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Chapter 407: Smashing the Flowers On Chu Lings Face

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Slowly, Shi Jin reached out to Chu Lings flowers.

At that moment, Yao Jiahong arrived.

He said, “I thank you on behalf of Shi Jin…”

He reached out to take the roses.

He had also considered that it would not be good to spread the scandal abroad, so he decided to settle the matter first.

If he was the one who took the flowers, it naturally wouldnt be tied to Shi Jin.

Before his hand could touch the roses, a familiar low voice sounded.

“Are you celebrating for Shi Jin As a fellow countryman, I also want to celebrate for Shi Jin.”

It wasnt loud, but everyones attention was drawn to it.

All eyes were on the speaker.

Everyone saw a tall figure appear in front of them.

Under the dim lights, his defined and handsome features were outlined with a strong aura.

The crowd involuntarily parted to give him a path.

No one knew who he was, but no one could ignore his aura.

He walked towards Chu Ling and Shi Jin.

Chu Ling recognized him.

He was the man who sang the birthday song for Shi Jin.

However, after searching through all his memories, he could not find a name that matched this mans identity in the capital.

Shi Jin retracted her hand.

Fu Xiuyuans arrival stopped her from throwing the flowers at Chu Lings face.

Yes, Chu Lings face was temporarily preserved.

“Everyone, as a citizen of Country S, Shi Jin has received an award.

As a fellow countryman, I would like to celebrate for Shi Jin like this fellow countryman.” This time, he spoke Polish.

Everyone and the reporters had heard clearly that the man holding the flowers wanted to celebrate Shi Jin because they were from the same country.

It was the same for this person.

Therefore, it wasnt a romantic confession.

Even if Shi Jin accepted the flowers, it didnt mean anything.

However, the staff were still a little confused.

This was a situation that they had rehearsed many times… Why did it suddenly change

Fu Xiuyuan walked up to Shi Jin and handed her a bouquet of flowers.

“Will you dance with me”

The coldness on Shi Jins face faded, and her eyes reflected the light of the colored lights.

She watched as the man handed her the flowers and placed his well-defined palm in front of her, making an inviting gesture.

The dance music was still going on, and so was the lively atmosphere.

What happened before seemed like a joke.

And with his arrival, it became romantic and celebratory.

She reached out to take Fu Xiuyuans flowers, held it to her nose and sniffed it before turning to hand it to Yao Jiahong.

“Brother Yao, please help me keep it.”

Turning around, Shi Jin reached out and placed her hand in Fu Xiuyuans palm.

From the moment he arrived, her gaze was on him.

She did not even look at Chu Ling from the corner of her eyes.

Chu Lings hand, which was holding the flowers, remained frozen in midair until now.

Following Fu Xiuyuans actions, Shi Jin entered the dance floor.

The music was reaching its climax.

As soon as they entered the dance floor, they caught up with the rhythm.

They spun their bodies, stepped forward, and joined the music.

It was hard to imagine this was their first dance.

They were well-coordinated and seemed to have practiced each move many times.

Fu Xiuyuan placed his palm on her waist, his gaze deepening.

He had never thought that his dance with Shi Jin would be so intimate…


Shi Jin looked at him, her slightly raised eyebrows revealing her flirtatious and affectionate eyes.

“Why are you here” She remembered his important contract was still in the tense discussion stage before she left.

“I missed you.” He wanted to be by her side when she received the award.

He was just in time to witness her win the Chopin Award before rushing to the venue of the Ivy League award ceremony.

To accompany her at every important moment of her life.


Shi Jin placed her hand on his shoulder.

She did not shy away from the intimacy at this moment.

Under the cameras of the reporters, she was also natural and unrestrained, her eyes filled with deep affection.

Fu Xiuyuan suddenly lowered his head and leaned closer to her earlobe.

“Dont look at me like that.

Im afraid I wont be able to resist kissing you.”

“I dont mind.” Shi Jin chuckled and curled her fingers around his shoulders.

Fu Xiuyuan tightened his grip on her waist and pulled her closer to him.

