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Chapter 408: The Harder They Worked, The More They Lost

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However, just because he was a strong competitor doesnt mean its enough to crush him.

Based on Shi Jins feelings for him for so many years, as long as he found an opportunity to get along with her again, it was inevitable that she would regain her feelings.

That man was just temporary.

If he had paid more attention, he would have realized that when he gave Shi Jin the flowers, when Fu Xiuyuan was dancing with Shi Jin, none of the videos or pictures appeared on any social media.

It was all that mans doing.

Unfortunately, he had always been too confident.

“Since we cant contact Shi Jin, well book a flight back with her.

Well go back whenever she goes back!”

Hu Lai immediately checked Shi Jins flight information.


At the entrance of the villa, a luxury car stopped.

The people in the car got down and went forward to help Fu Xiuyuan and Shi Jin, putting their luggage into the trunk.

Yao Jiahong was negotiating with Ji Hanxue about the villa.

Ji Hanxue would only leave after two days because he had to film the scenes that he didnt get to film.

After settling things, Yao Jiahong rushed over and got into the car with Fu Xiuyuan and Shi Jin.

The car headed straight for the airport.

“Shi Jin, Master Fu, I heard that Chu Ling is checking Shi Jins flight information,” said Yao Jiahong.

“Hes planning to buy a ticket with Shi Jin.”

Fu Xiuyuan, who normally exploded when he heard Chu Lings name, said calmly, “Let him investigate.”

After he finished speaking, he lowered his eyes to look at Shi Jin, who was replying to messages with her head lowered.

Shi Jin was even calmer than him.

The reaction caused by the nameChu Ling was not even as strong as the reaction caused by a gust of wind.

Yao Jiahong looked out of the window, amused.

Fu Xiuyuans car drove straight to the airport and towards the tarmac.

The car stopped and someone came forward to help open the door and take the luggage.

The cabin door of the plane opened when their car drove over, and the long ladder was lowered to Fu Xiuyuan and Shi Jins feet.

Fu Xiuyuan glanced at Shi Jin and reached out to hold her hand, bringing her to board the plane.

When Yao Jiahong was about to board the plane, he looked back.

This time, Shi Jin and Fu Xiuyuan were on a private plane.

It would be strange if Chu Ling could find any flight information.

Because they were on a private plane, the travel time was obviously shorter.

So when the plane arrived in Country S, they did not alert any fans and silently returned to Orchid Pavilion.


Meanwhile, in Warsaw, Chu Ling was still waiting for an opportunity to return home on the same flight as Shi Jin.

Two days later, Chu Ling, who was still in Warsaw, saw Shi Jin participating in an event in Country S.

Shi Jin seemed to be in a very good state.

She did not seem tired after taking the plane at all.

In front of the reporters, she was able to deal with them with ease and smile.

“Shes already gone back!” Chu Ling had waited here bitterly for a few days for this result

“I really didnt find any information on her flight,” Hu Lai quickly explained.

Chu Ling slammed the table.

“Return home immediately!”

When Shi Jin went on stage this time, there were so many fans that they exploded.

After returning with the title of the double champion, even the most picky haters were silent.

They did not jump out to make any grand statements.

After the event, Shi Jin returned backstage to remove her makeup.

She did not use the makeup artist.

Instead, she poured some makeup remover on the cotton pad and began removing her eye makeup in front of the mirror.

Yao Jiahong picked up a call and was a little surprised.

“Manager Wang”

He sounded amused.

A sense of satisfaction from face-slapping arose in him.

This was the benefit of working with Shi Jin.

It was a feeling that was hard to experience even when he managed A-list celebrities.

Manager Wang heard that the executives of Thousand Fortune Jewelry were furious.

He had been having a hard time recently.

If his father wasnt one of the shareholders, he would have been fired countless times.

Shi Jins eye makeup was almost completely removed.

When she heard that it was Manager Wang calling, she made a gesture.

Yao Jiahong understood and immediately turned on the speaker.

Manager Wangs voice was heard.


Yao, no, Brother Yao, can we talk about the collaboration with Shi Jin again I can give you double, no, quadruple the remuneration.

Please, Shi Jin, help us shoot this advertisement urgently.

