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Chapter 403: Deserving Champion

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Shi Xuexin felt a little empty inside.

She had no choice, but to go backstage to make preparations.

The competition officially commenced.

Due to the fact that the competition had attracted the attention of Country S, many reporters from Country S were present.

The competition was still broadcast live.

Only this time, all the finals were held in the same hall.

At the start of the live broadcast, the number of viewers was only about four to five million.

In the medical laboratory of the Imperial Capital University, the computer in front of Gu Jingyuan was also switched on.

At this moment, everyone had finished their experiments and had time to watch the competition.

Wei Zai had a Shi Xuexin sticker on his forehead.

He had wanted to cheer Shi Xuexin on, but when he saw the looks on everyones faces, he held back.

The competition officially began and the contestants went on stage one by one.

The numbers that Shi Xuexin and Shi Jin drew were near the back.

So everyone waited patiently.

Finally, Shi Xuexin went on stage.

Her song displayed a very elegant yet restrained atmosphere of sorrow.

It was grand and majestic.

It was difficult for classical piano pieces to stand out.

When elegant art stood at the peak, it was not easy to be down to earth, but this song that she composed not only showed the skills she had during the semi-finals, it was also smooth and beautiful.

After she finished playing, the audience applauded enthusiastically.

There were five judges on the spot.

The most famous one was a Polish pianist.

He stood up and gave Shi Xuexin the greatest applause.

He made an exaggerated gesture of opening his arms.

The interpreter at the side also translated emotionally, “Xuexin, this is the best original composition Ive ever heard! Youre really a genius! An outstanding composer, an original composer with outstanding abilities! Its my honor to know you!”

Shi Xuexins face was brimming with excitement and happiness.

Her fans were so excited that they were about to go crazy.

“Oh my god, I only knew that Xuexin was amazing, but I didnt know that she was this amazing!”

“Thats great! This Polish pianist has always been the chief pianist of the National Music Group.

He is also a judge and performer of the Philharmonic Music Hall.

His words are the greatest recognition for Xuexin.”

“Xuexin is worth it!”

He asked, “Xuexin, can you explain to us the name of this song and your creative mindset”

The interpreter translated this sentence.

It was obvious that he really liked Shi Xuexin.

Shi Xuexin held the microphone and said softly and gently, “I composedNot Sad with myself as the prototype.

As I encountered many things when I was young and had experienced many difficulties, I always thought: Dont give up, dont be sad.

The difficulties are only temporary, and the light is before you.

I hope this song can bring more strength to everyone and help you overcome the difficulties.”

“Xuexin is too considerate.”

“Wuwuwuwu, Ill download this song too.”

“I wonder when the HD version will be released.”

The Polish musician, who had thought highly of Shi Xuexin, could not help, but frown slightly when he heard her explanation.

Her explanation and the mood of her song were actually quite different.

However, with such talent and such a piece of music, even if she did not understand it properly, he could not deny that it was the best original work he had seen in all these years.

Shi Xuexin saw the look of anticipation on his face and continued, “Apart from this, I have also composed quite a number of other songs.

When the time comes, I will record them into albums as a gift for my fans.”

The judge smiled and said, “Im looking forward to it.

Thank you for coming and participating.”

Then, he gave her an extremely high score of 9.9.

As for the other judges from different countries, they all gave 10 marks.

Shi Xuexins performance deserved such a score.

The competition had already passed by more than half.

There was no one before her who could match Shi Xuexins abilities.

They believed that there would be nobody behind her either.

They had all listened to Shi Xuexins performance in the semi-finals under Shi Baozhis recommendation and had high expectations of her.

It could be said that in the eyes of the judges, she was undoubtedly the number one seeded player.

When Shi Xuexin saw the score, she covered her mouth.

“Thank you.

Thank you, judges.”

She was so excited that she bowed to everyone.

“Oh my god, this score is too high! Xuexin is the undisputed champion!”

“Those who are trying to gain attention are going to suffer.”

“Ha, I really want to see how this matter ends.”

In the laboratory, Wei Zai glanced at the other people watching the live broadcast and restrained his urge to shout.

Gu Jingyuan crossed his arms and didnt say anything.

When the others saw his expression, they didnt even dare to breathe loudly and just stared at the computer screen silently.

When Shi Xuexin left the stage, a female judge beside her asked the Polish judge, “Ramos, why did you only give 9.9 Are you looking for geniuses like Chopin and Beethoven”

“Of course not.” Ramos shook his head.

“Then why did you still deduct Shi Xuexins points”

Since geniuses were rare, they did not mind giving Shi Xuexin the greatest praise.

Ramos didnt answer.

Shi Xuexins understanding of the song was strange.

How could a contestant play such a high-quality song and say something so lacking in texture

The other four judges were too stunned by her song to dwell on it, but Ramos thought more about it.

After a few other contestants, Shi Jin appeared.

It was obvious that the judges were completely relaxed.

This was because according to their understanding, this contestant had never taken piano and composition seriously.

