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Chapter 410: Wont Resist Too Much

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When Shi Jin walked up to her, Li Yuanyuan was looking down at the documents with a bitter expression.

Shi Jin placed her bag on the table.

“Sorry, theres someone sitting here,” Li Yuanyuan said casually.

When Shi Jin was at the door just now, she had heard her say this several times.

She tapped the table.

“I thought you said the seat was saved for me”

Li Yuanyuan immediately looked up and smiled.

“Shi Jin, youre here”

“Mm.” Shi Jin sat down.

Li Yuanyuan did not say much, but it could be seen that she was very happy.

She raised the book and said, “Look, I have a clear grasp of the medicinal herbs from before and can differentiate them all.


“Hm” Shi Jin looked at her.

“And yet, theres no use for it at all now.

All the classes weve been taking are foundation, foundation, foundation classes.

And theyre all theoretical.”

The girl in the front row turned around and said, “The most important thing is to build a good foundation.

If you dont want to continue with the basic classes, you can only go to the research class.

But the research class isnt something ordinary people can go to.”

“Whats the research class” Li Yuanyuan asked.

The girl in front was very knowledgeable.

“The research class is made up of the top students in every grade and every class.

They can learn from the director and vice director and personally study all kinds of medicinal herbs.

They can also get an internship opportunity and face the patients personally.

Compared to basic classes like ours, they can learn a lot.

However, there are usually more opportunities for third and fourth-year students to enter the research class.

Occasionally, some first-year students can enter, but there are too few examples.

After all, the foundation isnt enough.”

“Then how are we going to get in Is there an application” Li Yuanyuan asked curiously.

“There are exams every semester.

Those who are especially outstanding can enter.

Ordinary people shouldnt think about it.

They should just follow the basic courses and learn.”

Li Yuanyuan had learned from her grandfather and was good when it came to hands-on activities.

However, she was very weak when it came to basic theories.

When she heard that only the best could go to the research class, she was instantly discouraged.

Her theoretical knowledge was not good enough for her to go to the research class.

Shi Jin glanced at her and said, “Whats your WeChat”

“Ah Ah!” Realizing that Shi Jin wanted to add her on WeChat, Li Yuanyuan hurriedly took out her phone and handed it to her.


After Shi Jin added her WeChat, she sent her some basic medicinal information.

“See if theres anything you can use,” Shi Jin said after sending the message.

“Yes, I can use it!” Li Yuanyuan was well-educated after all.

One look at the information and she knew that these were all good stuff.

They were very helpful.

“Thank you, Shi Jin.”

“Work hard, lets test into the research class together.”

“Are you taking the exam too” Li Yuanyuan asked.

“Thats not what I meant.

I just know that youre quite busy.”

“I want to take the exam.” The reason why Shi Jin came to school today was because Ouyang Ping had informed her about the research class.

The research class could come into contact with many cases, and they could use what they learned to treat the patients, which was a rare opportunity.

Many of Shi Jins ideas had to be put into practice in order to perform better.

After class, she went to Ouyang Pings office.

“Have you seen the information I gave you last time” Ouyang Ping put down his teacup and asked.

“Im almost done.

So, Teacher Ouyang, when will the exam for the research class be held”

“Its still early.

We still have to wait for at least two months.

Let the first-year students adapt to the current courses first.”

A teacher next to him said, “Its rare for first-year students to enter the research class.

Most of them take the exam as practice.”

Ouyang Ping had the same thoughts.

At the very least, the outstanding seedlings would only be revealed when they were in their second year.

The reason why he told Shi Jin about this was because Shi Jin was a student that Principal Ling had specially arranged for him.

With the attitude of taking responsibility for Shi Jin, he had to inform her of everything that needed to be notified.

“Alright, I want to take the exam then,” Shi Jin said calmly.

“Alright, come over when the time comes.

If you need any information, let me know on WeChat.”

