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Chapter 405: If You Dont Believe Me, Can You Not Believe Jade

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“Shi Jin is here!”

“Daughter is finally here!”

“Compete! Compete on the spot!”

“Judges, the competition you want is here again.”

“Shi Jin must have come prepared.”

On the stage, Shi Xuexins breathing suddenly became hurried.

Her nostrils flared as she let out rapid breaths.

No, impossible!

She clenched her fists and calmed herself down.

It was impossible for Shi Jin to have any evidence.

Her score had been found in the Shi family mansion and had been modified.

It had nothing to do with Shi Jin.

Those were all hers.

How could Shi Jin turn the tables

Shi Xuexin smiled as she looked in Shi Jins direction.

Her emotions quickly calmed down.

Chu Ling frowned slightly.

He looked in Shi Jins direction and raised his eyebrows at her.

After a brief moment of silence, there was a commotion.

“I made it, so is the competition still taking place” Shi Jin said in Ramos direction.

The interpreter immediately relayed the message.

“Of course you can.” Ramos put away the trophy and said, “Shi Jin, forgive me for being blunt, but we have reason to believe that the song you played is the same song Shi Xuexin played.

Its just that both of you have modified it.

There are some things that we didnt say explicitly, but this competition is an original composition competition.

We need the two of you to prove that the song was created by yourself.

If you cant prove it, then Im sorry, but the champion can only belong to the other party.”

He did not mention the word plagiarism and he didnt say anything about theft.

However, the person who couldnt prove herself was destined to be humiliated tonight.

“How can we prove that”

“Its so difficult.”

“Shi Xuexin has Shi Baozhis support and the recording of her album, can it prove that she is the original”

The comments were buzzing.

Everyone present also made similar comments.

Shi Xuexin picked up the microphone and said, “I have the VCR as evidence.

I have been composing this score since two years ago.

My aunt is a pianist.

I have shown her my piece many times.”

The VCR was brought up and placed in front of everyone.

Pianists often recorded videos that were not edited in order to send a recording to participate in the preliminary rounds of competitions that were inconvenient for them.

It was also to correct some of their bad habits.

Previously, Shi Jin had sent a video to participate in the preliminary round.

Regarding this point, those watching the livestream knew about it.

The video that Shi Xuexin had taken out also had a date to prove it.

Furthermore, Shi Baozhi was the witness.

It was very difficult for Shi Jin to defend herself.

Shi Jins fans were worried for her.

Shi Xuexin said, “I can also perform live again.”

There was a piano at the venue.

She did as she said and immediately played the song with deep emotions.

Shi Jin stood at the side of the stage and looked at Shi Xuexin coldly.

Shi Xuexin felt her hair stand on end.

However, Shi Xuexin still raised her head to look at Shi Jin.

She was not afraid!

After Shi Xuexin finished playing, Shi Jin took over the microphone.

The moment she opened her mouth, she spoke in fluent Polish without needing any translation!

“Dear judges, Mr.

Ramos, Shi Xuexin previously told you that this song is calledNot Sad, right Then, I can also tell you that this song is actually calledOde to Music.

Its a light and simple song.”

Everyone present knew how to play the piano, so they exploded.

“Impossible! This song has nothing to do with being light and fast.”

“Thats right, theres a hint of sadness in it.”

“Thats right.

Its the kind of low emotion that you have to suppress your sadness.

How is it light-hearted”

Shi Xuexin also said seriously, “Shi Jin, dont spout nonsense.

This piano piece did not express such emotions.”

“No” Shi Jin asked.

Shi Xuexin had a moment of self-doubt when she was looked at with such clear and calm eyes.

However, she had played this song many times and thought that she understood it very well, so she quickly became determined.


“No matter what method you use to express yourself” Shi Jin continued to ask.

Her tone was neither high nor low, as if she was just having a casual conversation.

However, that sense of oppression came straight at her.

Shi Xuexin gulped.


“Are you sure”

“Why cant I be sure of my own creation Ive already said that I wrote this song when I left my hometown.

I couldnt hide the difficulties and sadness in my heart, so I wrote this song.

I cant feel happy about leaving my family!” Shi Xuexin did not want to be tricked by Shi Jin, so her attitude was exceptionally firm.

“Good, very good.” Shi Jin raised her eyes and walked towards the piano.

Ramos looked at Shi Jin with interest.

“What do you mean”

“Everyone, listen to my song and youll know.” Shi Jin sat down and started playing.

Shi Xuexin clenched her fists.

Everyone looked at her expectantly and pricked up their ears, afraid to miss any sound.

Then, everyone heard a song that was completely different from Shi Xuexins performance during the competition.

It was light and fast, but it was two songs!

Although the standard, capability, and infectious tune that Shi Jin played were indeed very strong, what was the point of talking about a different tune

“Whats going on Is Shi Jin messing with us”

“Is she afraid and deliberately trying to mislead us”

“Stop, stop, stop.

Whats going on”

After Shi Jin finished playing, there was more discussion.

