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Chapter 404: Speaking With Results

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The fragrance was elegant and light, bringing with it a slightly familiar feeling.

It was really the smell of the plants that Ji Hanxue had cultivated.

He had planted those flowers for two to three months and had already developed feelings for them.

Now that he smelled them, his mood was naturally different.

“Very rare.” He accepted the item.

It was unclear whether he was referring to the essential oil or Shi Jin herself.

Yan Chu poured tea for the two of them and casually said to Ji Hanxue, “Director Ji, if we cant film this sunrise, we can only use special effects to achieve the effect you want.”

“The sunrise is easy.” Ji Hanxue picked up the teacup and took a sip.

He picked up a gourd-shaped object on the table.

“The difficult part is still the sound of the xun.

It looks like it can only be synthesized.”

When Yan Chu saw Shi Jin looking over, he introduced, “This is a mother-son xun, a very ancient instrument.

Xuns are easy to learn, but difficult to master.

In our movie, there is a piece that requires the accompaniment of a xun.

Director Ji wants to use a mother-son xun to play it.

We found someone who can play a xun.

There are many people who can play a xun, but there arent many who can play a mother-son xun.”

Shi Jin took it and looked at it.

The mother-son xun was divided into two parts, the mother xun and the son xun.

They looked very simple and the patterns on them gave off an ancient feeling.

“The mother xun and the son xun must be played together by two people.

Its not difficult to play them separately.

However, the mother xun and the son xun players must have high coordination.

They need to be played together in a precise and complete manner to produce good music,” Ji Hanxue added.

He pointed at Yan Chu.

“In order to film this movie, he learned how to play it, but he just cant blend with me.”

Shi Jin knew that Ji Han was strict when it came to making movies, but he was so strict that even the main cast had to learn how to play the xun.

He was indeed the only one in this industry who could do it.

Yan Chu smiled and shook his head.

“I cant catch up to your level.”

Not to mention him, there were a few professionals who couldnt match up to Ji Hanxue.

Of course, when they worked together, they couldnt achieve the effect that Ji Hanxue wanted.

Shi Jin caressed the son xun, looking very interested.

Ji Hanxue remembered that she had a good sense of music and asked casually, “Do you know how to play this”

“I can try, but I dont know what song youre playing.”

“This.” Ji Hanxues score was right beside him.

He pushed it over for Shi Jin to see.

He didnt actually expect her to be able to play it.

He thought that she might be in a bad mood because of the competition, so he found something to ease her mind.

This could be considered as returning the favor he owed her.

Since he had nothing else to do, Ji Hanxue even wanted to spend time teaching her.

Shi Jin took the score and looked at it for a while.

She had a rough idea and started playing the son xun.

Ji Hanxue and Yan Chu both picked up their teacups and drank their tea.

After she played for around ten seconds, both of them raised their heads to look at her.

The son xun was harder to play than the mother xun.

It only had three holes, and the change in tone was all due to the coordination of the hands.

However, the sound was clear, and the tone was light and lively, just like a child.

The feelings had to be as innocent and pure as a child.

Any distracting thoughts would completely change the characteristics.

As for Shi Jin, her playing was just right.

Ji Hanxue could not help, but pick up the mother xun and play with her.

The mother xun had eight holes.

The tone of the xun could be tactful, but it could also be passionate.

The feelings were complex, restrained, and deep.

The mother and son1 played a duet, like a mother playing with a child, or like a child acting spoiled.

This was the relationship between the male lead and his parents in this movie.

Whenever the male lead played the xun, he would think of his childhood with his parents.

After Shi Jin finished playing, she received a WeChat message from Fu Xiuyuan asking about the competition.

She informed Ji Hanxue and Yan Chu, “Director Ji, Mr.

Yan, I have something to do.

Ill go up first.”

“Go ahead.” Ji Hanxue nodded.

When he could only see her back view, he said with a smile, “Dont you think that when she played with me, we had a very good rapport”

“Congratulations, Director Ji.” Yan Chu also smiled.