They also heard that she was a celebrity from Country S.

It was rumored that the celebrities in Country S were not very capable.

They were the kind of people who would do anything for the sake of popularity and fame.

Shi Jins performance was near the end and after Shi Xuexins.

These judges could not help, but have some biases against her subjective impression.

This was not surprising… After all, Shi Baozhis comments on Shi Jin were worse than the judges had imagined.

After Shi Jin went on stage, everyones anticipation was average.

Then, Shi Jin started playing.

Gradually, the judges sat up straight.

This tune aside… the playing technique used was definitely the best among all the contestants.

However, this tune…

The others also began to stir.

Doubt rose in their hearts.

What was going on

“Isnt this a song very similar to the one Shi Xuexin played just now”

“The style is almost identical.”

“Am I not professional enough What about me The tune sounds very similar.”

“Although the two of them do have a lot of history, they shouldnt be so close.”

“Am I the only one who thinks that Shi Jins song is better than Shi Xuexins”

“Comment above, is there something wrong with your brain Isnt it the same song How could Shi Jins sound better”

“What is going on”

“Isnt this a self-composition Whoever goes on stage first will definitely be the original.”

The judges were also puzzled.

Every contestants song was under their own care.

Even the judges would not know about it beforehand.

These songs were only heard by the world for the first time when they were on stage, but it was hard to say what would happen during practice.

The female judge beside him said in a low voice, “Shi Jins performance is better than Shi Xuexins, but she came on stage later.

This song…”

She did not mention the word plagiarism, but the doubts in her heart could not be dispelled.

Ramos rubbed his chin as well.

He could tell that Shi Jins tune was an improvement on Shi Xuexins foundation, making up for all of Shi Xuexins flaws.

Therefore, there was no doubt that Shi Jins tune was more complete and more moving.

However, no matter how beautiful it was, she was still the last to appear.

Wei Zai looked at the computer and pouted.

He wanted to criticize Gu Jingyuan, but when he saw Gu Jingyuans expression, he held himself back.

On the other hand, the others were discussing in low voices.

“Whats going on with little sister”

Then, they received Gu Jingyuans warning gaze.

Everyone could see the murderous intent in his eyes.

The words “little sister” indeed seemed to have nothing to do with them.

After Shi Jin finished playing, the audience was stunned for a moment.

If not for Shi Xuexins song, everyone would have applauded.

Her performance abilities far surpassed other contestants, but the song… puzzled everyone.

After Shi Jin left the stage, there was scattered applause behind her.

Ramos then remembered that he had forgotten to ask Shi Jin a question.

“Regarding Shi Jins score, the judges have to discuss it before we can confirm it.

Im sorry everyone, but we can only give everyone a final result before the award ceremony tomorrow night.”

As the representative of the judges, Ramos gave everyone a simple explanation.

“Ha, someone has lost face overseas.”

“Its still not certain who will win.

Lets wait and see.”

“Anyway, its impossible for our daughter to have such a situation.

Ill always believe her.”

“Shi Jin is definitely the best.

Just the number of original songs has proven this point.”

“Previous poster, wake up.

Is the composition of a pop song the same as the composition of a classical piano piece Do you think its the difference between cabbage and lettuce”

“Waiting for tomorrow nights awards ceremony!”


Shi Jins figure appeared backstage.

The staff looked at her in unison.

She looked back at everyone calmly with clear eyes.

Yao Jiahong passed the water over without asking anything.

Actually, he had more or less understood why Shi Jin had come to attend the competition.

He also knew that she definitely had her own plans and thoughts.

“The publics comments are all over the place now.

I will try my best to suppress them.

As for the company, I will also communicate with the higher-ups.” Yao Jiahong reassured Shi Jin.

Shi Jin took the water and nodded.

Her expression was calm and natural.

She was not disturbed by the commotion outside.

“I dont want to see the reporters or be interviewed.

Just get in the car.” After saying that, she followed Yao Jiahong to the parking lot.

On the other hand, Shi Xuexin was alarmed.

Hu Lai and Shi Baozhi were sitting backstage.

They had indescribable feelings about the situation outside.

Hu Lai had experienced Chu Lings plagiarism before, and she had been badly battered the last time.

This time, she did not want to repeat the same mistake on Shi Xuexin.

“Xuexin, tell me honestly.

Why is Shi Jins song so close to yours”

“I dont know either.” Shi Xuexin shook her head and said, “Sister Lai, you know me.

Ive been learning the piano for many years.

You know Shi Jin too.

She never learned it before.”

With that said, she looked at Shi Baozhi.


Shi Baozhi thought about it and said, “Hu Lai, do you know Shi Jin well”

How could Hu Lai not understand Shi Jin

She even clearly knew how many times Shi Jin had followed Chu Ling to his filming sets.

Hu Lai had been taking care of Chu Ling for so many years.

She had seen Shi Xuexin take piano lessons and practice all sorts of things, but she had never seen Shi Jin touch the piano.