Ramos pupils dilated.


“Thats right, Mr.


Im playing the song that Shi Xuexin namedNot Sad.

Actually, it should have been calledOde to Music.

The reason why everyone sounds different is because when I played it the opposite way.

From the last note to the first note.

In other words,Not Sad itself was played backwards.”

When Shi Jin said that, the experienced organizing committee immediately enlarged the score between her and Shi Xuexin to compare.

The audio graphics from when the two of them were playing were placed in front of everyone.

They could clearly see that the one song was the opposite version of the other.

“This… is really the opposite!”

“So the song was composed by Shi Jin”

“It turns out that this song has such a mystery.

Normally, its a slightly sad main tune, but backwards, its a light and charming tune.”

“So its Shi Xuexin that plagiarized!”

“The two of them lived under the same roof.

Its really easy to get their hands on each others things.”

Shi Xuexins face turned pale as she immediately shook her head.

“You discovered the mystery behind my melody, so you specially used it…”

“Youve been practicing for more than two years, composing your own piece.

Youve been working on it for hundreds of days and nights, but you havent discovered anything special.

I just saw it, and Ive already discovered the mystery” Shi Jin looked at her with a faint smile.

“Who knows if you got my tune early on You used to live with me and have a chance at any time,” Shi Xuexin denied.

The fans who were watching the video suddenly fell silent.

Only Wei Zai could not help but say loudly, “Shi Jin is being unreasonable.

Whats the point”

Someone went forward and pressed him down.

“Calm down, lets finish watching first.”

Gu Jingyuan looked indifferent and did not say anything.

Wei Zai sat down again.

On the other hand, Glasses Boy was very worried and had sweaty palms.

He had heard of the piano piece composed by Shi Xuexin before.

It was really not bad.

Although he was not professional and could not tell how outstanding it was, he knew that Shi Xuexins tune could move him.

Good music had no standards.

If it could move people, people would go crazy and pay for it.

Shi Jins songs were similar to Shi Xuexins.

He was especially worried about Shi Jins situation.

Shi Jin nodded and raised her eyebrows slightly.

“In that case, do you know the meaning behind that song in the semi-finals Do you know that that song can also be played backwards Do you know that that song can mix the scores of both hands and form a new song”

When Shi Jin was speaking, her hands did not leave the piano at all.

Instead, she used her left and right hands to adjust the music score.

Indeed, everyone could hear the tune from her performance in the semi-finals, but it was different.

This change was extremely interesting.

Many people had their mouths agape.

So piano scores could be played in this way.

When it came to other people, all the notes had to be placed strictly in every place.

Everyone had their own place and eventually formed a tune.

However, on Shi Jins side, it was like a building block owned by a child.

It could change endlessly and build different things.

Shi Jin then looked at Shi Xuexin and said with a smile, “Theres also a song in the CD that you recorded.

It sounds like this, right”

She immediately played that song.

Shi Xuexins face turned increasingly pale.

“Did you know that there was such a transformation in that song” Shi Jins notes changed and the style became completely different, but the tune was still the same.

Shi Xuexin subconsciously took a few steps back.

After Shi Jin finished playing one song after another, the audience was already in an uproar.

The discussions were all in Polish, but when Shi Xuexin was mentioned, they were filled with contempt and coldness.

Chu Lings expression turned ugly.

He had been caught in the plagiarism crisis previously and had tried his best to get himself out of it.

He did not want to hear anything related to this word.

And now, all he could hear was this.

He was disgusted.


Hu Lai pressed his hand down.

“Many eyes are looking at you.

You cant leave in anger.”

Chu Ling forced himself to sit down again.

Hu Lai looked in Shi Baozhis direction.

Jade should be arriving soon.

As long as Jade spoke up for Shi Xuexin, the situation would definitely be salvaged.

Shi Baozhi had already contacted her old friend in Poland, who agreed to introduce her to Jade.

She heard that Jade was attending the award ceremony of the Chopin Award and would be here soon.

Hu Lai placed her hopes on Jade.

Shi Xuexin also placed her hopes on Jade.

She looked in Shi Baozhis direction.

These scores were not copied from Shi Jin!

She had found it at home.

She had even modified it many times to make it more suitable for the performance and more grand.

What did it have to do with Shi Jin What right did Shi Jin have to snatch her things

“Jade, do you know about Jade Shi Jin, even Jade has verified my score! What makes you think that all of this is yours I created all of this.

You are just playing tricks here and putting everyone in your trap.”

Although she had yet to see Jade, Shi Xuexin could not be bothered anymore and brought him out.

Everyone looked at her, not knowing who to believe.

After all, it was Jade, the champion of Chopin International Piano Competition.

If even he was on Shi Xuexins side, Shi Jins scheme would be exposed.

Shi Xuexin looked down the stage.

“Auntie, am I right Jade will come over and he will prove it for me! Dont tell me everyone doesnt believe Jades words”

The comments also formed two completely opposite sides.

