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Chapter 398: Winning the Championship Will Be No Problem

“Teacher Shi, youre treating me like an outsider.

You didnt contact me before, so I didnt know there was such a good seedling like Xuexin.

Besides, Xuexin must have gained a lot during the Ivy League Composition Competition.

This is a win-win situation for us.”

Manager Wang did have high hopes for Shi Jin, and Su Ying had given her high praise.

He should have signed Shi Jin.

However, Shi Baozhi had personally spoken for Shi Xuexin.

She had also brought out Shi Xuexins results in various piano competitions, so he naturally knew who to choose.

Furthermore, his son was about to take part in the art examination… There were many places where he could rely on Shi Baozhi.

“Then its a deal, Manager Wang.

I look forward to working together.” Shi Baozhi extended her hand and shook Manager Wangs.

Shi Xuexin looked in the direction that Shi Jin had gone and smiled.

After leaving the Thousand Fortune Jewelry Building, Shi Jin replied to Gu Zehan.

“I dont have any jewelry endorsements at the moment.

If your friend is interested, I can consider it.”

“Ive been waiting for you to say that.

Their company is on the verge of entering Country Ss market, but they havent found a suitable spokesperson yet.

However, Ill understand the situation first so as to not waste your time.”

“Alright, thank you, Second Brother.”

“What are you thanking me for I still have to thank you.

This is a great help to my friend.”

Shi Jin had just replied to Gu Zehan when Su Ying called.

“Shi Jin, I heard about what happened with Manager Wang.

Im sorry.” Su Ying sounded apologetic.

Initially, she wanted to return a favor to Shi Jin, but in the end, she wasted her time and made a wasted trip to see other peoples smug faces.

“Its okay.

Its not your fault.” Shi Jins voice was calm.

She did not seem to care at all.

Su Ying wanted to say something, but she found herself unable to.

She had gotten Manager Wangs contact information through her good friend, but in the end, she was unable to stop Shi Baozhi from interfering.

Su Ying was embarrassed.

“Ill treat you to a meal another day.”

“Sure.” Shi Jin agreed immediately.

In her previous life, she did not have much contact with Su Ying.

The outside world said that Su Ying was a proud and arrogant person, but now it seemed like that was not the case.


After Shi Xuexin intercepted Shi Jins resources, the advertisement was quickly filmed.

The pictures were of her sitting in front of the piano, the Thousand Fortune Jewelrys bracelet on her wrist.

The advertisement was about her wearing a necklace that was said to be a family heirloom and playing a melodious piano piece.

This kind of advertisement was undoubtedly very suitable for many fans and passers-by who yearned for high-end life.

Especially the necklace on Shi Xuexins neck.

It was said to be worth eight digits.

It made the fans very excited.

“The beautiful rich lady lives up to her name!”

“Sigh, its a pity that I cant afford jewelry.

Otherwise, I would support Xuexin.”

“With such a high starting point, Xuexin should become a top celebrity in the entertainment industry very soon, right”

“Xuexin is worth it!”

On Shi Jins end, she accepted Gu Zehans introduction of the jewelry advertisement.

However, they only took some pictures first.

Currently, they only released it in a few major foreign cities and had not released it domestically.

“Didnt they say that they wanted to enter Country Ss market” Yao Jiahong found it strange as well.

Shi Xuexins advertisement had already occupied all the major subway stations and bus stops, but Shi Jins advertisement had not made a move.

Yao Jiahong did not personally handle this advertisement, so he did not know much about the situation.

“Brother Yao, take a look at their prices.” Shi Jin passed the phone over.

Yao Jiahong took a look and realized that this jewelry store only did customization business.

The starting price was eight figures.

It meant that they would not advertise for the non-target audience at all.

Compared to the Thousand Fortune Jewelry that Shi Xuexin was endorsing, which would only cost 188 yuan to buy a low-caliber gold ring, it was reasonable that the jewelry advertisement endorsed by Shi Jin would not appear at the train station or bus stop.

Yao Jiahong silently returned the phone to Shi Jin.

While the advertisement filming ended, the finals for the Ivy League Composition Competition were also coming up.

This time, the Ivy League held the finals in Warsaw.

As a small-scale global competition, due to Shi Xuexins deliberate promotion, the attention on it had not decreased.

In addition, the organizing committee also wanted to push the competition to another level.

In terms of publicity, they did not reduce their efforts.

This time, even the Ivy Leagues international headquarters had learned from the experience of Country S.

They were going to broadcast the finals live.

The level of grandness was no less than the Chopin global competition.

Shi Xuexin went all out.

Not only did she use the production team arranged by the organizing committee, but she also brought a livestream team.

After boarding the plane, she, Shi Baozhi, and several others switched off their earpieces and avoided the camera before lying down to rest.

This time, Hu Lai and Shi Baozhi accompanied her.

After Shi Baozhi asked for a cup of coffee, she suddenly asked, “Xuexin, why was your tune so similar to Shi Jins”

Shi Xuexins heart skipped a beat.

“Perhaps its a coincidence, Auntie.

After all, Shi Jin and I have lived together for several years.

We have come into contact with many things in the same way.”

Shi Baozhi nodded and did not object to her explanation.

“However, I saw your new song and its not bad.

You have to protect your own things well.”

“Got it.” Shi Xuexin squeezed the phone in her hand.

The difference from the last time was very small.

It was impossible for her to clash with Shi Jin in the finals.

Hu Lai interrupted and said, “Xuexin, I saw that Teacher Shi brought over a dozen songs for you.

Im communicating with the company to get you a piano album.”

“Really” Shi Xuexin was delighted.

Shi Baozhi glanced at Hu Lai.

“Recording an album is not a small matter.

It requires a lot of manpower and resources.

Xuexin has yet to receive an award, are you sure you want to record it first”

This also requires the cooperation of professional recorders, equipment, and other pianists.

Hu Lai smiled and said, “Yeah, one of the judges who came last time was from Poland.

He had a very high evaluation of Xuexins song composition and said that she would win.

Isnt that right”

Shi Baozhi thought of the professional judges attitude and her mood improved.

The child she had taken a liking to was indeed impressive.

“We still need Teacher Shis help for this recording,” Hu Lai said.

Shi Baozhi thought for a moment and said, “Then apply first and see if the company agrees.”

Hu Lai received Shi Baozhis approval and immediately went to communicate with the company.

In the semi-finals, Shi Jin and Shi Xuexin had similar results.

However, the judges at Hall A had high opinions of Shi Xuexin and felt that she was a promising talent.

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