“People actually suspected that her composition was copied from another person.

Thats ridiculous.”


Although Fu Xiuyuan trusted Shi Jin, he couldnt help feeling worried.

He sent a WeChat message to ask about the situation.

“I already have plans.

Well see each other at the award ceremony tomorrow,” Shi Jin replied.

“I asked Song Fan to go over urgently.

If anything happens, he can help.”

Shi Jin sent an emoji.

“Theres no need to be that urgent.”

“Of course theres a need.”

Because Fu Xiuyuan had an important collaboration project to discuss, he couldnt leave to come over.

However, he was very concerned about Shi Jins situation.

Everyone was waiting for the results.

He sat in his office while Song Fan was making a report before he left.

“I heard that Shi Xuexins side is sure to win.

Xiuli is already in a hurry to produce her piano pieces as CDs.”

Fu Xiuyuan looked up at him.

Song Fan quickly flipped to the back and said, “They made 200,000 copies.”

A mocking smile appeared on Fu Xiuyuans lips.

“They probably think that Chu Ling and Shi Xuexins official announcement this time will bring them a wave of fans.

Therefore, the 200,000 CDs will definitely be bought up.”

After Song Fan finished his report and saw that Fu Xiuyuan had nothing else to say, he turned around and left.

He still needed to board the plane urgently to help Shi Jin.

However, he was also very puzzled.

Could Xiuli really recoup their costs with such a huge investment

Also, did Shi Xuexin really not feel guilty about where her songs came from

Shi Xuexin did not feel guilty.

Not only that, she was also full of confidence.

In order to prepare for this sure-win battle, Hu Lai had even arranged for a reporter to interview her.

She spoke confidently to the reporters.

“Shi Jin and I have lived together for more than three years.

We have a good relationship, so its normal for us to have similar songs.”

Yan Chu, who was watching her interview, raised his head and said, “In other words—I lived with Shi Jin before.

Its easy for her to get my things.”

His manager looked at him in surprise.

What was wrong with Yan Chu

Forget about paying attention to Shi Jin.

Why is he looking for hidden meanings in Shi Xuexins interview Was he that bored

Shi Xuexin continued, “Actually, even if Shi Jin isnt a member of the Shi family, we have always treated her as family.”

Yan Chu said coldly, “The hidden meaning is—Im the daughter of a rich family, but Shi Jin isnt.

So its obvious who did the plagiarizing.”

Shi Xuexin said, “Ive been learning piano from my aunt, Shi Baozhi, for a long time.

My aunt is very skilled in piano.

If Shi Jin wants to learn, my aunt is actually willing to teach her.”

Yan Chu replied coldly, “The hidden meaning is—Ive been learning it for a long time, but Shi Jin has never learned it.

Its obvious whos more capable.”

Shi Xuexin: “At tonights award ceremony, Auntie has contacted her friend, Jade.

Jade is the champion of the Chopin International Piano Competition.

He will be attending the award ceremony—right after he attends the award ceremony for the Chopin Award.

I will introduce Jade to everyone then.”


Yan Chu: “….”

Yan Chu: “…!!!”

He found Ji Hanxue and asked for Shi Jins WeChat.

Then, he sent her a message anxiously.

“Do you know that Shi Xuexin knows Jade”

Shi Jin opened the friend request and the first thing she said was this.

After adding Yan Chu, she realized that it was him.


Yan, whats the matter”

“Its about that matter that I mentioned.

Jade will attend Shi Xuexins award ceremony.

If he is the one who backs Shi Xuexin up, it will greatly increase everyones trust in her.

Also, Jade will definitely know many famous people in the piano industry.

If you dont have complete evidence, how will everyone believe you”

“Thank you, Mr.


I have sufficient evidence.”

Since Shi Jin said so, Yan Chu had no choice but to believe her.

However, worry still lingered.

Shi Xuexins fans were already determined to win.

“So Xuexin knows Jade! Shes really amazing!”

“I heard that Jade knows a lot of big shots in the piano industry.

