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Chapter 406: Forcefully Slapping Face

Shi Jin ignored her hateful gaze and said to Ramos, “Mr.

Ramos, you wanted to ask me how this piano piece was composed, right”

She spoke in Polish and was fluent.

There was no need for translation and everyone present could understand her.

“Thats right.

Previously, I gave Shi Xuexin that score instead of full marks because I felt that her song sounded a little out of place.

The emotions she expressed were very different from what she said.

Of course, the other judges also noticed this problem.

However, since this competition was meant to encourage young people to compose classical piano music, they were not too strict.”

Ramos briefly explained to everyone why he had given Shi Xuexin a score of 9.9.

It was only then that everyone recalled that Ramos had been frowning ever since Shi Xuexin finished her performance.

He seemed unhappy, but also puzzled.

It was also him who had asked Shi Xuexin several questions.

Ramos continued, “However, after listening to your performance, this sense of dissonance disappeared, and the emotions were no longer severed.

However, Shi Jin, you also know that your performance is very similar to Shixues, so we were unable to give you a score back then.

This requires you to prove that this is your original composition.

However, I believe the situation is already very clear.”

It was very clear.

Shi Xuexins face was pale as she stood by the side, pinching her palms.

She had nothing to say.

Shi Jin maintained her usual expression, just like when she came in.

She held the microphone and said confidently, “Everyone knows that Beethovens original composition of Ode to Joy was a melody composed by a German poet with the same name.

The original poem was Schiller, and Beethovens melody was magnificent.

Although it was called Ode to Joy, in reality, it was majestic and magnificent.

Beethoven himself was Schillers loyal admirer.

This Ode to Joy was also one of Beethovens favorite poems.

The desire for freedom and equality of life expressed by Schiller in the poem was actually Beethovens ideal of peace.”

Everyone nodded in agreement.

“Therefore, my Ode to Music is actually a tribute to Beethovens Ode of Joy.

However, because I was still young when I composed it, I could only compose a light and cheerful tune.

I have yet to grasp the majestic mood.”

This was true.

When Shi Jin composed these piano pieces, she was only twelve years old.

It was the darkest period of her life and she was still young.

Hence, the overall tune was more cheerful and simple, but she hid her bitterness in the opposite play of the tune.

Later on, her score ended up at home.

She did not pay much attention to it and did not even think about what to do with it.

Who knew that Shi Xuexin would pick up these manuscripts After she picked them up, she did not know what kind of variations Shi Jin had hidden in these songs, and the manuscripts were written so carelessly.

She had no choice, but to copy them all down and make up for the parts that were not smooth.

Therefore, when Shi Jin played, whether it was playing along or backwards, it was very natural and relaxed.

As for Shi Xuexin, after two years of repair, filling, and adaptation, she had indeed made up for all the parts that were not smooth previously.

Coupled with Shi Jins original overall tone, many people thought highly of her.

However, Ramos was a professional, so he could tell that something was off.

Shi Jin continued, “Thats why this song of mine comes with a poem.

He is a poet that I like very much.

My favorite lines from him are:A great person can dilute sorrow, a deep color can cover a light color.

Back then, when I wrote this song, I had contacted him on Weibo and showed him my score.

“As for Shi Xuexin, I have never authorized her to use my things, nor have I ever given her anything.

I believe that no one, be it me or everyone present here, can tolerate their efforts being taken by others.”

Ramos nodded.

When he heard Shi Jins words, he finally understood why the score was not too different.

Shi Jins performance was a feeling, while Shi Xuexins performance was another feeling.

“Shi Jin, your music is really outstanding.

Its especially rare for you to be able to make different changes to the same tune and make it as melodious and pleasant to listen to.

Piano music is a spiritual enjoyment for people, and its also a spiritual belonging for us.

It can surpass words, transcend nations, and bring everyone a beautiful enjoyment, but this doesnt mean that someone can use it to trample on others,” Ramos said solemnly.

The people below stage also agreed unanimously.

“Yes, exactly.”

“Good point.”

“Music belongs to everyone, but its definitely not stolen.”

Shi Xuexins body was on the verge of collapse.

She just stood there, not daring to move and not knowing what to do.

Xiuli gave her a huge livestream tonight and arranged a huge celebration party for her.

After that, Chu Ling had to announce their relationship to the public, but it was all ruined.

She didnt know what to do.

The stage was like a giant cage, locking her in.

Compared to Shi Jin who was receiving all kinds of compliments, she was like a trapped beast.

Shi Jin looked at Shi Xuexin coldly and said in a cold voice, “I have indeed lived with the Shi family and lived with you.

What can this prove Shi Xuexin, the fact that we were switched at birth indeed caused trouble in our lives, and it also caused us to take many detours.

However, this was not an excuse or reason for you to steal my things and mock me.

Im telling you seriously, no matter who you are or what family you come from, I am me, Shi Jin.

This has never changed.

Theres no need to prove it with anything.

“As for you, its time for you to stop.

