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Chapter 400: Actually Very Pretty

It was mainly because there were people livestreaming the whole process.

If Shi Jin didnt have any explosive points, the popularity would be easily taken over by others.

However, if she was alone, it would be hard to come up with trending topics.

Shi Jin remembered that she still had a script to edit and said, “Ill be editing a script, but I cant let them see the content.

Its fine as long as they dont film the details of my writing.”

Yao Jiahong nodded and went out to communicate with them.

This time, most of the people who followed were Polish.

Yao Jiahong mainly talked to the interpreter.

Shi Jin went upstairs to take a quick shower and change her clothes before going downstairs.

She held a notebook and pen in her hand and sat down to write.

At that moment, the livestreams of the contestants were either playing the piano or trying to find all sorts of explosive news.

For example, Shi Xuexin had already started promoting her CD album, but Shi Jin was doing her own things unhurriedly.

The fans asked anxiously, “What exactly is Shi Jin doing”

“Could she be composing”

“Is this how the songs are written I see that the other contestants write it while playing, its different from what shes doing.”

“Although, dont you think that she actually looks very pretty like this”

Shi Jin sat in front of the floor-to-ceiling window.

The sun shone on her, and she was wearing her loungewear.

She quietly lowered her head to write, giving off a peaceful feeling.

This kind of feeling made the fans feel at ease.

They no longer argued about wanting explosive news.

They just wanted to work quietly with her.

Fu Xiuyuans phone was also on the livestream.

Shi Jin did not speak.

Her manager and assistant sat in another corner.

In the video, there was only the sound of the wind blowing through the leaves.

It was a very comforting scene.

It was calming.

Shi Jin sat there for more than two hours.

She saw a WeChat message from Fu Xiuyuan.

She stood up and said to the camera, “Its not good for your health to sit for too long.

Its best to move around.”

“Good point.”

“Daughter is right.

Ill stand up and walk around too.”

“So who said those words to Little Stone before she stood up”

“Could he be the man she likes”

“Haha, lets walk together.”

Instantly, the comments section became lively.

Shi Jin got up to pour a glass of water and looked into the distance.

There were mountains in the distance.

The trees were so green that they were eye-catching.

The scenery was pleasant.

She suddenly thought of something and said to Yao Jiahong, “Brother Yao, what mountain is that”

Before Yao Jiahong came, he had made quite a few guides.

He said, “Thats Mount Polaport.

The scenery is very beautiful, but its been closed recently.

Otherwise, we can go over and take a look.

Its not far from here.”

“Mm.” Shi Jin recalled what happened in her previous life.

She remembered that there was an earthquake in Poland around these two days.

The earthquake was not strong.

It did not even disturb Warsaw.

However, the entire mountain was unstable, and there were still landslides and falling rocks, causing the entire mountain to have serious problems.

There were many people living on Mount Polaport.

It was said that there were more than twenty casualties and many of them were from S Nation.

It was fine if she did not remember, but she could not stand by and do nothing about what she remembered.

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