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Chapter 413: Super Fast Recording Speed

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She had spent so much time looking after it, but it turned out that she wanted to give it to someone else.

“Actually, that seed wasnt a full seed.

I only gave it a try and didnt expect it to survive, but it did.

I have to meet Director Ji tomorrow, so I can give it to him.”

Fu Xiuyuan stretched out his fingers.

When he touched the sprout, his fingers stiffened slightly.

He then forced himself to retract his hand, restraining his urge to crush the sprout.

His actions were restrained, veins appearing on the back of his hand.

Shi Jin saw his condition and glanced at him.

He narrowed his eyes, hiding the true emotions in them.

She placed her hand on his.

“Do you want to touch the sprout”

Fu Xiuyuan remained silent.

Shi Jin gently touched the sprout with his fingers.

A soft touch came from his fingertips, and Fu Xiuyuans restrained emotions relaxed slightly.

“Director Ji is a senior and also an elder.

Planting this flower for him is just a simple favor.

I have no other intentions.” Shi Jin knew what Fu Xiuyuan was thinking, so she spoke her true thoughts without hesitation.

The surrounding pressure returned to normal, no longer as low and dark as before.

She smiled.

“Do you want to see the other flowers I planted”

“Mm.” Fu Xiuyuans voice calmed down.

However, although his emotions were temporarily appeased, his heart was still not completely calmed.

Shi Jin was tormented at night.

The next day.

Yao Jiahong accompanied Shi Jin to Ji Hanxues meeting place.

This recording studio was specially selected by Ji Hanxue.

Almost all of his works were recorded here.

“Director Ji.” Shi Jin greeted him when she saw him.

Ji Hanxue smiled gently.

“The recording studio is ready.

Take a look and familiarize yourself with it first.

Well begin recording after we eat.”

Shi Jin walked in to take a look.

It was indeed Director Jis recording studio.

The setup was even better than her recording studio.

She looked around for a while and asked, “Director Ji, you were practicing here”

“I tried it out first to get a feel of it.

Theres still 15 minutes to 12 pm.

Do you want to try too” Ji Hanxue said.

“Sure.” Shi Jin reached out and picked up the son xun.

She played it once.

It was complete and smooth, even better than when she played with Ji Hanxue last time.

The recorder could not help giving them a thumbs up, indicating that the effect was very good.

Ji Hanxue was rather impressed.

“Not bad.

Lets try again together.”

He made anOK gesture at the sound assistant.

This time, the duet was still complete, smooth, and stable.

Their coordination was extremely good.

It was rather satisfying.

The sound assistant outside gave him a thumbs up.

Ji Hanxue listened to the replay.

“This is the feeling I want.”

It was probably because this was just a demo, so they were very relaxed.

Their cooperation was very natural.

Director Ji wanted this kind of feeling.

Wasnt this the kind of feeling that a mother and son would have when they were together

“This will do! Ill edit it!” Ji Hanxue said decisively.

From the moment Shi Jin entered to the moment she left, it didnt even take twenty minutes.

When Ji Hanxue went out with Shi Jin, he asked, “You usually record songs pretty fast, right”

“So-so,” Shi Jin replied humbly.

Yao Jiahong walked beside her and silently thought, how was that so-so Twenty minutes was enough for her to record four songs.

After Supreme Entertainments sound assistants worked with her, they all secretly expressed that they were not used to working with other singers anymore.

Yan Chu arrived just as she was leaving.

He passed her a box.

“Shi Jin, this is a gift for you.”

“Mine” Shi Jin smiled.

“I dont deserve it.”

“My mom insisted on giving it to you.

She said that I was indebted to you for taking care of me when I was in Warsaw.

Wont you accept a small gift”

Since he had already said so much, Shi Jin could only accept it.

“Thank you.”

Ji Hanxue pointed at him.

“Shi Jin has a gift, but I dont”

“Director Ji, youre making fun of me.” Yan Chu pushed open the door.

“After dinner, can I watch your performance in the afternoon”

“Oh, weve finished recording.” Ji Hanxue smiled as he finished his sentence.

Yan Chus face stiffened.

He protested, “I thought we were supposed to meet at eleven-thirty and start at twelve Im not late, am I”

“At 11: 50 am, Shi Jin and I tried recording it.

I didnt expect it to go through in one take.”

Yan Chu: “…”

Why did he feel that Director Ji had become cocky


After the meal, Shi Jin passed the flowers she planted to Director Ji.

“This is”

“The seed from your flower that got crushed last time.

I planted it casually and it really came alive.

See if you want to keep it.”

Ji Hanxue was overjoyed.

“Great! Why didnt I think of that”

Yan Chu asked, “Only Director Ji has a gift, but I dont”

Ji Hanxue rolled his eyes at him.

“You didnt have flowers that were destroyed.”

Yan Chu: “…”

Fine, pretend he didnt ask.


After Shi Jin and Ji Hanxue said goodbye, there was nothing else to do today, so she gave Yao Jiahong a day off and took a taxi to Fu Corporation.

She put on her hat and flipped her coat over.

She looked completely different from before.

When Song Fan came to pick her up, he almost mistook her for a delivery man.

However, being a delivery man was not bad.

It would be troublesome if she were recognized.

Shi Jin asked, “Where is Fu Xiuyuan”

“Work,” Song Fan answered simply.

“Isnt this lunchtime” Shi Jin raised her wrist to look at the time.

It was 1:30 pm.

“Yes, but Master Fu never takes lunch breaks.” Song Fan had been with him for so long.

Other than work, Master Fus time was Shi Jins.

Without Shi Jin around, he would be working.

To him, there was nothing else in life.

Seeing Shi Jin walk towards Fu Xiuyuans office, Song Fan tactfully retreated to the side and did not disturb them.

Shi Jin knocked on the door.

A slightly hoarse voice came from inside.

“Come in.”

She pushed the door open and entered.

“Master Fu, Im here to deliver something.”

She had met the people from the secretarial office and casually imitated someones voice.

“Leave the things behind, you can leave.” The voice was emotionless like a machine.

Shi Jin did not leave.

Instead, she took two steps forward.

Sensing the sound approaching, Fu Xiuyuan looked up impatiently.

What entered his sight was not a female secretary from the office, instead it was a fair face he was familiar with.

He was stunned for a moment before realizing that this was the real Shi Jin..

His lips subconsciously curled up.

“Why are you here”

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