Stop using these ridiculous tricks to show your superiority in front of me.”

The audience erupted into applause.

This was because the interpreter was enjoying the translation too much.

She translated what she said immediately so that everyone could understand what she was saying.

With every word that Shi Jin said, Shi Xuexin would instinctively retreat, shivering and looking pitiful.

When Jin said the last sentence, Shi Xuexin fell to the ground with her head lowered.

Her hair was disheveled and she did not dare look at anyone.

Shi Jin took a few steps back, as if she was walking away from a pile of rubbish.

Ramos stepped forward and said, “Shi Jin, its time to present the award to you.

I believe you deserve the trophy of the original composition competition.”

He held up the trophy.

The four judges below the stage stood up and expressed their agreement.

He passed the trophy to Shi Jin.

Shi Jin took it from him and said to everyone, “Although the results of tonights award ceremony is different from what you expected, everyone, I still want to say this.

Although Country S has thieves who use other peoples things as their own to make themselves look good, just like how a big tree has a withered branch, there are very few people like them in Country S.

She cant represent the general standard of Country S nor can she represent Country S or any of its people.”

Everyone applauded in understanding.

Shi Jins words also reminded them not to rank Shi Xuexin and Country S on the same level.

It would also stop the reporters from gossiping, lest they use this matter to extend to the entire country.

“I hope that everyone will focus more on the piano piece.

Music has no boundaries.

Everyone, thank you again.” Shi Jin raised the trophy and waved at the crowd casually.

Everyone thought of her more valuable Chopin trophy and couldnt help, but stand up and applaud.

Shi Jin didnt stay on stage for long.

She went down the stage and went backstage.

Shi Xuexin was dragged off the stage by the security guards.

Her legs were too weak to walk.

Back in Country S, because of the large-scale live broadcast thanks to Xiuli Entertainment, this exciting performance was showcased in front of everyone.

Hu Lai didnt even have time for public relations.

Before the live broadcast ended, a few trending topics were already uploaded.

# Shi Jin Jade #

# Shi Jin Chopin Award #

# Shi Jin Face Slaps Shi Xuexin #

# Shi Jin Satisfying #

# Xiuli Entertainment Plagiarism Nest #

The contents were all discussing this matter.

Shi Jins fans had already heaved a sigh of relief.

However, when they saw the nameJade, they were shocked.

“I cracked open.jpg, Shi Jin is actually Jade.”

“Actually, I should have thought of it when I saw Shi Jin playing the piano.”

“Wuwuwu, Im a fan of some godly artist.”

“Daughter, I dont deserve to be your mother.

I can only kneel down and watch your live stream.”

The passersby also saw Shi Jin winning the award.

“Shi Jin won the Chopin Award Can the fans not make things up Do you know what award that is Can you not…” Then, they saw the joint Weibo posts of the Warsaw Philharmonic Music Hall and the National Piano Association.

“The Chopin Award, which should have been awarded a month ago, has been delayed until now because of the death of a member of the organizing committee.

We would like to congratulate Shi Jin @Little Stone for winning the international competition finals.

Sheng Tian @Sheng Tian has won fifth place in the international competition.”

“Ah… Shi Jin really won the championship…” The passerby stopped talking.

The value of this award was enough to shut anyone up.

It had been fifteen years since the last winner of the Chopin Award appeared.

After fifteen years, another champion was born.

Furthermore, she was from Country S.

The value of this award was naturally incomparable.

At the same time, the Ivy League match was also officially brought into the list of important competitions – everything had been a blessing in disguise.

Among the people watching the live broadcast, there were many who were dumbfounded.

Wei Zai was one of the most confused ones.

“How could this be How could this be” He stood up and muttered to himself.

The others looked at him sympathetically.

Speaking of which, although everyone had liked Shi Jin and disliked Shi Xuexin previously, they had never imagined that Shi Xuexin would do such a thing and be slapped so ruthlessly on the spot.

Facing the desperate Wei Zai, no one dared to say anything.

Gu Jingyuan wanted to invite everyone to a meal to celebrate, but he swallowed his words after glancing at Wei Zai.

Glasses Boy, on the other hand, heaved a huge sigh of relief.

It was good that Shi Jin was fine.


At the Philharmonic Music Hall, after Shi Jin got off the stage, she walked towards the back of the stage.

She did not need to remove her makeup or change her clothes.

Hence, she walked past the backstage and headed out.

She held the trophy in her hand and avoided the countless reporters that followed behind her.

The black dress made her look like a ghost in the dark night.

She walked backstage, leaving behind only a shadow before disappearing without a trace.

Many contestants witnessed her arrival and departure.

They were still immersed in the shock she brought, but she had already disappeared.

Outside the door, things were not calm.

Xiuli Entertainment and Chu Ling had prepared a grand celebration for Shi Xuexin.

After going through all sorts of rehearsals, they were already prepared.

When Chu Ling went out, the waiting staff lit up hundreds of lanterns outside the venue and opened the gift box in their hands.

