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Chapter 393: The Most Powerful Counterattack

Sheng Tian had originally been assigned to Hall A.

Who knew that Peng Guanyus management company would interfere at the last minute and snatch this position away

It was foreseeable that his interactions with Shi Xuexin and the opportunity to get a shot at Hall A would bring him a lot of popularity.

“Sister, forget it.” Sheng Tian stopped his sister, his smile still bright.

“Lets go to Hall B.”

Sheng Tians sister sighed.

She was not a professional.

How could she compare to Peng Guanyus team

Hall B was deserted.

Although the fans were all seated, most of them had their phones on as they watched the situation in Hall A.

If they could get tickets from Hall A, who would want to sit in Hall B

Although the production team in Hall B was also doing their best to work and film… the effect of the livestream was still not satisfactory.

After all, who would take the time to watch these unknown contestants enter the semi-finals to play their own compositions

When they saw Sheng Tian, their eyes lit up and they immediately came forward to interview him.

The situation in Hall B was slightly pulled back.

There were many people who knew about Sheng Tian, but he kept a low profile and did not publicize much.

In this impetuous society, even popular celebrities were easily abandoned by the audience, let alone a pianist like him.

Therefore, the situation was still not as good as Hall A.

Audience in Hall A: 1 million.

Audience in Hall B: 150,000.

Sheng Tians sister said in a low voice, “Its not bad.

You managed to attract 120,000 fans to watch.”

An assistant from Hall Bs production team suddenly said, “Director, Shi Jin is here!”

“Which Shi Jin” The director put down his teacup and sat up straight.

“Contestant Shi Jin.”

The director picked up his teacup again.

Shi Jin was a common name, so it was not surprising that someone shared the same name.

“Director… its really that Shi Jin! Shi Jin fromThe Ultimate Singer Songwriter! Shi Jin fromFriend, Dont Cry! AndThe Moon Represents My Heart…”

The director immediately stood up and walked out.

The cameras immediately followed suit.

Shi Jin was very low-profile today and did not publicize anything on Weibo.

All the fans had no idea about this.

She wore a cap and a mask.

After getting out of the nanny van, she took the elevator from the underground parking lot directly to Hall B.

It was only when she saw the organizers that she took off her mask and revealed her true appearance.

The assistant was in charge of receiving the contestants.

He called the other contestants in one by one.

The moment he raised his head, he saw a face that made his eyes light up.

“Shi… Shi Jin”

“Its me.” Shi Jin nodded in a friendly manner and took out her contestant card.

The assistant shouted towards the director.

Beside Shi Jin was Yao Jiahong and Xiao Li.

Yao Jiahong was holding her cup while Xiao Li was holding her bag.

The three of them walked in.

The director had already rushed over with the cameramen.

“So Shi Jin is here to participate in the competition” the director asked.

This time, it was Yao Jiahong who showed them Shi Jins contestant card.

The director was overjoyed.

“Shi Jin, why didnt I see you during the preliminaries”

“I didnt participate in the preliminaries myself.

I sent a video to participate.” Shi Jin nodded.

The director understood.

“Oh right, you can send the recording directly for the preliminaries.

Then, did you bring your original work this time”


As the director asked a few questions, the comments in the livestream room started to change rapidly.

“So who did I see Was it Shi Jin”

“I think its Shi Jin!”

“Its our daughter here to attend the competition.”

“Heavens, why didnt I hear anything beforehand”

“Its true, its not a lie.

Its real, its a living Shi Jin!”

Shi Jin walked backstage.

Many contestants were preparing themselves.

When they saw the cameras, they instinctively looked over.

They also saw Shi Jin, who politely nodded as a greeting.

Then, they looked surprised and confused.

The fans who were watching the live broadcast laughed and said, “Looking at the reactions of these contestants, its definitely me.”

“This is so fun.

No one expected Shi Jin to come, right”

“Shi Jin is still so good-looking.”

Because of Shi Jins fans publicity, more fans flooded in.

Sheng Tian was talking to someone over when the directors assistant called out to him, “Sheng Tian, theres a contestant over there.

Do you want to interact with her”

The assistant did not have to call Sheng Tian.

However, the only good contestant in Hall B was Sheng Tian.

Sheng Tian heard that a contestant was coming and nodded.

“Lets go.”

Sheng Tians sister followed beside him and secretly shook her head.

This silly brother of hers did not fight for anything nor did he mind others taking advantage of his popularity.

Of course, his popularity was quite mediocre now.

There was nothing for other people to take advantage of.

After the assistant called Sheng Tian over, he remembered that he had yet to discuss the interaction with Shi Jin and her team.

He immediately walked towards Yao Jiahong.

After all, Shi Jin was more popular than everyone else combined.

All interactions had to be done with her consent.

Shi Jin was facing the camera and talking to the director.

A voice came from the directors earpiece.

“Director, we have 1.5 million viewers!”

The director took a deep breath.

This was not the most popular livestream he had done before, but it was definitely the most powerful counterattack he had ever done in a livestream.

“Director, can you ask if Shi Jin is willing to interact with the other guests”

The director was about to ask Shi Jin when she looked up and greeted Sheng Tian naturally.

“Sheng Tian.”

Sheng Tian walked toward her.

“Shi Jin, what a coincidence!”

“Come and sit.” Shi Jin gave Sheng Tian a seat beside her.

Everyone in the bullet screen said, “Sheng Tian and Shi Jin know each other”

“I remember that Sheng Tian doesnt interact with people from the entertainment industry, right”

“Then how did they meet”

“But Sheng Tian is so bright and cheerful.”

“Their interactions are very natural.

These two seem to have known each other for a long time.”

Sheng Tian asked, “Are you participating in this competition”

“Yes, you too” Shi Jin asked.

“No, Im here to be a guest.

If you participate in this competition… then I think all of them wont stand a chance.” Sheng Tian knew Shi Jins strength and said directly.

“Then they should be glad that youre just a guest too,” Shi Jin said.

The conversation between the two was as if they didnt care about the other contestants at all.

Someone questioned in the comments.

“What are these two talking about Forget about Sheng Tian, he has past experience, but what right does Shi Jin have to say that”

“I heard that Shi Xuexin from Hall A is Shi Baozhis disciple.

Who is Shi Jins mentor”

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