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Chapter 41: Completely Ruined

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Deng Yufei and Cui Hang quickly got onto the stage.

Deng Yufei started singing and Cui Hang sang backup.

Everything was in perfect harmony.

Lots of fans posted thumbs up in the comments.

“Little Raindrop is incredible.

I heard she wrote the entire song!”

“She is a rare singer-songwriter talent!”

“I played her previous songs on a loop!”

“Im sure she will win this time! She has a real chance at taking over Little Roses position!”

“Little Rose is collaborating with Chu Ling, so she is a hot favorite.

If Little Raindrop wants to snatch Little Roses title, she still has some way to go!”

Just as everyone talked about Deng Yufeis performance excitedly, something went wrong with one of her transitions.

Although the audience was not professionals, their ears did not lie and they could plainly judge for themselves.

In the first half of the song, Deng Yufei and Cui Hang performed astoundingly.

However, the rest of the song lost its power after they made a mistake on a transition.

Since both halves of the song sounded poles apart and ended up sounding terrible, everyone looked at each other quizzically.

The teachers noticed something amiss as well.

Yu Guannan said softly to Chu Ling, “The transition Little Raindrop made was tricky.

If she managed to succeed, the second half of the song would have been even more impressive.”

Chu Ling also detected the problem.

“I already warned her about it.

Perhaps she didnt practice enough.”

He felt annoyed to see Deng Yufei perform so badly.

She wrote the song herself.

How could she not know where the tricky parts were

Deng Yufei and Cui Hang both looked upset when they came off the stage.

The entire second half of the song was ruined, but Cui Hang was not in the position to judge Deng Yufei since they did pretty well during rehearsals.

Some of the employees were Deng Yufeis fans, so they sighed, “Little Raindrop must have been too tired! Her singing and songwriting skills have always been good!”

Gu Qinghua felt even more anxious when she heard this while Shi Jin remained unmoved.

Shi Jin had seen this coming.

Deng Yufei was not a good songwriter to begin with.

She only made it this far into the program thanks to Shi Jins songs and Chu Lings support.

Even though Shi Jin had given her an amazing song, it was not an easy song to master.

If Deng Yufei wanted total control of her performance, she had to practice a lot before she went on stage.

There was barely enough time for the contestants to practice as it was.

Deng Yufei even got held up by Mr Wang dealing with her contract.

Hence, she did not practice enough.

So it was completely normal for her to botch the transition.

If she was capable of performing the transition well, then it was pure luck.

It was almost Shi Jin and Gu Qinghuas turn to go on stage.

She held Gu Qinghuas hand briefly and felt her damp palms.

They got changed and waited for their turn.

An employee suddenly ran over and said, “Little Stone, Little Peanut, something went wrong with the recording of the accompaniment.

Can you sing the other song Didnt you submit two songs for the show”

It was true that Shi Jin and Gu Qinghua had submitted two songs along with the accompaniment.

All the other teams did the same, but most teams would focus on one song and practice harder for it while they saved the extra song as a backup.

Up till now, none of the contestants ever had to use the backup song.

“Why is there a problem” asked Shi Jin.

They had chosen to perform Shi Jins song, so they had practiced it repeatedly.

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