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Chapter 395: I Promised, So I Have to Go

Many people rushed over to listen to the replay.

Then, someone discovered a shocking fact.

The tune played by Shi Jin and Shi Xuexin was extremely similar in terms of the melody, tone, and overall mood.

It sounded like the same song.

It felt like a fantasy.

“Wait, so whats going on Their songs are so identical”

“The two of them seem to have lived together before… Could it be a sign of plagiarism”

“I dont get it.

Even if its plagiarism, it should be Shi Jin.

After all, Shi Xuexin has been studying for so many years.

Shi Jin is just a novice.”

“But Shi Jins music is so much better than Xuexins.”

“Previous poster, professional standards are not measured by whether its nice or not.”

“But who said that classical piano music cant be good Mozart, Beethoven, Liszt, and Bach are all good!”

“So Shi Jin can be compared to those masters”

Then, someone did a soundtrack comparison.

After doing a professional comparison, they realized that the two songs were actually different.

The tune and tone were very different.

Furthermore, it was obvious that Shi Jins composition was more professional.

All of a sudden, the topic of plagiarism was suppressed.

However, the topic of professional comparisons between Shi Jin and Shi Xuexin became even more rampant.

Shi Xuexins livestream statistics were not good today and she was feeling depressed.

Hu Lai consoled her.

“For newbies who just debuted, your statistics are pretty good.

After all, Shi Jin has a bigger fanbase.”

Shi Xuexin looked at the data of her defeat and felt a little uncomfortable.

Hu Lai said, “We troubled your aunt today.

Ill give her a call and treat her to a meal.

Ill also treat Peng Guanyu and his manager to a meal.”

Peng Guanyu had contributed to todays statistics.

He and Shi Xuexin had both relied on piano to make their debut.

In the future, they would be able to help each other.


Peng Guanyu was overjoyed when he heard that he was going to have a meal with Shi Baozhi.

His manager immediately agreed.

“Guanyu, Shi Baozhis identity is extraordinary.

You must seize this opportunity well.” After the manager hung up the phone, she was pleasantly surprised.

Peng Guanyu nodded.

Not only Shi Baozhi, but Shi Xuexin as well.

He had to build a good relationship with her.


After Shi Jins competition ended, Sheng Tian was still by her side, waiting to see if she needed any help.

“Sheng Tian, shall we have dinner together tonight” Shi Jin asked.

The last time she participated in the Chopin Global Competition under the name of Jade, Sheng Tian clearly knew that it was her, but there was no news from the outside world.

Shi Jin knew that this young man was not bad.

He was tight-lipped and she wanted to find a chance to thank him.

“Sure.” Sheng Tian agreed immediately.

He had been afraid that Shi Jin would be afraid of trouble and would not interact much with him.

After Sheng Tian agreed, he said, “Ill go find my sister and come back later.”

Shi Jin nodded.

She had just changed her clothes when Fu Heyan came backstage to deliver flowers.

Now that the livestream was closed, there was no need for her to avoid Shi Jin.

“Sister, why are you here” Shi Jin did not see her just now.

Actually, Fu Heyan had been here since a long time ago.

“I didnt want to disturb you.

Actually, Teacher Song is here too.” Fu Heyan looked surprised.

“Teacher Song also said that he didnt expect you to compose on your own.

There are fewer and fewer people like you who can play and compose on your own.

Teacher Song was very excited and went out to make a call.”

Shi Jin took over her flowers and smiled.

“Thank you.”

“Dont tell me youre going back to accompany Xiuyuan tonight”

“Hes busy tonight.

Im meeting a friend for dinner.”

“Bring me along!” Fu Heyan said immediately.

When they were eating with Shi Jin, it was really comfortable without Fu Xiuyuan, that ice sculpture.

“Is Teacher Song coming with us” Shi Jin asked.

“Its up to him.

Just dont leave me behind,” Fu Heyan said.

“Book a place.

Ill come after telling him.”

Yao Jiahong had already reserved spots.

When he heard that Fu Heyan and the rest were going, he immediately called them to add more seats.

After they were done, he walked over with Shi Jin.

At that moment, all the reporters had gone over to interview Shi Baozhi.

After the reporters on Shi Jins side were swept away by Xiao Li, there were not many left.

Very quickly, Shi Jin arrived at the private dining room.

She scrolled through the content on Weibo.

Everyone was discussing her and Shi Xuexins piano scores.

Many people had even given professional analysis, and it looked like they were making sense.

After scanning for a while, she closed Weibo.

When Sheng Tian and his sister came out, Peng Guanyu had just finished his interview.

When he and his manager saw Sheng Tian, they did not greet him this time.

The manager pulled Peng Guanyu away.

Previously, Sheng Tian and Peng Guanyu had competed for first and second place in the Chopin preliminaries.

The competition between the two had never stopped.

After Peng Guanyu accepted two variety shows, he had finally gained popularity.

Tonight, he had established a good relationship with Shi Xuexin and was about to have dinner with Shi Baozhi.

Only then did he widen the distance between Sheng Tian.

Sheng Tians sister watched as Peng Guanyu walked far away and said, “What kind of people are they Back then, their company wanted to sign you, but you didnt agree, so they signed Peng Guanyu.

Now, its as if theyre scared that were going to ride on their popularity.”

Sheng Tian didnt say anything.

His sister continued, “But how did you meet Shi Jin You looked familiar and Shi Jin treated you to a meal.

I wonder if her company wants to sign you”

She thought for a moment and said, “Youve never liked the showbiz style of the entertainment industry.

If she wants to make you popular, are you going to reject her or agree Tonights dinner… how about you not go”

She knew her brothers temper too well.

He looked very amiable, but he hated these superficial social engagements.

He was devoted to the piano.

She just didnt know why he agreed to have dinner with Shi Jin.

“Ive already agreed.

Im definitely going,” Sheng Tian said.

His sister did not say anything else.

The two of them walked towards the address Shi Jin sent.

Peng Guanyu and his manager arrived at the restaurant.

As soon as they entered the elevator, they saw Sheng Tian and his sister walking over.

The manager hurriedly pressed the button to close the elevator door as he said, “It looks like Sheng Tian also wants to be a disciple under Teacher Shi, so he specially followed you here.

You should be more lively tonight and see if you can successfully become her disciple.

A teacher like Shi Baozhi will only benefit your future.”

Peng Guanyu nodded.

Sheng Tian and his sister knocked on the door and Shi Jins voice came from inside.

“Come in.”

When the two of them entered and only saw Shi Jin and Yao Jiahong, they immediately became less reserved.

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