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Chapter 397: But I Report to Him

The next day, Shi Jin went to the film set of “Emergency Rescue.”

They had started filming Su Yings scenes.

As expected of Su Ying, she got into character very quickly.

After the scene ended, Su Ying walked towards Shi Jin and said, “Shi Jin, look.”

She reached out and pulled her long hair up, taking off the wig to reveal the new base of her hair.

The mottled black and white hair had disappeared.

Replacing it was black new hair.

“What kind of good stuff did you give me”

First, she had recovered from her allergies.

Then, Shi Jin gave her another medicine.

This time, she took it regularly.

She treated it more seriously than when she was filming her first scene in her life.

Then, she watched as the black hair grew out.

“Its good stuff.” Shi Jin smiled and said, “Keep using it.”

Because Su Ying was in a good mood, her scenes progressed exceptionally quickly and she was very into the character.

When Shi Jin left, Su Ying said to her manager, “Do you think Im asking for too much pay for acting in this movie”

“Yes, a little,” her manager said.

Just this allergy and white hair treatment alone was worth more money than the movies pay.

Su Ying looked at Shi Jins back view thoughtfully.

“Give Shi Jin a call,” she said to her manager.

Not long after Shi Jin left, she received a call from Su Yings manager.

“Whats the matter” Shi Jin sat in the car and was rushing to another place.

“Sister Ying asked if you want to take on a jewelry brand endorsement” her manager asked.

“Do you have Brother Yaos contact number Send it to Brother Yao and let him take a look first.”


“Thanks,” Shi Jin said and hung up.

After the manager hung up the phone, she said to Su Ying, “Sister Ying, this jewelry brand is very important.

It will soon be internationalized.

It wasnt easy for us to find it for you.”

The endorsement of jewelry brands has always been lucrative, and the promotion of jewelry was also very strong.

It was very beneficial for the artistes exposure.

Giving this to Shi Jin was an overly expensive gift.

Su Ying smiled and said, “Do you think this is enough If she didnt know Liu Ning, I would have found her a film resource to repay this favor.

Giving her the endorsement for Thousand Fortune Jewelry is nothing.”

The manager took a look at Su Yings fair face and fresh black hair and hurriedly gave Yao Jiahong Thousand Fortune Jewelrys contact information.

Yao Jiahong analyzed the situation and said to Shi Jin, “Thousand Fortune Jewelry has been doing quite well these few years.

Coincidentally, you dont have a jewelry endorsement yet.

Do you want to consider it”

There was a message from an international jewelry brand on Shi Jins phone.

The other party had a good impression of her performance ability and had contacted her through Gu Zehans connections.

Shi Jin had been considering this jewelry endorsement for the past two days.

Hearing Yao Jiahongs words, she said calmly, “Then lets consider it.”

Su Ying owed her something, so she would definitely feel burdened.

She might as well take the endorsement for Thousand Fortune Jewelry and not let Su Ying feel too pressured.

Even though all these were nothing to Shi Jin.

When he heard that Shi Jin was willing to take the job, Yao Jiahong quickly contacted Thousand Fortune Jewelry.

“Lets sign the contract this weekend,” Yao Jiahong said.

“Ill come and pick you up this weekend.

After you sign the contract, you can take photos and shoot the corresponding advertisement.”

When Shi Jin heard that, she said, “Got it.

Ill make time for this weekend.”

At the end of the week.

Yao Jiahong went straight to the headquarters of Thousand Fortune Jewelry after picking Shi Jin up.

It was said that the shoot would be held here as well.

In order to enter the international market this time, Thousand Fortune Jewelry intended to use the precious jewelry that they had kept for many years for their artists to film.

In front of the towering building of Thousand Fortune Jewelry, there were people in suits and leather shoes, exuding a high-end aura.

Yao Jiahong and Shi Jin walked in.

According to the appointment, they arrived at the eighteenth floor where Manager Wang, the person in charge, was.

“Shi Jin, right Please wait a moment.” The secretarys eyes lit up when she saw Shi Jin.

“Would you like some tea or coffee”

“A cup of water, please,” Yao Jiahong said politely.


Shi Jin looked at Yao Jiahong with resentment.

He said in a low voice, “Im not the one who asked for this.

It was Master Fu who instructed me to do it.

He said that you havent been resting enough for the past two days, and you need to stop drinking tea and coffee to prevent your nerves from deteriorating.”

Shi Jin glanced at him.

“Are you my manager or his manager”

“Im your manager…” Yao Jiahong took the water from the secretary.

“But I have to report to him.” ”

Shi Jin accepted the water.

She had just taken a sip when she saw a familiar figure walk out of the office.

It was Shi Xuexin.

Following that, Manager Wang and Shi Baozhi walked out together.

“Manager Wang, Ill have to trouble you with this matter,” Shi Baozhi said with a smile.

“Jewelry and piano are both elegant things.

When these two are combined, they will be more compatible.

I believe that it will allow Thousand Fortune Jewelry to become more refined.”

“Hahaha, of course.

Its rare that Xuexin is willing to cooperate with us,” Manager Wang nodded and said.

Shi Xuexin stopped in her tracks and smiled as she greeted, “Shi Jin.”

Shi Jin put down the cup and stood up.

Yao Jiahong looked at Manager Wang.

“Manager Wang, this is…”


Yao, its like this.

Previously, we did draft a contract verbally.

However, after discussion within the company, we decided that jewelry advertisements are different from other advertisements after all.

We wanted Thousand Fortune Jewelrys advertisements to be more in line with the aesthetic needs of high-end consumers.

Therefore, weve contacted the pianist, Shi Xuexin, to see who is more suitable…”

Although Manager Wang worded it this way… how could Shi Jin not understand Judging from his attitude just now, he was more inclined towards Shi Xuexin.

No, he had already confirmed Shi Xuexin.

Yao Jiahongs voice turned cold.

“So Manager Wang, we cant sign the contract today, right”

“Its not that we cant sign it.

I know that Shi Jin plays the piano too, but she only plays popular songs and not elegant classical piano music…”

“Since thats the case, lets call it a day,” Yao Jiahong said coldly.

“Shi Jin, lets go.”

Naturally, Shi Jin would not stay here for long.

Without even glancing at Shi Xuexin, she stood up and left with Yao Jiahong.

Manager Wang looked at their backs and sneered.

“What kind of attitude is this We havent even signed the contract yet.

Who are you trying to put on airs for”

Shi Baozhi, on the other hand, smiled calmly and said, “Manager Wang, we are to blame for this matter.

We contacted you last night and made it difficult for you to be in the middle.

Im very sorry.”

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