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Chapter 394: Highly Valuable

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“I dont think Shi Jin has followed Shi Baozhi, right Ive heard nothing about it.”

The two commenters words caused a lot of controversy.

In an instant, the number of livestream viewers increased.

After a while, it reached more than three million.

This number was not considered amazing.

However, the director knew that this was already an impressive number.

After all, there was no publicity for Shi Jins arrival.

The fans had only clicked in at the last minute.

Compared to the various programs that had been widely promoted previously, this was a figure brought about by zero promotions.

Its value was definitely comparable to the figures that had been meticulously prepared.

Shi Jin was interacting with Sheng Tian while on the other side, Shi Xuexin and Peng Guanyu were interacting.

However, the number of livestream fans in Hall A had remained around 1.2 million.

There were highs and lows, but it did not increase anymore.

A moment later, the number of fans in Hall A dropped to 800,000, 750,000, 600,000, and it was still dropping…

The director of Hall A was getting anxious.

“What happened”

Logically speaking, it shouldnt have dropped like this.

Especially with Peng Guanyu here, who was quite popular after being promoted by his company.

“Director, Shi Jin arrived in Hall B.”

“Which Shi Jin”

“‘Scram,Immortal,The Moon Represents My Heart, that Shi Jin!”

Shi Xuexin could tell that something was wrong with the directors expression.

She had tried her best to interact with Peng Guanyu.

Could it be that the number of viewers had not increased

She smiled at the screen and said, “My aunt, Shi Baozhi, is coming over today as well.

Director, Ill go see if shes here.”

“Alright, alright,” the director said immediately.

The number of people watching the live broadcast had increased.

After all, many people were curious about a master-level figure like Shi Baozhi and wanted to see her for themselves.

Shi Xuexin left the camera as Hu Lai said, “Our live stream count has dropped to only 500,000.”

“Isnt that pretty good Previously, you predicted that there would be 500,000 viewership ratings.

Thats considered a pass.

If its very outstanding, it can reach a million.”

Hu Lai said, “Shi Jin went to Hall B, the number of people has already… exceeded five million.”

Shi Xuexin paused and felt pain in her palm.

What was Shi Jin doing here

As Shi Baozhi walked over, Shi Xuexin immediately perked up and said, “Auntie, the director is waiting for you.”

“Yes.” Shi Baozhi had already heard the news about Shi Jin.

She was as puzzled as Shi Xuexin.

Why was Shi Jin involved in such a matter

She immediately walked to the directors seat.

In the camera, Shi Baozhis appearance triggered a small peak in the number of fans.

“Teacher Shi, I heard that you are also Shi Jins aunt.

Has Shi Jin learned from you before” Seeing that the number of fans was not good, the directors first question was related to Shi Jin.

Shi Baozhi was unhappy with such a question, but she did not reject it.

“Actually, Ive always wanted to accept Shijin, but shes too busy and doesnt have much time.

However, I heard that she has already gone to Hall B to participate in the competition.

If shes willing to be my disciple, Ill welcome her anytime.”

Of course, before acknowledging a teacher, a sincere apology and some necessary etiquette were necessary.

Otherwise, Shi Baozhi would not consider it at all.

As soon as she said that, everyone in the bullet screen started discussing.

“So Shi Jin didnt learn from Teacher Shi.”

“Its obvious that she didnt learn from her.

Otherwise, she wouldnt have gone to Hall B to compete.

You all know that Hall B isnt very competitive.”

“I see.

In that case, Shi Xuexin is much more reliable.”

Although Shi Baozhis arrival did not increase the number of fans by too much, there were a lot more people criticizing Shi Jin.

Shi Xuexin was finally feeling better.

The competition officially commenced.

More and more people flooded into the livestream for Hall B.

The fans wanted to see Shi Jins performance and the haters wanted to see Shi Jin mess up.

The contestants from both sides took turns to go on stage.

Shi Xuexin and Shi Jins performances were scheduled slightly behind.

When Shi Xuexin appeared, the atmosphere in the bullet screen became lively.

After all, it was an original composition competition and it was also a classical piece, so many of the songs were more professional.

It made the people in the studio and livestream channel feel sleepy.

It was only until Shi Xuexins performance that the entire atmosphere was ignited.


“Although I dont understand classical piano music, it sounds pretty good.”

“From my professional point of view, it shouldnt be a problem for Shi Xuexin to get first place in the semi-finals.”

“Not bad indeed.

As expected of someone who studied under Shi Baozhi.”

When Shi Jin was competing, the live comments in Hall B were blank for two minutes.

No one spoke.

They were all brought into her music.

They were immersed in that moment like they were hypnotized.

It was not until her match ended that everyone could not help but comment, “Ive passed the most wonderful five minutes in the world! Its amazing!”

“What song is this, its so good!”

“Theres a hint of sadness in the comfort.

My emotions were aroused just now, and Im wiping my tears now.”

“Wiping my tears 1”

After the two competitions ended, the number of fans in Hall B reached six million.

The peak was reached during Shi Jins performance.

The highest number of viewers in Hall A was 1.2 million.

The peak was when Peng Guanyu entered the backstage to interact with Shi Xuexin.

The comparison between the two sets of data was obvious.

The entire production team in Hall A was not even in the mood to eat their packed lunch, let alone eat dinner.

On the other hand, everyone in Hall B was celebrating.

The results were also announced.

In Hall B, other than Shi Jin, two others had passed the semi-finals and entered the finals.

As for Hall A, other than Shi Xuexin, another person had passed the semi-finals and entered the finals.

Five people entered the finals.

There was actually one more slot in Hall B than Hall A.

It made the situation at Hall A even worse.

Among all the spots, Shi Jin and Shi Xuexin were ranked side by side.

Shi Jins fans were naturally very excited.

“Our daughter is great at everything.”

“Thats right.

The tune she played was super nice and had a good atmosphere.

I was touched.”

“Congratulations, Shi Jin, for your performance! Good luck!”

“I heard that the finals will be held at the Philharmonic Music Hall in Warsaw.

Many contestants from other countries will be participating.”

“Oh my god, Little Stone has ascended to another level! Amazing!”

However, Shi Xuexins fans were very unbalanced.

“A person who has never learned the piano has passed the semi-finals and entered the finals What a joke!”

“Seriously, this is such a joke.”

“Haha, I want to go and listen to Shi Jins music to see if its actually good..

What do people even see in her”

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