Brother Yao, if you have any requests with Shi Jin, please feel free to ask! We can satisfy all of them!”

With Shi Xuexins downfall, Thousand Fortune Jewelry faced its biggest crisis since its opening.

When Shi Xuexin had gone to Warsaw, Thousand Fortune Jewelry had used the largest billboards and the most resources to promote it.

They had only hoped for a win-win situation.

However, the harder they worked, the more they lost, and the worse the outcome became.

Thousand Fortune Jewelry had no choice.

The unanimous decision from the internal department and the proposal from the public relations company were to quickly replace Shi Xuexin and use Shi Jin immediately.

Only then would they be able to recover their reputation as much as possible.

No one was willing to take on this hot potato, so the matter was still placed on Manager Wangs head.

On the other end of the phone, he pleaded, “Brother Yao, please help me on account that we are all friends…”

Yao Jiahong sneered.

“You guys are trying to salvage the situation.

Have you thought about the problem of Shi Jins reputation”

“Therefore, I will try my best to fulfill any conditions you propose.”

Yao Jiahong was about to mock him when Shi Jin said calmly, “Manager Wang, find some time and come to the company to talk.”

“Okay, okay, okay!” Manager Wang seemed to have been granted amnesty when he heard Shi Jins voice.

“Thank you so much! Miss Shi, when are you free”

“Come to Supreme Entertainment tomorrow at nine in the morning.” Shi Jins lips curled up slightly, and there was no hint of unhappiness in her voice.

Yao Jiahong put down the phone and said, “Dont you have plans for tomorrow…”

As soon as he finished speaking, he reacted and laughed.


After Manager Wang hung up the phone, he wiped the sweat off his forehead and said to his secretary, “Theres a chance.

Prepare a generous gift.

It must be expensive!”

The next day, Manager Wang arrived at Supreme Entertainment at nine oclock as promised.

He brought along his secretary and expensive gifts, full of hope.

He was arranged to wait in the living room of the companys lobby.

At that moment, Shi Jin was arranging the music for her new song and chatting with the producer about the song.

Yao Jiahong was handling her work contract.

Clearly, the double championship had not only brought her endless fame, but also various invitations and contracts.

No one cared how long Manager Wang had been waiting there.

Shi Jin only finished editing the arrangement in the afternoon.

She looked a little tired and Yao Jiahong immediately asked Xiao Li to send her back to rest.

She put on her cap and mask and left the company.

Manager Wang waited until past four in the afternoon before he saw Yao Jiahong.

He was afraid that he would miss the opportunity, so he didnt even dare to go out for lunch.

He only ate some bread bought by his secretary to fill his stomach.

He and his secretary walked into Yao Jiahongs office.

He was about to take out the gift he had prepared when he saw an expensive diamond necklace on Yao Jiahongs desk.

He couldnt see the brand, but with Manager Wangs eyesight, he could tell that it was definitely top-notch.

“Brother Yao.” Manager Wang quickly greeted him.

“Im here to talk to you about Shi Jin…”

“Oh, youre talking about endorsements for jewelry, right Can your companys jewelry compare to this If its possible, we can sign the contract.” Yao Jiahong had a business-like attitude.

Manager Wang “…”

Yao Jiahongs current attitude was exactly the same as his attitude towards Yao Jiahong and Shi Jin last time.

Back then, he had already verbally agreed to sign the contract.

Both parties had seen the initial contract, and they only needed the legal department to confirm it.

,,He had been attracted by Shi Baozhis reputation and broke his promise…

“You cant” Yao Jiahong looked up at him from the document.

“Then theres no other way.

Manager Wang, we can only choose the most suitable one.”

When Manager Wang came out of Yao Jiahongs office, his face turned pale.

Yao Jiahong closed the door and sent a WeChat message to Shi Jin.

“I met with Manager Wang.

Super satisfying!”

“As long as you are satisfied,” Shi Jin replied simply.

Since Yao Jiahong was her chosen manager, she definitely couldnt let the people around her suffer.

She had to get back what she had suffered.

In the blink of an eye, it was time for Shi Jin to go to school.

Shi Jin arrived on time for the first day.

Ling Yida specially came to pick her up and accompanied her to her class.

