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Chapter 412: How Bad Could It Be

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“We just have to give it a try.

I believe that even if its unfair this time, the school will try its best to maintain such fairness next time,” Tian Xinjie said.

Teacher Cai immediately went to find Zhang Fengnian.

When Zhang Fengnian heard the situation, he said, “This is probably caused by Shi Jin, right”

He glanced at Ouyang Ping, who was overly indulgent towards Shi Jin.

“What do you think, Vice Director” he asked.

Ouyang Ping pondered for a moment.

“Teacher Cai, you want them to freely form teams to participate in the experiment”

“I think the method of drawing lots to form groups is a little old fashioned, and its not suitable for the current development.

In the past, everyone studied hard and did their best to do their part, so drawing lots didnt affect anyones interests, but now, everyone has their own aspirations, and we cant force everyones choices.

We just hope that it doesnt affect the development of those students who are truly capable,” Teacher Cai said.

Ouyang Ping nodded.

“That makes sense.”

Zhang Fengnian said, “If thats the case, lets try this method in the first years two classes.

Teacher Cai will record if there are any problems during the test and take note of the points.

If the results are good, we will deal with it this way in the future.”

Teacher Cai immediately agreed.

The other teachers thought about it and agreed with this suggestion.

Ouyang Ping had no objections, but he felt sorry for Shi Jin.

Fortunately, she was only in her first year of university.

There would be plenty of opportunities in the future, so she was not in a hurry.


The students in class were waiting.

Everyone looked towards the door, waiting for Teacher Cai to return.

The girl beside Tian Xinjie said, “I wonder how Teacher Cai is doing If we really have to draw lots to decide, well be in trouble.”

“Were all fine.

The key is Xinjie has the highest chance of entering the research class.

If she meets someone who will drag her down, she will really have wasted this opportunity.”

Tian Xinjie glanced at Shi Jin and played with her pen.

“It would be great if everyone could form their own teams freely.

Xinjie, if we form a team, we will definitely get high scores.”

Some people looked at them enviously.

Even if it was a free team, the chances of many people getting high marks were not very high.

Li Yuanyuan looked at Shi Jin and felt that these people were targeting her.

It was precisely because Shi Jin was around that they refused to draw lots.

Li Yuanyuan could not refute them.

She could only whisper to Shi Jin, “Shi Jin, if we really form a team according to the rules, lets form a team later.”

“Okay.” Shi Jin nodded.

Everyones discussion was ringing in her ears, but she did not care.

She just casually flipped through the textbooks and documents in her hands.

A moment later, Teacher Cai returned.

Tian Xinjie looked at Teacher Cai expectantly.

“Ive already asked the director and received a reply.

The dean said that our practical test will be divided into groups of your own choice.

Its also an experiment.

If the results are good, it will be promoted to other grades in the next practical test.” Teacher Cai looked at Tian Xinjie and said, “Congratulations everyone.”

“Thats great!”

“Finally, I dont have to randomly pick someone to take the exam with.”

“Xinjie, lets work hard together.”

There were people who wanted to team up with Shi Jin, but most of them gave up out of consideration for their studies.

After all, Shi Jin did not come often, and they had their own classmates and friends that they could hang out with.

Naturally, no one wanted to be partners with the cold and cheerless Shi Jin.

“Alright, everyone hurry up and choose your partners.

The exam is about to begin,” Teacher Cai reminded.

“Li Yuanyuan, are you with us” a girl asked.

Li Yuanyuan waved her hand.

“Ive already chosen Shi Jin.”

“Oh…” The girl shrugged, not understanding her choice.

She turned around and left.

After a while, everyone had teamed up.

Li Yuanyuan had always been on Shi Jins side.

There was also a girl with an especially introverted personality who wasnt chosen and joined Li Yuanyuan and Shi Jin.

She came from a small city, and her admission score had barely crossed the line.

It was only because the country took special care of her poor mountainous region that the admission conditions were relaxed.

Her grades were average and she did not have any foundation.

She was incompatible with the other students in class, hence, she had always been cautious.

“Xu Zhaodi, you can stay with us,” Li Yuanyuan called her.

Xu Zhaodi shyly walked to Li Yuanyuan.

When she saw Shi Jin, her voice was as soft as a mosquitos buzz, and she stuttered as she greeted her.

The people on Tian Xinjies side looked towards Shi Jins side.

Immediately, there was a burst of laughter, mixed with some blunt contempt.

“Fortunately, Teacher Cai helped us get the opportunity to take the free group examinations.

Otherwise, if we really had to partner with certain people, we would really be crippled.”

“Forget about me, I cant do anything about my theoretical exam score, but Xinjie cant be delayed.

Xinjie, I wish you good luck in getting into the research class.”

The examination officially began and the discussion over there stopped.

Shi Jin took the test materials and looked at it.

It was to differentiate the herbs, as well as to match the herbs according to the symptoms.