He restrained the urge to kiss her.

He didnt want to lose his cool in front of the reporters cameras and put her in a situation where more people were talking about her.

He lowered his voice and complained, “Just now, you almost took someone elses flowers…”

“You got here a little too early,” Shi Jin whispered.

When his body stiffened slightly, she continued, “Otherwise, I wouldve used his flowers to smash his face.”

Fu Xiuyuan imagined that scene and couldnt help but laugh.

He seemed to have forgotten that she was a wild cat.

In front of him, she was as gentle as a harmless little bunny, but towards others, she had never been stingy with showing her claws.

“I did get here too early.” Fu Xiuyuans voice was full of regret.


Fu,” Shi Jin called him softly.

Fu Xiuyuan lifted his head.

Shi Jin tiptoed lightly.

It appeared as if she raised her head and her lips accidentally touched his chin.

Only Fu Xiuyuan knew that she did it on purpose.

His breathing paused for a moment, and the music once again entered a new climax.

His chest was surging with some sort of emotion, bringing Shi Jin along to keep up with the rhythm.

Because of the dance, the two of them were even closer.

Fingers intertwined, knuckles intertwined, hooked, fingers locked, then parted again because of the dance.

They clasped hands again, rubbing and tangling together.

As the music became more intense, Shi Jins breathing became heavier.

Poles love romantic and sexy music.

Fu Xiuyuan and Shi Jin started the dance and the others joined in, turning the place into a dance floor.

As the crowd increased, even the staff could not help swaying.

Chu Ling held his flowers and was pushed to the periphery.

Yao Jiahong reached out to protect the flowers in his arms and retreated.

The reporters also smiled kindly.

The venue became a real dance floor.

Everyone followed the music and hugged each other to their hearts content as they danced.

In the darkness, no one noticed that Fu Xiuyuan had brought Shi Jin away from the dance floor.

In an empty corner, he pressed her against the wall and kissed her lips.

The beat of the music was still playing and he followed it, kissing her and wanting her.

His well-defined fingers wrapped around her slender fingers and climbed up the gaps between them.

He held them tightly and sealed them with a kiss, forcing her voice back into her mouth.

The duet produced a soul-stirring yet passionate dance tune.


After Shi Xuexin walked out of the award ceremony, there was still some liveliness outside, but everything had nothing to do with her anymore.

She came back to her senses and ran towards the hotel.

Shi Baozhi was pulling her luggage out.

“Auntie!” Shi Xuexin rushed towards her.

Chu Ling ignored her.

If Shi Baozhi gave up on her, she would have nothing left.

Shi Baozhi looked at her coldly and continued walking out.

“Auntie, let me explain.

I really never plagiarized Shi Jins things… I found those things at home.

They werent Shi Jins at all…”

Shi Baozhi had a complicated look in her eyes as she said, “Go find Hu Lai.

Im going back now.”

She still had many things to settle, so she was not in the mood to waste time with Shi Xuexin.

Shi Xuexin slumped to the ground.

Shi Baozhis phone rang and she picked it up immediately.

“Is there a problem Did Sheng Tian agree to learn from me”

Her reputation had been completely wasted by Shi Xuexin, and her status had plummeted.

She had to find a student with excellent results as soon as possible to reverse the situation.

And Sheng Tian was the best choice.

He was the contestant closest to the grand prize.

All he lacked was opportunity.

The other party said something, and Shi Baozhi asked, “Previously, he took the initiative to contact me.

Its obvious that he doesnt have a teacher.”

Following that, Shi Baozhi raised her voice.

“What He rejected me”

Shi Baozhi took the phone and got into the taxi.

She could not understand why Sheng Tian would reject her.

After she hung up, Manager Wang called.

“Teacher Shi, I have something to discuss with you!”

“What is it”

“The stock price of Thousand Fortune Jewelry has dropped by more than ten points! Teacher Shi, why are you scamming me like this” Manager Wangs voice came from the other end.

Shi Baozhi hung up the phone and pinched her aching eyebrows.