“Youre majoring in traditional Chinese medicine.

Traditional Chinese medicine is easy to learn, but hard to master.

It takes time and effort to master.

If you encounter any difficulties, feel free to come to me.” Ling Yida was very concerned about Shi Jin.

He cherished the fact that a top scholar had come to his school.

Shi Jin nodded.

“I will, Principal Ling.”

“If you want to change majors, there are actually many subjects that are suitable for you, such as combining Chinese and Western medicine, modern Chinese medicine, and so on.”

“Ive already thought about it.

Principal Ling, I want to learn ancient Chinese medicine.”

Ling Yida shook his head, still reluctant.

However, he had said most of what he needed to say.

He believed that Shi Jin had her own judgment, so he kept quiet.

The class that Shi Jin came to was Class Two of the ancient Chinese medicine school.

There were specialized teachers in class, but Principal Ling had already handed her over to Vice Director Ouyang Ping to guide her.

When they arrived at the classroom, Shi Jin realized that ancient Chinese medicine was indeed an unpopular field.

Even in the oldest Chinese medicine university in Country S, there were only two classes in ancient Chinese medicine.

There were less than thirty people in each class.

It couldnt compare to modern Chinese medicine, combining Chinese and Western medicine, and various other specializations.

“Traditional Chinese Medicine relies entirely on inheritance.

They use the most ancient methods, unlike modern traditional Chinese medicine, which has long been used with various advanced instruments, and the medicines they use are also manufactured.” Shi Jin recalled what Ouyang Ping had said previously.

No wonder there were so few people.

In todays society, the concept of using precise inspection equipment and finished products to treat illnesses had long been deeply ingrained in peoples hearts.

The art of ancient Chinese medicine only existed in novels.

Even students who were interested in medicine started to doubt the mysterious and difficult ancient Chinese medicine.

When Shi Jin appeared in the classroom, it caused a small commotion.

Although many people knew that she applied for this school, they never thought that they would be in the same class as her.

Shi Jin found a seat and sat down.

The round-faced girl who had been looking at her since she came in suddenly became excited.

“Hello, Shi Jin, weve become deskmates! My name is Li Yuanyuan.”

“Hello.” Shi Jin saw that she had indeed become her deskmate.

Out of courtesy, she greeted her.

Shi Jin had always been cold on the outside.

After Li Yuanyuan greeted her, she did not dare to disturb her anymore.

She took out her own medicinal herbs to divide.

After taking them out, her face instantly became bitter.

Before she left, she had already written down the names of the medicinal herbs.

However, when the papers were mixed together, some of the medicinal herbs that looked very similar could not be differentiated.

“Ah! Oh no, my medicine…” Li Yuanyuan pulled her hair and frowned.

Shi Jin turned to look at her.

“Sorry, did I disturb you” she asked.

Shi Jin shook her head.

“What happened to your medicine”

“These are all Chinese medicine ingredients.

When I came, I wrote down the names of these ingredients, but the papers were mixed up.” Li Yuanyuan fiddled with the medicinal ingredients.

Some of them looked extremely similar and were already mixed together.

The teacher came in and started the lesson.

Li Yuanyuan had no choice, but to pack all the herbs together and put them on the table.

After class, she opened the bag with a bitter expression, but she could not tell the difference.

“This is angelica root, this is notopterygium root.” Shi Jin reached out and separated her herbs.

“Eleuthero root, Chinese silkvine root-bark, muskroot-like semiaquilegia root and nut grass.”

As she spoke, she distributed the herbs.

These herbs looked very similar to each other.

Even a professional Chinese doctor wouldnt dare to make a complete judgment on them.

Li Yuanyuan looked at Shi Jin in surprise.

Even if she liked Chinese medicine, she didnt have the time to differentiate the herbs, right

“The rest are pretty different from each other.

You can organize it yourself, right”

“Yes.” Li Yuanyuan looked at Shi Jins side profile.

She put on her earbuds and seemed to be listening to something.

When it was time for the next class, Li Yuanyuan saw that she had taken off her earbuds and said softly, “Thank you.”

“Youre welcome.”

Li Yuanyuan realized that Shi Jin was not as difficult to interact with as the rumors said.

She spoke a lot more.