In that case, no one can deny Xuexins talent.”

“Waiting for a certain someone to be slapped in the face.”

Shi Jins fans believed that she would not plagiarize.

However, the current evidence was not enough to convince them.

Everyones worries were inevitable.


Ivy League Composition Competition.

At the awards ceremony venue.

It was a grand scene.

Shi Xuexin, who had something to rely on, was a popular contender for the championship.

She led with high scores.

The reporters from Country S started a live broadcast for everyone.

“Currently, Shi Xuexin is close to ten points ahead of second place.

If nothing unexpected happens, she will be the champion today.

This is also the first time in the history of the Ivy League competition that someone from Country S has won the championship.

Weve won Chopin, Liszt, Beethoven, and other awards, but this is our first time winning an original composition award.

The media had a collaboration with Xiuli Entertainment.

As soon as they opened their mouths, they raised the award to an extremely high position.

Although in reality, the Ivy League competition was far from being a top award.

For example, compared to an award like the Chopin Award, it was not worth much.

“Everyone, today, we will witness a moment of history! We will witness the moment when Country S wins the Ivy League championship for the first time!”

At the same time, Shi Xuexins news about her original piano album CD was posted on Weibo.

Xiuli Entertainment, Shi Xuexins Weibo, and other artistes under Xiuli Entertainment reposted it one after another.

Xiuli had elevated Shi Xuexins award to the level of glory for the country.

Shi Xuexins fans even boasted, “This is a world-class competition.

To be able to achieve such results after debuting and bring glory to the country, your future is boundless.”

“Shi Xuexin is the best!”

“Way better than a certain artist who debuted in some talent show.”

“When it comes to results, Xuexin never backs down!”

Passersby who did not know the truth naturally liked to participate in such activities.

Everyones patriotism was buried deep in their bones.

As long as it was something that could bring honor to the country, they would be able to win everyones applause.

Shi Xuexins reputation was unparalleled.

The CD had not been officially released yet, but its ratings had reached 9.7.

The reporter said to the camera, “Oh my god, theres even a popular guest that no one expected to come to our venue today!”

Everyone was looking forward to it, wondering who it was.

“This guest is very important.

Hes here specifically for Shi Xuexin.

Guess who he is”

“Could it be Xia Peifeng”

“I think its Chu Ling!”

“Its not impossible for it to be Wen Yaoming.”

“Whoever said Wen Yaoming, stop trying to butt yourself in!”

“Yan Chu, Yan Chu! I heard from an insider that Yan Chu bought a plane ticket to Warsaw.”

“Isnt it Jade Xuexin already announced his name!”

The reporter turned the camera to the door.

A familiar handsome face appeared in front of everyone.

“Its Chu Ling!”

“Wow, its Chu Ling!”

“Brother! Brother is so handsome!”

“Whats going on with Brother and Shi Xuexin”

“Same company, dont think too much.”

Hu Lai led Chu Ling over.

Indeed, Chu Ling would not announce that he was together with Shi Xuexin before the award ceremony.

Only when Xuexin became the champion would their announcement have a greater effect.

Chu Ling faced the camera.

He had been a top celebrity for many years.

Even though he had been involved in scandals before, his fans had never given up on him.

He was still popular.

The comments were already blurred by his name.

“Greetings, everyone.

Im here to witness the miracle of Country S.” Chu Ling was refined and dressed appropriately.

The moment he opened his mouth, everyone was in a frenzy.

“Shi Xuexin is my junior sister.

I hope that she can achieve good results and fill in the gap for this award in Country S.

I also hope that everyone can support the development of talented newcomers in the entertainment industry.”



“Brother is always right!”

“Then Ill go and take a seat first.

See you later.” Chu Ling politely waved goodbye to everyone.

A moment later, the judges, guests, and contestants were all present.

The atmosphere was heated.

The camera panned over to the venue.

All the contestants had arrived.

However, Shi Jins seat was empty.

The judges glanced at her seat and frowned.