When Hu Lai returned with the documents, she saw Shi Xuexin still sitting on the ground.

People passing by would occasionally look at her with disdain.

Actually, a lot of people could not tell the difference between Asian faces and could not tell that it was her.

However, her princess dress was too eye-catching.

Many people remembered that she was wearing this dress.

“Sister Lai!” Shi Xuexin seemed to have found a straw to clutch at.

“Brother Chu Ling refused to answer my calls.

Hes angry.

What should I do, Sister Lai”

Hu Lai stared at her.

“Isnt that normal”

Shi Xuexin cried, “Please help me.

Im sure you can help me, Sister Lai.

You can help me suppress the public opinion and turn the situation around, just like how you were Brother Chu Ling back then…”

“Dont spout nonsense.

Chu Ling didnt plagiarize.

The person who plagiarized was Deng Yufei.

Thats how he got out of his predicament.

Besides, how can you compare to his fan base” Hu Lai waved the lawyers letter in his hand.

“Shi Jin and Supreme Entertainment have already sent the lawyers letter over.

Youre on your own now!”

Hu Lai pushed her hand away.

“By the way, prepare the compensation when you get back.

Your 200,000 CDs…”

Not only would Shi Xuexin have to compensate, Hu Lai would also be held accountable by the company.

She was the one who convinced the company to prepare 200,000 soundtracks in advance.

She was prepared to reap a huge profit when Shi Xuexin became the champion.


Just paying for the 200,000 copies of the CDs would leave her with nothing, but her underwear, and they had to compensate Shi Jin as well.

Now that she was in a terrible fix, how could she have the time to care about Shi Xuexin


Shi Jin and Fu Xiuyuan went back to the villa together.

Yao Jiahong opened the door for them with a dark expression.

“Shi Jin, do you know that its dangerous to leave your managers sight in a foreign country…”

Before he could finish speaking, he met Fu Xiuyuans cold gaze.

Yao Jiahong swallowed the rest of his words and moved aside to welcome them in.

Shi Jin leaned on Fu Xiuyuans arm and smiled.

“I feel like Im standing at the top of the food chain now.”

Yao Jiahong, who was at the bottom of the food chain, sighed silently and said faintly, “Director Ji asked for you just now, do you want to go down”

“Later,” Shi Jin said.

She met Fu Xiuyuans probing gaze and said, “Its the director I told you about.

Hes staying with us.

He might be looking for me for something.

Ill go take a look.”

“Go ahead.” Fu Xiuyuan did not refuse.

After taking a shower, Shi Jin changed out of the long dress that had been crumpled by Fu Xiuyuan before heading downstairs.

Ji Hanxue was reading the script when he looked up and saw her.

He called her over.

“Shi Jin, Id like to invite you to play the mother-son xun with me to use in my movie.

See if youre interested.”

“Was it the score from that day”

“Yes, and theres another song.

Take a look,” Ji Hanxue said.

“Congratulations to you for winning the award today, the double champion.”

“Thank you.” Shi Jin took the score and looked at it for a while.

It was another song.

It seemed grand and majestic and had a strong foundation.

She liked music to begin with, so she immediately said, “Alright, Ill take this.”

“Ill get someone to send you the contract.”

“Just get them to give it to Brother Yao another day,” said Shi Jin.

“Are you alright today I heard that theres a popular celebrity here to send you flowers.” Ji Hanxue was also very concerned about her award ceremony, but because he didnt book tickets in advance, he couldnt enter the venue.

Even Ji Hanxue knew about this matter.

It could be seen that Chu Ling had caused a huge ruckus.

Fortunately, Fu Xiuyuan had come over tonight.

Otherwise, even though Shi Jin could have handled the matter well, it would have caused an uproar.

Shi Jin smiled.

“Its already settled.”

“You have no idea.

After Yan Chu heard about it, he wanted to come over to help.

Ask him.”

Yan Chu strode towards them and smiled.

“I was too late.

When I arrived, you were already gone.”