“Im so excited.

Class is starting today.

Are you ready”

“Do you need to make any preparations” Shi Jin asked.

“Not really, but I heard from my grandfather that there are fewer and fewer people learning ancient Chinese medicine.

I learned it because my grandfather is an old Chinese doctor, but today is the medicinal herbs class.

Look, didnt I bring some common herbs over just now”

Sure enough, there were others who brought medicinal herbs over.

Li Yuanyuan said, “Do you live on campus I dont think I saw you at the dormitory building.”

“I dont live on campus.”

“No wonder.

When I moved in last night, I heard a lot of people say that there were only two reasons people chose this major.

Either our family is already in this line of work, or because the score requirements for this major were the lowest and this major was the easiest to get into.There are basically no other exceptions.

What about you”

After Li Yuanyuan finished speaking, she suddenly recalled Shi Jins status as the top scorer of the college entrance examination and her ability to distinguish herbs earlier.

She stuck out her tongue.

“You must have chosen this because you like it, right”

“Youre right.” Shi Jin nodded.

Li Yuanyuan looked at her enviously.

“Im so envious of you for having your own ideals.

Anyway, I dont know what to do.

Ive watched Grandpa treat patients since I was young, so I chose this major.”

“Work hard.

You can also treat this major as your dream.”

Li Yuanyuan did not know why, but she suddenly felt that her major was not so useless anymore.

Shi Jin did not attend classes for long.

After the morning classes ended, she went to Ouyang Ping and asked for leave.

“Teacher Ouyang, Ive been rather busy recently so I wont be coming over.

I want you to approve a leave.”

“Youre not coming anymore” Ouyang Ping was a little regretful.

“Some basic courses are still very important.

If you dont build a good foundation in your first year, it will be very difficult to learn in the future.”

“I will find time to read more books,” Shi Jin replied.

Ouyang Ping handed a stack of books to her.

“Well, these are the documents that I found for you previously.

I was just about to pass them to you.

Since youre not here for this period of time, you should keep these books and read them properly.

Although the ancient traditional Chinese medicine major is an unpopular one, there are still many areas that can be studied.”

Seeing that there were many books, he said, “Wait a moment.

Ill get your senior to send you off.

Liangjing, come over for a minute.”

A young man walked over with a calm expression.

Even when he saw Shi Jin, he didnt show much emotion.

“Shi Jin has a lot of books.

Go and send her off,” said Ouyang Ping.

Then, he said to Shi Jin, “Li Liangjing, third year, a student in the research class, your senior.”

“Hello, Senior Li.” Shi Jin carried a stack of books.

Li Liangjing greeted her and picked the second stack up.

After sending Shi Jin to the nanny van, Li Liangjing glanced at her.

“Arent you going to class”

“I dont have time for this month.”

“If you dont have a good foundation, it will be harder to learn later,” Li Liangjing reminded.

“So Teacher Ouyang gave me these books.” Shi Jin smiled.

Li Liangjing said, “Can I add your contact number”

Shi Jin took out her phone and let him scan WeChat, then, she bade him goodbye and got into the car.

Li Liangjing watched as her car drove away and shook his head secretly.

It was not easy to achieve results by studying ancient Chinese medicine.

After Shi Jin got into the car, she added Li Liangjing on WeChat.

A moment later, she received the basic information and notes on ancient Chinese medicine that he sent.

“These are all notes from my first year of university.

See if theres anything useful,” Li Liangjing sent a message.

Shi Jin took a look and saw that the notes were full of basic information.

However, what was rare was that he had collected some very unorthodox knowledge.

As a supplement to basic knowledge, it was still useful.

“Thank you, Senior.”

After Shi Jin responded, she closed her eyes to rest.

When the car arrived, Xiao Li gently knocked on the car window.

“Shi Jin, were here.”

Shi Jin took off her eye mask, opened her eyes and got out of the car.

“Shi Jin.”

The moment she got out of the car, Zhou Xu approached her.

Shi Jin walked towards Zhou Xu.

“Mr Zhou, I have troubled you to come over again.”

“Dont say that.

Im also very interested in this.

Im very happy that you can invite me..” Zhou Xu smiled and said, “You said that there are flowers here.

Where are they”

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