“Auntie, I even consulted you when I was writing the melody.” Shi Xuexin looked at Shi Baozhi.

Shi Baozhi asked, “Then why is it that during the semi-finals, your songs were very close, and the same problem happened during the finals If there really is a crisis, how are you going to prove yourself”

Plagiarism was not the most important thing.

The most important thing was to prove that she had not plagiarized.

Now that the outside world was in chaos, Shi Baozhi needed a solution.

Shi Xuexins eyes lit up immediately.

“I gave this song to Sister Lai a long time ago.

Right, Sister Lai”

“Yes, the recording was also done earlier.” Hu Lai nodded.

“Previously, I showed the music score to the companys higher-ups.

Everyone admired Xuexin, so we signed the contract.”

“In other words, Shi Jin somehow got your piece.” Shi Baozhi understood.

Hu Lai asked, “But what does Shi Jin want from this”

Then, she realized the answer herself.

The answer was too simple.

She was after Chu Ling.


Although she kept telling her fans that she already had someone she liked and even bragged about that man, Hu Lai never believed her.

After all, who was better than Chu Ling

She could not stand Shi Xuexin, so it was easy for her to understand why she wanted to take away Shi Xuexins resources and even make Shi Xuexue feel unjust.

Shi Baozhi said, “Dont let your guard down.

She has a lot of fans and is very popular.

If you dont have concrete evidence, its hard to believe you completely.

Anyway, lets prepare for this tough battle.

Ill find a friend to contact Jade and see if I can get him to come out and say a few words for you so that he can stand for your credit.”

“Auntie, do you know Jade”

“Not yet.” Shi Baozhi picked up her phone to contact her old friend.

Shi Xuexin suddenly felt emboldened.

Her songs had been collected from the Shi mansion a few years ago and had been modified.

It was impossible that it had anything to do with Shi Jin.

If Shi Jin had not participated in the competition with her this time, she would have treated these music scores as her own composition and believed it herself.

In the earlier years, Shi Jin was still young and had never learned piano.

How could she have created such pieces

When Shi Jin returned to the villa, Ji Hanxue sent her a WeChat message.

“Shi Jin, do you want to come over and sit with me for a while”

It seemed that Ji Hanxue had also watched the live broadcast of todays competition and was paying attention to her situation.

No matter what, Shi Jin was considered the savior of the entire crew.

With Ji Hanxue as the leader, the entire crew basically stood on her side when they watched the competition.

“Alright, wait for me for a while.” After Shi Jin replied to the message, she changed into casual home clothes, took a bottle and walked downstairs.

When she went over, the other crew members were all chased away by Ji Hanxue.

They were afraid of giving her pressure.

The only person who stayed by Ji Hanxues side was Yan Chu.

He was the male lead of this drama and had debuted for many years.

He was the white moonlight in the hearts of countless people.

In recent years, the number of movies he filmed had decreased significantly.

However, once any of his movies were released, it would still become a classic hit.

This time, he and Ji Hanxue worked together.

It would definitely be a huge surprise for the fans.

Ji Hanxue and him were sitting in the pavilion in the courtyard.

When he saw Shi Jin, Ji Hanxue smiled and said, “Yan Chu insisted on meeting you to thank you in person.”

“Thank me” Shi Jin did not think that they had any interactions.

“When the earthquake happened, the biggest rock on the mountain hit Yan Chus room.

What do you think”

In other words, if he had not left the mountain, he would have been reduced to a pile of mush.

“So no matter what, I have to thank you.” Yan Chu smiled and extended his hand.

Shi Jin shook his hand.

He smiled and said, “Director Ji hasnt finished filming that sunrise scene.

We still want to stay here for another two days.”

“Do whatever you want.” Shi Jin could not live in such a big place by herself anyway.

It was not a big deal to have them around.

“Do you need any help with the competition today” Yan Chu asked cautiously.

Logically speaking, he shouldnt have asked this since it was his first time meeting Shi Jin, but he wanted to help.

Although the rumors outside had been suppressed, there had to be a solution.

This was also the reason why Yan Chu wanted to meet Shi Jin.

Ji Hanxue also said, “If you have any difficulties, you can tell us.”

She was a popular celebrity who had traveled overseas to participate in the competition.

Whether she had made a mistake or she had been framed, Ji Hanxue couldnt bear for her to be hurt.

“Its not difficult for now.

My manager has made arrangements for the competition.

Director Ji, Mr.

Yan, you dont have to worry about it.” Shi Jins voice was very pleasant.

One could tell that she wasnt bothered.

Ji Hanxue and Yan Chu exchanged glances and switched the topic.

“Right, Director Ji, this is for you.” Shi Jin took out a bottle.

It was small and contained an unknown liquid.

It looked quite exquisite, and the liquid was glowing slightly.

“What is this” Ji Hanxue took it and played with it with interest.

“Essential oil extracted from the flowers and leaves you wanted to throw away.

It can be considered a souvenir.”

Ji Hanxue immediately opened the cork of the bottle and sniffed it.

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