Shi Jin appreciated their kindness and thanked them with a smile.

“If Id been in time, it might have been me dancing with you.”


Yan, dont push me towards the fire.” Shi Jin knew that Yan Chu was a male god in S Country.

He had works that were highly acclaimed and had a lot of fans.

No matter what level of female artiste she was, if she took the initiative in front of him, it would look like she was taking advantage of his popularity..

Yan Chu smiled.

“I dont have that honor yet.

Ill invite you to dance with me next time…”

Before he could finish speaking, he saw a man walking down from the second floor and walking straight to Shi Jins side.

As the national idol, Yan Chus aura couldnt be underestimated.

In front of him, everyone else paled in comparison, but when he saw the man walking towards him, Yan Chu felt a sense of pressure.

Under Ji Hanxue and Yan Chus gaze, Fu Xiuyuan calmly draped a coat over Shi Jins shoulders before nodding and asking, “I believe these two must be Director Ji and Mr.


Ji Hanxue and Yan Chu didnt need to smile in front of the investors.

They had also seen all kinds of big shots, but in front of Fu Xiuyuan, they didnt dare to underestimate him.

They exchanged greetings and Shi Jin introduced, “Fu Xiuyuan, my husband.”

Ji Hanxue and Yan Chus mouths were slightly agape, though it wasnt a rare thing to get married in the entertainment industry.

When they thought about how Shi Jin was only twenty years old, they were indeed surprised.

The two of them searched through their minds, but did not find the surname Fu among the rich and famous in the capital.

However, they did not dare to underestimate this man in front of them.

“Youre actually married Congratulations.” Ji Hanxue spoke first.

“Thank you,” Fu Xiuyuan replied politely.

Fu Xiuyuan didnt expect Shi Jin to reveal his identity to the two people in front of him.

He had expected her to say something, but never expected this answer.

The moment these words were said, Fu Xiuyuans eyes became visibly warm and gentle, like a spring breeze.

Ji Hanxue and Yan Chu could read his expression and couldnt help but click their tongues in wonder.

After Fu Xiuyuan and Shi Jin bade them goodbye, they headed upstairs.

Yan Chu shook his head in surprise.

“Getting married at such a young age.”

“To be able to find a suitable person, does it matter when you get married” Ji Hanxue did not feel that it was a pity.


When they went upstairs, Fu Xiuyuans footsteps were steady and his expression steady.

When they reached the room upstairs, Shi Jin and he entered the room one after another.

He closed the door and pulled Shi Jin back into his embrace.

“What…” Before Shi Jin could finish speaking, she was pressed against the door.

He looked down at her fair face and whispered, “I like what happened just now.”

“What” Shi Jins eyes lit up.

Fu Xiuyuan lowered his head and kissed her.

When she had just said the words “my husband,” he could not help, but want to kiss her.

He pretended to be calm and returned to the room before he removed all his pretense.

Before Shi Jin succumbed, she thought, how could someone who was cold and aloof in front of others be so different behind the door However, Mr.

Fu in his messy suit was really too charming…


“Still no news” Chu Ling asked.

“Shi Jin lives in the villa and refuses to answer my calls.

I cant contact her or Yao Jiahong,” Hu Lai said softly.

Chu Ling tugged at his tie in frustration.

At that time, Shi Jin was dancing with that man and had disappeared, leaving him hanging on the spot.

He was not angry.

Instead, he was worried about Shi Jins safety.

It was only then that he realized that he had long been biased towards Shi Jin.

He had long regretted pushing her aside.

“Ill keep trying,” said Hu Lai.

She realized this clearly now.

It was a good thing that Chu Ling liked Shi Jin.

If the two of them were to be together, it would be a strong alliance.

Shi Jin would be able to bring more things to Chu Ling.

Hu Lai was still unable to contact anyone.

She only asked, “Chu Ling, have you considered that Shi Jin has really fallen for that man”

“Impossible!” Chu Ling said firmly.

That man

He admitted that the man was not to be underestimated..

He was a strong competitor.

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