With several bangs, the confetti floated in the air and landed on Chu Lings head.

The colorful lights shone on him.

“Congratulations!” the staff shouted excitedly.

They were preparing outside and didnt dare to make any mistakes.

Hence, they didnt watch the live broadcast nor did they leave.

They didnt know what was happening inside.

They only knew that after Chu Ling came out, they had to light all the lights and release the confetti.

Just as they rehearsed, they would deliver a huge bouquet of roses to Chu Ling.

These staff members were all Poles.

Although they didnt know what Chu Ling wanted to do, they could imagine that Chu Ling would definitely confess to his girlfriend in such a romantic scene.

Furthermore, they had heard that his girlfriend was a very popular contestant.

Being able to witness and participate in such a romantic scene, the staff members were also filled with anticipation.

The lights were shining brightly, and none of them noticed the exceptionally dark expression on Chu Lings face.

At the same time, Chu Ling held the roses.

A mocking and regretful smile appeared on his face.

He thought back to the time when he found out about his engagement with Shi Jin.

He had thought that the heavens were really kind to him to be able to marry such a cute and loving girl, but later on, Shi Xuexin intervened.

She would look at him gently every time, and her words were sweet and touching.

She would speak ill of Shi Jin carefully and pretend that nothing had happened after saying that.

She would even advise him not to take Shi Jins willfulness and insensibility to heart.

In her words, Shi Jin was always insensible.

She would disturb her while she was playing piano, she would deliberately ruin her violin and destroy the things she liked.

And when Shi Jins face was scratched and she cried and said that it was Shi Xuexins doing, Chu Lings disgust towards her reached its peak.

He even felt uncomfortable when he looked at her, but was that really the case

Shi Xuexins words had been proven to be lies one after another in the past… This time, it was focused in a one-time outburst.

The overlay of lies made him wonder at that moment if all her gentleness and generosity were nothing more than masks.

He admitted that he had his own selfish reasons for choosing Shi Xuexin.

He wanted to make use of her to change his career.

He wanted to get popularity from announcing their relationship and gain fans who liked them as a couple.

However, the current Shi Xuexin… probably could not bring him anything else.

However, Shi Jin had everything that Shi Xuexin could not give.

Every time Shi Jin achieved something, Shi Xuexin would not be able to achieve it even if she spent a few more years.

As for Shi Jin, compared to Shi Xuexin, her looks were like a rich flower walking on earth.

She was bright, resplendent, and dazzling…

Chu Ling clenched his fists until a staff member pushed him.

“Sir, your girlfriend is out!”

Chu Ling instinctively wanted to throw the roses away.

He raised his lifeless eyes and looked backstage.

His eyes were filled with thoughts.

It was Shi Jin!

Shi Jin walked out of the backstage as per normal.

When she reached the exit, she did not see her car.

Instead, she saw Chu Ling holding roses in his hand.

She immediately turned around to leave from another direction.

However, the Polish staff, who could not distinguish Asian faces at all, thought that she was the person Chu Ling was waiting for.

Hundreds of staff held roses in their hands and stopped her.

“Mister, hurry up and confess!” They urged Chu Ling.

Out of kindness and out of duty, they could not let Shi Jin leave.

Shi Jin frowned slightly and her expression turned cold.

Under the illumination of the colored lights, this coldness was ignored.

She stopped in her tracks and watched as Chu Ling walked towards her with the roses in his hands.

At that moment, Chu Ling had already thought things through.

Since Shi Jin was good in every aspect and affected his heart in every aspect, why did he have to stick to Shi Xuexin He had never promised Shi Xuexin anything.

Even if he had given her hope, she was the one who had shattered their future and hope.

Only Shi Jin in front of him was where he truly belonged.

He realized that his heart could still beat faster.

It turned out that he had never truly given up on Shi Jin.

With a pained expression, he walked up to Shi Jin.

“Shi Jin.” His voice was hoarse, but he knew that he would never let Shi Jin down again.

Shi Jin looked at him.

She controlled her emotions.

After all, other than the staff, all the reporters had gathered around.

She could get rid of scum like Shi Xuexin on the stage, but she definitely did not want the matter to be blown out of proportion at a time like this.

The staff saw this scene and played the pre-prepared music.

It was a romantic and passionate dance song.

According to the pre-set rehearsal content, at this time, the girl should have accepted the mans confession and started dancing with him.

Shi Jins expression was cold and distant.

She raised her eyebrows slightly, looking flirtatious and wild.

“Shi Jin, please accept my blessings.

Congratulations on winning the Chopin Award and the Ivy League championship.” Chu Ling held the roses forward.

Shi Jin sized up the dazzling bouquet of roses.

Chu Ling said in a low voice, “Take it as my celebration for you as a fellow countryman.

Shi Jin, please accept my blessings.”

Although that was what he said, if Shi Jin accepted the rose in front of everyone, the medias photos and reports would not be written like this.

Shi Jin was well aware of their way of doing things.

She made up her mind and her eyes turned colder.

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