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Chapter 40: Desperate Dog

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Fu Heyan kept looking at Shi Jin and her brother.

Neither of them realized she was looking at them while they kept gazing at each other.

Instead, she had to watch on while they stared into each others eyes.

Fu Heyan said angrily.

“Im leaving!”

Song Fan followed behind her and saw her out.

“Mr Song, am I missing something here Was that really Shi Jin”

Song Fan told Fu Heyan about Shi Jins recent behavior and left Fu Heyan in deep thought.

On the other end, Golden Domain Entertainment showed great interest in Deng Yufei and kept getting in touch with her.

However, Deng Yufei had yet to make a decision.

Shi Jin contacted Mr Wang and talked about signing with his talent agency, but he was disinterested.

She casually brought up Deng Yufeis astounding songwriting skills and brilliant stage performance as she tried to convince him to give herself a deal.

Sure enough, it piqued his interest, so he searched for Deng Yufeis music online and was stunned by her talent.

Although he ran a talent agency and signed celebrities, he was doing it both for the sake of his company and harem.

However, if he could get someone as talented as Deng Yufei, it would certainly help to boost the companys performance a lot.

Mr Wang was determined to get Deng Yufei to sign with his talent agency.

Deng Yufei had surprisingly turned up to filming late when Shi Jin got back to the filming location.

Shi Jin was certain that she must have taken up Mr Wangs offer.

It was time for them to perform as duos

The episode about the team division had already gotten aired.

Wen Yongwei, Deng Yufei and Shen Qi were the most popular contestants.

Wen Yongwei was collaborating with Chu Ling, so she had the highest chances of winning.

Also, she consistently came in first, so her odds of winning became even better.

Deng Yufei consistently came in top three and was a highly talented songwriter, so she was also a hot favorite.

However, no one knew that her songs were Shi Jins work.

The least popular group was Shi Jin and Gu Qinghua.

As a fan said: [One of them is a desperate dog while the other one has rookie vocals.

Do they think that their negative plus negative combo will end up positive]

Chu Lings fans really wanted Little Stone to get eliminated.

They could not stand the sight of this irritating woman!

The live stream commenced.

Everyone went up the stage one after another.

Gu Qinghua was checking her social media account.

The more she looked at it, the more powerless she felt.

Shi Jin walked up beside her and said gently, “Can you practice with me”

Gu Qinghua immediately nodded.

“Sure.” She was trying to distract herself from the anxiety.

Shi Jin and Gu Qinghua rehearsed twice backstage.

Gu Qinghua had great vocals and coordinated flawlessly with Shi Jin.

However… there was no one around to see them now.

Deng Yufei was about to go on stage with a male fellow-contestant named Cui Hang.

Cui Hang was very impressed by Deng Yufeis songwriting skills and agreed to use her song without hesitation.

The two of them had great odds at winning.

Cui Hang glanced at Deng Yufei.

His ranking was bound to soar after collaborating with her.

Deng Yufei was one of the rare few contestants with the chops to compete with Wen Yongwei for top position.

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