Today, the judges wanted to confirm the ownership of the song between Shi Xuexin and Shi Jin through an additional round of competition and questioning.

However, Shi Jin was late, or rather, she wouldnt come.

Everyone shook their heads.

They naturally did not have a good impression of her.

The fans were also very anxious.

“Wheres our daughter Where did she go”

“Is Shi Jin afraid to come”

“After all, she is in the wrong.”

“Little Stone must have been delayed by something.

Her place is quite far from here.”

“If you dont dare to come, then you dont dare to come.

You even gave such a refreshing reason.”

The host stood on stage and announced that the award ceremony would officially begin tonight.

“Thank you, everyone, for participating in this original composition competition to uncover outstanding creative talents… Tonights third place is…”

The third contestant was a German.

His name was too long, and the audience in Country S did not know much about him.

They were only waiting for the first place.

The second place was also announced.

It was an American composer.

“The first place is…” The emcee looked at the judges,” Dear judges, have you decided on the candidate ”

The judges had been troubled by this matter for two days.

Ramos picked up the microphone on behalf of the judges.

“In this competition, we have discovered Shi Xuexins creative talent.

However, Shi Jins ability is not to be underestimated either.

However, both parties tunes have many similarities in terms of style and even specific notes.

Therefore, we have yet to determine who will be the champion.

In todays venue, we wanted to let Shi Xuexin and Shi Jin perform again so that we can determine the best candidate.


Ramos stared helplessly at the empty seat of Shijin.

The two of them were playing the same tune, so one of them must have done something despicable.

Shi Xuexin came in high profile today and Shi Jin was nowhere to be seen.

Everyone had already come to a conclusion.

It was a shame, he had wanted to have a good chat with Shi Jin.

Shi Xuexin raised her head.

She knew that her various methods had worked.

The information that she had released to the public had frightened Shi Jin.

She did not dare to come over personally to compete with her in order to protect her reputation, but how could reputation be so easily preserved

Ramos continued, “But Shi Jin did not come today, so we can only give this award to Shi Xuexin directly…”

Shi Xuexin stood up while Hu Lai led the applause.

Amidst the applause, Shi Xuexin stood on stage.

As a representative, Ramos walked towards Shi Xuexin with the trophy.

She was wearing a custom-made outfit and had exquisite makeup on, showing off her gentleness and generosity.

She took the microphone from the emcee and said, “Ive studied piano and composition for many years.

Its my honor to be able to win this championship.

I also hope that more people will love our classical piano music.

However, I want to wait for Shi Jin.

Perhaps she will come”

The emcee said, “Its almost time.

Theres still one more minute.

If she doesnt come, this award will have nothing to do with her.”

“Then Ill wait for her for another minute.” Shi Xuexin smiled.

She wanted to win fair and square.

She wanted to use the loudest slap on Shi Jins face.

“Shi Xuexin, do you think that the dispute between you and Shi Jin will end the moment you pick up the trophy”

Shi Xuexin said with a smile, “Definitely.

Composing is a very personal matter.

Its the condensation of ones own hard work.

However, when hard work becomes a published piece, it belongs to everyone and the entire world.

All hard work cannot be sullied, nor can it be tainted by the superficial glory of the mortal world.”

Her words were clearly belittling Shi Jin.

Chu Ling stood below the stage and smiled at her.

As Shi Xuexin looked at his gentle eyes, her heart began to beat faster.

Waves of it pounded against her heart.

The clock on the screen was still moving forward.

In just a few seconds, Shi Jin would be nailed to the pillar of shame of history.

Today, the beautiful livestream would also record her actions.

Shi Jin, she retreated.

As the clock approached and Shi Xuexin was about to reach out to take the trophy, the door opened and Shi Jin, who was dressed in a long black dress, appeared before everyone.

Her skin was so fair that it was as if she had a natural glow.

The black dress did not suppress her clear and dazzling white skin.

Instead, it made her even more conspicuous.

The lights that were originally reserved for the contestants were suddenly switched on, enhancing her arrival.

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