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Chapter 396: Its All in the Past

Shi Jin said, “My two friends will be coming over later.

Do you mind”

“I dont mind,” Sheng Tian said immediately, but his sister was a little nervous, afraid that something would happen later.

Shi Jin tilted her head and asked Sheng Tian, “Are you still learning the piano”

“Im studying, but Im about to graduate from university.

If I want to continue studying, Ill have to change teachers,” Sheng Tian said.

“I wonder what kind of teachers Ill have in the future.”

Shi Jin didnt say much.

Someone knocked on the door.

Shi Jin was the closest to the door, but Sheng Tian went to open it first.

The door opened and the woman standing at the door smiled at him politely.


Sheng Tian was stunned.

The public might not know Fu Heyan, but as a professional, he knew her well.

This was the youngest winner of the Chopin Award, Fu Heyan, from 15 years ago.

And now, she was a teacher in the Piano Association and was also a well-respected pianist.

If one Shi Baozhi was enough to make everyone excited, then one Fu Heyan was worth ten Shi Baozhis.

The person behind Fu Heyan was slightly older than Fu Heyan, thin and polite.

Sheng Tian was stunned again.

Was this Master Song, who had an even more impressive resume and professionalism than Fu Heyan

The two of them had always kept a low profile and would only appear in professional musical performances.

Sheng Tian had never thought that he would meet the two of them under such circumstances.

The last time he was at the Philharmonic Music Hall in Warsaw, he only dared to greet Shi Jin and did not dare to interact with the two of them, but now…

Sheng Tian shifted his gaze to them.

Song Huaixian and Fu Heyan had already sat down beside Shi Jin.

Shi Jin introduced the two parties.

Only then did Sheng Tians sister remember that these two people were the two on the poster beside Sheng Tians bed.

“You can just call me Sister.” Fu He Yan was very generous.

“You are Shi Jins friend.

You dont have to be polite with me.”

“Sister Heyan,” Sheng Tian greeted politely.

Shi Jin continued the topic from before.

“Are you going to apply for graduate school and then find a teacher”

“Yes, thats the plan so far.” Sheng Tian didnt even dare to breathe.

“Which aspect are you applying for Performing or composing” Fu Heyan had been introduced by Shi Jin.

Knowing that Sheng Tian was a contestant who had participated in the Chopin competition last time, he brought up some memories.

“The main focus is still performance.”

Fu Heyan smiled and said, “Then Ill introduce my teacher to you.

My teacher is from the National Music Hall.

He should still be short of people.”

Everyone knew Fu Heyans level.

Her teacher should be a national master.

Ordinary piano practitioners would not be able to come into contact with someone of that level.

After a few sentences, she introduced her teacher to Sheng Tian and he even added him on WeChat.

Not only Sheng Tian was shocked, even his sister felt as if she was stepping on clouds.

When they came, his sister was still worried that they would encounter a difficult situation, but after a while, they actually solved the problem of his studies

Sheng Tian wanted to develop himself in this area.

Finding a reliable teacher was more useful than learning for five years.


On the other side, in the medical laboratory of Imperial University.

Wei Zai held his phone and was reminiscing about Shi Xuexins competition.

“Its really too nice.

The songs that Xuexin composed are better than the previous!”

On the other side, someone was playing Shi Jins performance.

Everyone leaned forward and listened attentively.

Shi Jin had a good foundation, and this song was also very good.

They did not know if something was wrong with Wei Zais ears to think that Shi Xuexins performance was good.

Wei Zi defined their behavior as a compromise with Gu Jingyuan.

“You cant deliberately say Shi Jins tune is good just because you want to please Doctor Gu, right” Wei Zai took off his earphones and said.

“Its not like we said it ourselves.” Someone scratched his ears.

“Its our ears that said it.

Just listen and youll know!”

“Im not listening!” Wei Zai put on his headphones again, too lazy to bother with them.


Shi Xuexin had originally planned to rely on the Ivy League semi-finals to attract more fans for herself.

However, the outcome was not ideal.

The number of fans increased this time was not as much as when she signed the contract.

The amount of attention and downloads for the song she played was far from Shi Jins.

Not only that, the speed at which she gained fans was not even as fast as Sheng Tian.

Over at the organizing committee, the broadcasting team in Hall B was also quite enthusiastic.

They had been actively promoting things related to Shi Jin.

The commotion in Hall A was much smaller.

They heard that the broadcasting team at Hall B had received double the resources from the organizing committee as compensation.

Naturally, they were happy to promote things related to Shi Jin.


Shi Jin glanced at the Weibo page.

It was filled with complaints from her fans.

“Daughter, can you let us know in advance if you have any activities next time I almost missed your livestream today.”

“Thats right.

After such a long time, you finally have an activity, and you didnt even promote it! If I had known earlier, I would have snatched your live tickets.”

“I cant sleep tonight.

Its all your fault that your piano music is so nice.

I feel like Im going to play it on repeat all night.”

“When will the studio version be released Please, Im begging on my knees.”

Since Fu Xiuyuan was not home yet, Shi Jin could record the studio version herself.

There was a room in Orchid Pavilion where she worked.

She cleaned up and quickly recorded a high-definition version of the piano piece and posted it on Weibo.

Free edition.

Only then did she manage to appease the noisy fans.

When she walked out of the recording studio, Fu Xiuyuan had just returned.

When he saw her, he quickly walked forward.

Before Shi Jin could say anything, she was embraced by a warm embrace.

“That song was composed a few years ago”

Fu Xiuyuan asked a question, but his tone was almost certain.

Although there was a deliberately concealed sadness in the song, that sadness was clearly heard.

It was definitely her work from a few years ago.

Shi Jin nodded gently in his arms.

“Yes, but its all in the past.”

Other people who heard it would say that it was nice, very good, that she was talented.

Only Fu Xiuyuan could hear those emotions.

It was indeed composed a few years ago, so when she played it again, the sadness was actually restrained and modified.

It was normal that others could not hear it.

“It didnt sound so pleasant at first.

I changed it.”

“I can tell.” Fu Xiuyuan knew how sad it would be if it was the previous version.

At that time, he had not cared for her enough.

Fortunately, just as she said, it was all in the past.

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