It was all very basic knowledge.

A lot of people were moaning in pain.

Many of them were trapped by the questions.

After learning theory for a period of time, everyone was at a loss when they saw the real medicinal ingredients.

As for the ratio of ingredients, it was even more troublesome.

Li Yuanyuan, on the other hand, was quite experienced.

She immediately identified most of the medicinal herbs, and Xu Zhaodi also recorded them.

There were only two difficult herbs mixed together.

Li Yuanyuan hesitated for a moment before Shi Jin whispered two names.

Li Yuanyuans eyes lit up.


Xu Zhaodi immediately recorded it down.

When she looked at Shi Jin, her gaze changed.

When they were comparing the herbs, Li Yuanyuan had a herb that she could not quite grasp.

Shi Jin grabbed a bunch of herbs and played with them.

“Isnt this better It can calm your mind and not clash with the previous herbs.”

“Yes, yes, yes, youre right.

What didTanghead Song sayNotoptreygium decoction of nine ingredients to remove Dahurian angelica, add Angelica pubescens to protect from what you already know; add coptus root and atractylodes, the notopterygium root soup will remove internal heat.” Li Yuan quickly took the atractylodes from her hands and prepared the prescription.

Xu Zhaodi also recorded it meticulously.

After she was done, she showed it to Shi Jin.

Shi Jin glanced at it.

“Yuanyuan, come and check.”

Li Yuanyuan took a serious look and confirmed that there were no more problems.

The three of them finished and handed over the answers.

After coming out, Shi Jin waved goodbye to them and left the school.

Xu Zhaodi adjusted her glasses and said in a low voice, “Why do I feel that, actually, Shi Jins grades are quite good”

“How bad can this years college entrance examinations top scorer be” Li Yuanyuan had always trusted Shi Jins ability.

“Dont worry, there wont be any problems with our exam.”

Xu Zhaodi lowered her head.

No one knew what she was thinking, but when she raised her head again, her eyes were filled with confidence and determination.

Shi Jin had originally planned to promote Liu Nings new movie, “Emergency Rescue” tonight.

In the movie, she provided some accompaniment music.

After getting into the car, she was about to send Liu Ning a WeChat message, when Liu Nings WeChat message arrived first.

“Shi Jin, go ahead and do what you need to do.

You dont have to worry about me.

Dont come to the publicity event tonight.”

“Why Didnt we agree” Shi Jin asked.

Liu Ning sent a photo over.

Shi Jin understood immediately.

The crew of Wen Yaoming and Wen Yongwei, who had previously poached the entire team to film “Todays Rescue,” also entered the promotional period these few days after filming wrapped up.

They had decided to fight for the New Years Day schedule.

Shi Jin had never been afraid of a direct confrontation with such people.

However, in the photo sent by Liu Ning, Chu Ling was standing beside Wen Yongwei, smiling at the reporters.

Behind him was the promotional banner of “Todays Rescue.”

Shi Jin couldnt be bothered with what Chu Ling was doing, but the truth was that he was promotingTodays Rescue.

Since he had gone to promote for the enemy, Shi Jin naturally did not want to do the same thing as him.

It would give others an opportunity to spread rumors.

Liu Ning thought so too.

“Alright, then you can do it yourself,” Shi Jin replied.

Shi Jin did a simple calculation.

It was almost time forTodays Rescue to go down.

No matter how hard they tried to promote the movie, they could never overcome the arrangements that fate had made for them, so there was no need for her to worry.

Without work, Shi Jin returned to Orchid Pavilion to rest.

The moment Shi Jin stepped into the villa, he received a WeChat message from Ji Hanxue.

“Little Jin, when are you going to record that song for me” Ji Hanxue asked.

“When are you free Ill make time.”

“Can we do it tomorrow at noon Bring Yan Chu along too.

Lets have a meal together before we start recording.”

Shi Jin opened Yao Jiahongs WeChat and confirmed her schedule for tomorrow before returning to Ji Hanxue.

“Okay, Director Ji.”

After making an appointment, she went to her room and found a basket that was convenient to store flower pots.

A few green sprouts began to sprout from the little flower pot she planted on the desk.

Shi Jin reached out and touched it.

The sprout trembled.

It seemed to be full of vitality.

She was watching intently when she felt a warm sensation on her waist.

She was embraced from behind.

“What is this” Fu Xiuyuan approached her ear and asked softly.

Shi Jin had always planted many flowers, but this pot received her special attention.

It even had the honor of staying on her desk.

“Its a type of flower, and its also a type of Chinese medicine.

Director Ji planted it when he was in Poland, but it was crushed during the earthquake.

I took a look and saw that the seed inside the stamen had already matured, so I planted it.

Look, isnt it growing very well”

“Very well indeed.” Fu Xiuyuan lowered his eyes to take a look.

With her taking such good care of it, it was hard for it to not grow well.

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