After Shi Jin left, the teacher sitting opposite Ouyang Ping said, “Vice Director, Shi Jin wants to come to the research class”

“Her grades are good.”

“No matter how good she is, she hasnt even attended school.

How good can she be” The teacher who spoke was Shi Jins form teacher, Teacher Cai.

Teacher Cai was strict, but he had never met a student like Shi Jin.

He was rather resentful about this.

Ouyang Ping smiled and said, “Teacher Cai, Shi Jins past grades cant prove anything, but at least it can prove that her learning ability is not a problem.”

“If there is anyone in Class Two who can go to the research class, the only one is Tian Xinjie.” Teacher Cai shook his head and said.

Ouyang Ping did not say anything else.

After Shi Jin received some information from the school, she didnt stay any longer.

She packed her things and left.

Back in the car, she received a folder from Li Yuanyuan.

[The Intellectual Compendium on Foundational Theory]

Shi Jin smiled.

She opened the folder and scanned through everything.

When the car stopped, Yao Jiahong walked up to her.

“Shi Jin, get ready to film the advertisement.

Lets go get your makeup done first.”

Shi Jin followed Yao Jiahong into the dressing room.

A staff member brought two bottles of red wine over.

“Shi Jin, Mr.

Yao, you can have a taste of our brands red wine to get a feel for the shoot.”

Yao Jiahong took it.

“Thank you.”

When the staff left, he did not open it.

Instead, he placed it aside and turned to make tea for Shi Jin.

“Has Jessie come over” Shi Jin asked.

Jessie was a female singer and actress who was going to shoot the advertisement with her today.

Her song, “Time Melts into Rain” was very popular, and one of the lines was: “The swaying red wine glass, your endless beauty.”

She had a good reputation, so Yao Jiahong agreed to let Shi Jin film the advertisement when he found out that it was a shoot with Jessie.

“I heard that she has an event, so shell be a little late, but shell do her hair and makeup.

When shes here, shell start shooting immediately,” Yao Jiahong said.

Shi Jin did not ask further.

After her makeup was done, she stood up and walked outside.

The production team and staff were already prepared and the person in charge of the red wine brand was also present.

It could be seen that everyone took this commercial shoot very seriously.

It was the end of the year and most of the sales of the last quarter were dependent on this advertisement.

After Shi Jin came out, the director smiled and said, “Wait a moment.

Your partner will be here soon.”

Outside the door, a black nanny van pulled over.

Chu Ling, who was dressed up and had his hair done, appeared.

Hu Lai caught up with him.

“Shi Jin is ready.

We can start filming soon.”

Chu Ling asked, “Does she know its me”

“Well… I didnt dare to tell them,” said Hu Lai.

Chu Ling smiled confidently.

“Even if she resisted, she wouldnt resist too much.”

He sincerely wanted to redeem himself.

He would definitely show her his sincerity.

Because of this, he didnt ask for any remuneration.

Instead, he hinted to the person who signed the contract to give all his remuneration to Shi Jin.

He had already done so much.

How could Shi Jin reject him Moreover, with his status, he was already lowering himself to the extreme to be a part of Shi Jins advertisement.

Shi Jin waited and heard someone shout, “Theyre here!”

She looked over, but did not see Jessie.

Instead, she saw Chu Ling and Hu Lai walking over.

Even the director and the person in charge of the red wine were stunned.

It was obvious that they did not expect it to be Chu Ling instead of Jessie.

Hu Lai said to everyone, “Sorry for making everyone wait.

Chu Ling can start filming now.”

The director said in surprise, “Wheres Jessie”

“What Jessie Is this the red wine advertisement Its always been signed by our Chu Ling.

Its with Shi Jin, isnt it” Hu Lai said with a smile.

Yao Jiahongs expression changed.

“How is that possible When I signed the contract, the partner was Jessie!”

If it wasnt because Jessie had a good reputation, Yao Jiahong wouldnt have signed the contract for Shi Jin.

