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Chapter 392: Different Resources

Glasses Boy hurriedly lowered his head to do the experiment, but Gu Jingyuan stopped and rested for a while before continuing.



Ivy League Composition Competition venue.

Central Concert Hall was divided into two halls, Hall A and Hall B.

The contestants who came to participate in the semi-finals were also divided into groups A and B to compete.

Due to Shi Xuexins widespread publicity, there were many people headed to Central Concert Hall.

The concert hall was not big, and each hall could only accommodate 500 people.

The number of people who had come far exceeded a thousand.

The scene was very impressive.

Shi Xuexin had never seen so many fans before, so she could not hide her excitement.

Hu Lai was maintaining order at the side as she explained to Shi Xuexin, “We have already convinced the Ivy Leagues organizing committee to collaborate with us.

We will use a livestream to let the fans see the progress of our entire competition.

This will be very beneficial to you.”

Shi Xuexin was even more excited.

With her ability, it was very easy for her to make a name for herself in this competition.

She remembered Shi Baozhi telling her that there were no particularly outstanding contestants in the preliminaries.

It was expected that she would be ranked at the top of the semi-finals.

After Shi Xuexin was done with her makeup, the director of the livestream team followed her in and greeted her.

“Xuexin, I heard that you are the champion of the preliminaries and also a major player in the semi-finals.

Now, please greet the fans in front of our livestream screen.”

“Hello, everyone.

Im Shi Xuexin.

Im very happy to be able to get to know everyone through piano,” Shi Xuexin said gently to the camera.

Her gentleness was very likable.

After a while, many words like “gentle sister” and “talented girl” appeared on the bullet screen, praising her very highly.

At that moment, there were two groups on the live-stream screen.

One was Shi Xuexins side and the other was Hall B.

The Ivy League competition had never been very influential.

After all, it was not easy to select a winner between professional composers for classical piano music.

Therefore, even though the organising committee invested a lot of money, manpower, and resources every year just to find a few talents that could inherit the tradition, the results were never ideal.

This time, because of Shi Xuexins arrival and the importance of Xiuli Entertainment, the competition was pushed to a wider audience.

This attracted many viewers who were originally not interested in piano composition.

Therefore, the organizing committee placed great importance on Shi Xuexin.

The main resources and live broadcast footage were also focused in Hall A.

They hoped that they could use the competition to truly filter out talents.

They also wanted more talents to participate in the composition of classical piano pieces.

Although there was another scene in Hall B, there were only 20-30,000 viewers.

Most of them were the contestants family and friends.

As for Hall A, because of Shi Xuexins appearance, there were already more than 500,000 viewers.

It was not easy for the director of Hall A to get the job at Hall A.

He had already announced that after the competition ended today, he would treat everyone to a meal.

It could be predicted that his viewership numbers would be very good.

As for Hall B, many people were sighing.

It was not exciting to work at all.

“Xuexin, which master did you learn piano from” the director asked.

“I learned it from my aunt, Shi Baozhi.

I believe those who have some understanding of the piano know about Shi Baozhi…”

There was a commotion in the comments.

“Shi Baozhi Is that the Shi Baozhi I know Shes awesome! Shes a piano teacher at the Imperial Capital Music Academy.

She has won the first prize in at least five national competitions and participated in Liszts global piano competition.”

“From what I know, shes a member of the Piano Association! Shi Baozhi is very powerful!”

“Wow, no wonder Xuexin is so amazing.

She has such an amazing teacher.”

“Im impressed.

A good teacher must be matched to good students.

No wonder they are both so good.”

“Ive studied piano for so many years just to get into Imperial Capital Music Academy, but… sigh, lets not talk about it anymore, Im crying.”

“Xuexin graduated from the Imperial Capital University, and she has a teacher like Shi Baozhi.

Other peoples fates are gold and silver, our fates…”

As Shi Baozhis name came out of Shi Xuexins mouth, the number of people watching the live stream in Hall A soared once again.

Soon, it exceeded 700,000.

The judges also entered the venue.

As the judges were good at the composition aspect and not the performing aspect, even though the judges were very professional, they were not as famous as Shi Baozhi.

Therefore, the film crew continued to focus on Shi Xuexin.

At the door, the appearance of two people caused a small commotion.

“Its Sheng Tian and Peng Guanyu!”

“Its the first and second place winners of the preliminaries of the Chopin competition!”

“Wow, my visit today was worth it.”

Sheng Tian and Peng Guanyu won first and second place preliminaries of the Chopin competition.

Although they did not achieve much in the finals of the Chopin competition, they still had many fans.

Especially Peng Guanyu.

After getting second place, he quickly signed with a local management company and was already on two variety shows.

His popularity was no less than the current idols.

He used piano as a springboard and his future was bright.

Because he had an entertainment company behind him, his makeup and hair had been specially taken care of.

Compared to Sheng Tian, who was purely a pianist and had a plain look, he was much more eye-catching.

Seeing Sheng Tian, Peng Guanyu walked over and greeted him with a smile.

“Sheng Tian, long time no see.”

Sheng Tian smiled.

Peng Guanyus assistant said with a smile, “Guanyu, lets go in first.

There are a lot of people in Hall A, and itll be crowded if were late.”

“Guanyu, come in!” A few people from the production team of Hall A came to welcome Peng Guanyu.

As todays guest, Peng Guanyu was going to be on the livestream.

His arrival and appearance would attract countless fans to Hall As livestream.

Peng Guanyu was soon taken away, leaving behind Sheng Tian.

Today, only his sister accompanied Sheng Tian.

Normally, a pianist of Sheng Tians level would have an assistant by his side.

However, Sheng Tian was prideful and looked down on these companies.

Moreover, he didnt want his professional piano skills to become a springboard for him to enter the entertainment industry, so he never signed with any companies.

He didnt want to be controlled either.

Therefore, such important occasions were always accompanied by his sister.

His sister looked at Peng Guanyu and said in a low voice, “You were supposed to go to Hall A…”

Hall A and B were all the same size, and the number of spectators was the same.

However, Hall A was filled with the major players, while Hall B was considered a team that had been given up on.

Therefore, after the organizing committee started the livestream, the resources allocated to Hall A and B were completely different.

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