However, compared to Shi Xuexin, Shi Jin still had more people standing.

Everyone was waiting to see what Jade would say!

“Where is Jade”

“Where is he”

Everyone in the bullet screen couldnt wait any longer.

Everyone was waiting, looking around, anticipating his arrival.

Everyone looked towards the entrance.

A lot of people remembered that tonight was also the Chopin Awards ceremony.

That was a world-class music award.

It was the most prestigious award, and it was also the undisputed king of awards.

Due to the participation of celebrities and a series of hype, everyones attention was focused on the Ivy League competition, causing everyone to be unaware of the Chopin award situation.

“Xuexin, you said Jade is coming, where is he” the host asked.

A faint smile appeared on Shi Jins lips.

She crossed her arms and looked at Shi Xuexin.

She raised her eyebrows slightly.

“You said that Jade will come over, right”

“Yes, of course he will come, and his mentor too.

They will clear my name.

They will tell the world that you just want to play with piano skills and want to take my things.

Shi Jin, such a thing will never happen.

I may not be as good as you in terms of skills, but in terms of character, I dare say that there is nothing wrong with me.”

Shi Xuexin threw caution to the wind when she realized that Shi Jin had not produced any crucial evidence after going on stage for so long.

Shi Jin was able to convince everyone with her glib tongue, so why couldnt she Moreover, her aunt had repeatedly promised her that Jade would be there today.

He was introduced to her by her aunts friend, so how could he not speak up for her

Everyone below the stage seemed to have been convinced.

The fans watching the livestream also felt relieved.

However, there was no change in Shi Jins expression.

He said, “Do you think that Jade will clear your name”

“Yes!” Shi Xue said firmly.

“You think he can prove these things are your original creations”

“Of course!” Shi Xuexin immediately responded.

She said loudly, “If you dont believe me, how can you not believe Jade”

“Very good…” Shi Jin looked at the crowd and said in fluent Polish,” Everyone, Im sorry that Im late for the ceremony today.

I made everyone wait for a long time because I was receiving the award at the Chopin Award Ceremony.

I apologize on behalf of myself—Jade.”

Shi Jins words were fluent and smooth.

After she finished speaking, the audience erupted.

“Jade! So Shi Jin is Jade!”

“In other words, the winner of the five-year Chopin Award is Shi Jin!”

Everyone started talking in Polish.

As Shi Xuexin did not understand Polish, she did not know what had happened.

Compared to the Chopin Award, this award was nothing.

The host was also very surprised.

“You are Jade”

“I am.

My name, Jin, means jade.

Jade is me, I am Jade.”

“Welcome, welcome.

Welcome to todays venue.” The host was so excited that he was incoherent.

As for what Shi Xuexin said about Jade being able to clear her name, it sounded like a joke to everyone.

She did not even know who Jade was and she dared to boast.

Who would believe her other words

This was especially so for the professionals present.

The value of the Chopin Award was completely different from the award in front of them.

When Chu Ling heard the interpreters words, he could no longer sit still.

His eyes were cold as he looked at Shi Xuexin on the stage.

Hu Lai also felt like she was sitting on pins and needles.

She asked Shi Baozhi, “Teacher Shi, whats going on”

Shi Baozhi had a lot of prestige in the country, but in Warsaw, her piano skills were not enough for her to come into contact with the judges, contestants, and experienced senior pianists of the Chopin Award.


She had indeed contacted her friend and asked them to introduce her to Jade.

The other party had also agreed to help her as much as possible.

When the time came, she would even get Jade and Shi Xuexin to work together.

However, she had never expected that Jade would be Shi Jin and Shi Jin would be Jade.

When Shi Jin heard the news, she must have been secretly laughing at them.

At the thought of herself becoming a laughing stock, Shi Baozhis expression turned ugly as though she had been splashed with paint.

Hu Lai saw the look on her face and knew it was going to be hard to fix.

Chu Ling could no longer watch on.

He stood up and left.


Hu Lai immediately followed Chu Ling.

“Chu Ling, Chu Ling!”

Chu Ling had long disappeared.

Hu Lai immediately made an international call.

“Is it too late to take back Shi Xuexins original piano composition CDs”

“Sister Lai, what kind of joke is this These CDs are already produced.

The cost of 200,000 CDs exceeds 3 million yuan.

We havent even calculated the production and distribution costs.

How can we take it back”

On the stage, Shi Xuexin had a blank look on her face.

The translator kindly translated Shi Jins words into words so that Shi Xuexin could understand.

Shi Xuexin suddenly widened her eyes.

Her eyes were bloodshot as she stared at Shi Jin blankly and hatefully.

“You are Jade Why are you Jade” Her voice was dry and bitter.

It was so unpleasant that it did not sound human.

Why didnt anyone tell her this Wasnt Jade a boy Even Sheng Tian had confirmed this! Why would Sheng Tian lie to her Why Was Shi Jin doing this on purpose She was doing this on purpose!


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