Shi Jin was not someone who would accept any advertisement.

Hu Lai smiled.

“Mister Yao, are you mistaken Isnt Chu Ling more suitable than Jessie”

The person in charge was a little surprised when he heard this.

He remembered Chu Lings huge commercial value.

Although he had been involved in negative news before, he was still a top celebrity.

Even ten Jessies couldnt beat one Chu Ling.

Now that Chu Ling was willing to film with Shi Jin, the effect was definitely greater than filming with Jessie.

As for the contract and whatnot, the person in charge couldnt care less now that Chu Ling was here to film.

He immediately said, “Alright, lets start filming now.”

“Are you sure” Shi Jin turned to look at him.

The person in charge felt that this gaze was very oppressive, but since it was only Shi Jin, he braced himself and said, “Shi Jin, there are many benefits to filming with Chu Ling.

It will be good for all of us.”

Shi Jin scanned the entire venue.

The director and the person in charge were not aware of this beforehand.

The director still had his doubts, but the person in charge had completely accepted this reality.

Yao Jiahong was completely out of the picture.

Then this contract was most likely the doings of the assistant director who had been standing beside Chu Ling ever since he entered the room.

Hu Lai and Chu Ling probably felt that as long as they tricked her and under everyones collective pressure, she would compromise.

Shi Jin said to the person in charge, “I think that the problem now is not the filming, but the problem of figuring out why the contract went wrong.

It is not too late to film after we have figured out the contract.”

“Then we wont be able to make it in time!” The person in charge didnt want to miss the chance to film Chu Ling.

“Well talk about the contract later.”

After saying that, the person in charge deliberately ignored Shi Jins opinion and said to everyone, “Alright, if there are no objections, lets start filming.”

The end of the year was always the peak of red wine sales, and it was already October.

Advertisements had to be released early.

With Chu Ling and Shi Jin filming together, the person in charge could already foresee his bright future.

“How do you know that I have no objections” Shi Jin raised her eyebrows and asked.

She was already very patient, but the person in charge acted as if he did not understand human language and insisted on kissing up to Chu Ling.

“If you have any ideas, feel free to tell me!” The person in charge only wanted to confirm the matter as soon as possible.

Seeing that almost everyone was on his side, Chu Ling became even more confident.

Amidst everyones anticipation, he said affectionately, “Shi Jin, if you have any requests, I can cooperate with you.

No matter what you want, I will always think of ways to help you.

Even if its an impossible request, I will do my best.”

There was a gentleness in his voice, a certainty of passion.

And a generous surge of excitement.

When the others heard this, they understood that Chu Ling was here specifically for Shi Jin.

It turned out that the news that Shi Jin liked Chu Ling was just a joke.

The truth was that Chu Ling was pursuing Shi Jin.

Everyone was happy to achieve such a good thing, and the person in charge was even more excited.

If the two of them really succeeded and filmed this advertisement together, wouldnt his sales turn around

“Yes, Shi Jin, if you have anything, just say it.” The person in charge added fuel to the fire.

Seeing that Shi Jin had already made her decision, Yao Jiahong suppressed his emotions and quietly observed the situation.

Shi Jin looked at the person in charge lazily and said, “Firstly, when I signed the contract, I only knew that the person I was filming with was Jessie.

As for the other peoples names, I have never heard of them.

Secondly, I will not film with anyone other than Jessie.

I dont care who you are, but if you deceive me into coming here, I will not cooperate with your meaningless tricks.”

When the person in charge heard her words, his heart sank.

Then, he heard Shi Jin say, “Unless…”

Chu Ling and the person in charge perked up at her words.

Shi Jin stood tall in the crowd, exuding a charming aura.

When she spoke, her voice was very pleasant and everyone could not help but listen to her.

“Unless… Chu Ling, Ive told you many times that I dont want to have anything to do with you.

Now, can you satisfy any of my requests”

“Yes, Shi Jin.

