, though they might not necessarily be accepted into both.

Although Ouyang Ping had a better personal relationship with Shi Jin, he still respected her choice.

Zhang Fengnian frowned.

“Who are you talking about”

“Shi Jin.” Ouyang Ping handed over the list.

“Full marks.”

Zhang Fengnian was stunned for a moment.

A moment later, he took a look and thought to himself, “She was just lucky!”


Because the results were announced today, Shi Jin was in class.

The atmosphere in the class was tense.

Everyone waited anxiously.

There were many students surrounding Tian Xinjie and they were all discussing something softly.

Tian Xinjie smiled and looked relaxed.

“We got the results!” A student in the front row shouted, “Teacher Cai gave us the results.

This time, two people from our class entered the experimental class!”

“There must be Tian Xinjie, right”

“I wonder who the other lucky person is.”

“Im really envious.

Theyre only in their first year of university, but theyre already learning from the two directors.

And they have many opportunities to intern.”

“Dont celebrate too early.

Its not like getting into the research class will mean they get to stay forever.

If they dont pass, theyll be expelled.”

“After they enter, everyone will definitely study hard.

How can they allow themselves to be expelled”

“Who is it Who is it”

Someone saw the name list and exclaimed, “Shi Jin Li Yuanyuan”

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