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Chapter 399: Why Save That Little Thing

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Hu Lai wanted to make the first move to gain the upper hand.

She wanted to record all of Shi Xuexins compositions so that she could publish them all online once she won the award.

This time, not only did they have to make an electronic version, but they also had to offer 200,000 copies of a CD version for fans to purchase.

Furthermore, after Shi Xuexin won the award, Chu Ling would also announce the news publicly.

When that happened, there would definitely be a shortage of the CDs.

Shi Xuexin looked at Hu Lai.

“Sister Lai, thank you.”

As long as she recorded it first, everything else would work out.

It would be impossible for Shi Jin to turn the tables.

The moment Shi Xuexin entered Warsaw, Hu Lai received the companys approval and Shi Xuexin began recording her original piano pieces.

During the livestream, her main job was to modify the score, practice, and record.

The fans watching the livestream were encouraged and attracted by her.

“Xuexin is too hardworking.

Not only is she a top student, but shes also so hardworking when it comes to composing and recording.”

“I already want to buy this CD.”

“I think so too.

Talented women are truly worthy of their reputation.”

“Shes much better than those celebrities who want to be popular in the entertainment industry and only want to show off.”

“Thats right.

Theyre both from the same family.

How can there be such a huge difference”

“Xuexin is still gentle and hardworking.

She deserves to be our role model.”

As her livestream was broadcasted, the number of her fans increased again.

Hu Lai also made it clear that she wanted to create an image that was completely different from other female celebrities.

She emphasized her elegance, gentleness, and talent and tried her best to compare her to other ordinary female celebrities.

This would also allow her to gain the support and approval of Chu Lings fans as soon as possible.

Shi Jin boarded the plane as well.

This time, Fu Xiuyuan didnt come with them, only Yao Jiahong and Xiao Li came.

As the organizing committee had arranged for a livestream, Shi Jin did not choose to stay in Fu Xiuyuans villa.

That house was too eye-catching.

If it was broadcasted live, who knew what kind of huge waves it would cause.

The car that came to pick Shi Jin up brought her to another villa.

This place was close to the suburbs of Warsaw.

The scenery was pleasant and it was also a villa area.

The main point was that the safety measures were the best.

It was also Fu Xiuyuans villa.

Compared to the noise and chaos in the hotel, it was much quieter here.

Yao Jiahong looked at the information sent by Song Fan and said, “Although this place is a little far from the Philharmonic Music Hall, it wont take long to get close.

The key is that this place is isolated from the world…”

He walked in as he spoke.

The sudden appearance of the gate and the huge garden made Yao Jiahong shut his mouth.

Not only was it isolated from the world, it was practically a paradise!

The courtyard alone was larger than the entire villa beside the Philharmonic Concert Hall.

Strange flowers and plants greeted them.

The courtyard was mixed with a fresh and sweet smell.

The livestreaming team that followed along was also speechless.

They had originally thought that Shi Jin would stay in a hotel, so the equipment they brought was relatively smaller and easier to carry.

If they had known that it was such a place, they would have brought more equipment and arranged for more photographers.

What was the point of saving those things!

Yao Jiahong placed the luggage upstairs before asking for Shi Jins arrangements.

“Shi Jin, what do you plan to do now”

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