Please give me a chance,” Chu Ling said in a low and sincere voice.

He looked at Shi Jin hopefully.

“I came up with this plan tonight because I hope to wait for another chance,” he said.

By doing so, he would try his best to pin all his hopes on Shi Jins feelings for him.

As long as she accepted this method and did not pursue the matter of the contract being faked, everything would lead to the best ending.

Shi Jins expression did not change.

Her expression was calm and her tone was as pleasant as before.

“My only request is for you to disappear from my sight and never appear again.

Thank you.”

Hu Lai, who had taken out her phone and was filming, quickly clicked to stop filming with her hand trembling.

Chu Lings expression changed.

He quickly tightened his grip on his necktie and could barely breathe.

Those who were cheering and waiting fell into a terrifying silence.

The person in charge was also a little annoyed.

“Shi Jin, whats so bad about shooting a commercial with Chu Ling Why are you so stubborn”

“I havent investigated the falsification of the contract and the issue of you accepting the fake contract.

Dont get involved in this.

When the lawyer sends the letter, he wont forget you.” Shi Jin looked at the person in charge and said coldly.

The person in charges expression turned ugly.

Shi Jin tilted her head and asked Yao Jiahong, “Have you filmed it”

The experienced Yao Jiahong waved his phone.

“The whole time.”

Not only did he record everything that had happened, but he also sent WeChat messages to the legal department and to Fu Xiuyuan.

The lawyers letter was probably in the process of being produced.

As for Fu Xiuyuan, he felt the need to let him know how Shi Jin treated Chu Ling.

Shi Jin had never wanted to bring her drama with Chu Ling to the public for scrutiny.

During these disputes between men and women, women would receive more criticism from the public.

She had long wanted to cut off all ties with Chu Ling.

This time, Chu Lings actions gave her a chance to let the world see what kind of person Chu Ling was.

If Chu Ling continued to pester her, she wouldnt mind posting the video.

Only tonights video could let everyone see the full picture of her and Chu Ling… Who was the desperate one

Chu Ling clenched his fists, refusing to believe that Shi Jin would be so heartless.

Hu Lai tugged at his arm.

“Chu Ling, why dont we go back first”

Chu Ling looked at Shi Jin unwillingly.

“Why Why wont you give me a chance”

She used to like him so much…

“Do you really think that everyone in the world is your mother Do we have to satisfy all your needs” Shi Jin retorted.

She had already walked out of that world, but he thought that everyone would be waiting for him.

What a joke.

After being humiliated, Chu Ling turned around and left.

Hu Lai hurriedly followed.

The assistant director was a little confused.

He turned around and met Shi Jins cold and murderous gaze.


When he was approached by Hu Lai previously, he had thought that he would be able to create a story.

It was impossible for Shi Jin not to agree to Chu Lings request.

Therefore, not only did he not feel burdened by lying to Yao Jiahong and Shi Jin with this fake contract, he even felt that he would definitely be able to rise through the ranks.

After all, who would reject an opportunity to shoot a commercial with Chu Ling

At that moment, he realized that he had made a huge mistake.

Shi Jins hatred for Chu Ling was indescribable.

The person in charge could tell that the fake contract was related to the assistant director.

Even he himself was kept in the dark by the assistant director.

He immediately said, “You used a fake contract to trick an artist and even lied to me, causing this situation.

Just wait for the lawyers letter!”

The assistant directors legs went weak and his eyes lost focus.

The person in charge turned around and said to Shi Jin, “Im sorry, Shi Jin.


Yao, I was negligent in this matter.

I apologize to you.

We will immediately invite Jessie over for the shoot.”

Seeing that Shi Jin and Chu Lings conflict was irreconcilable, he panicked as well.

The best solution now was to continue filming according to the original plan and ignore this little episode.

As for what Shi Jin had encountered and how she was feeling right now, that wasnt his main concern.

Shi Jin glanced at him.

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