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Chapter 391: Real and Fake Young Miss

“Let me take a picture.

Ill return the original copy to him.

And help me ask around and see if theres anything he needs.

Ill gift him something in return.” Shi Jin took a picture of the ancient book from last time as well and handed it to Yao Jiahong for him to return.


Xiuli Entertainment held a major signing ceremony tonight.

The two artistes that were going to be signed tonight would become the main artistes that the company was going to promote.

One was Shi Xuexin and the other was Chu Jia.

Chu Jia was admitted to a performing arts school.

With Chu Lings connections, she became an actress in the acting department.

As for Shi Xuexin, after a series of operations by Hu Lai some time ago, she currently had close to a million fans.

She had some fame and was taken in by the company.

Shi Xuexin was directly led by Hu Lai.

The company was well aware of her relationship with Chu Ling.

Hu Lai helped Chu Ling tidy up his suit as she said, “Xuexin is officially a signed artist now.

The two of you are getting more and more compatible.”

Chu Ling did not speak, but another figure appeared in his mind.

He looked down at his tie.

“When Xuexin wins the Ivy League Composition Contest, youll all be able to make an official announcement,” Hule said.

“Shes good at both piano and Chinese art.

When that happens, she can bring you along to gain some popularity.”

Chu Ling looked up and said, “Are you done”


He strode out.

Shi Xuexin was already dressed up and standing in the crowd.

No one in the company treated her as a complete newcomer.

Other than her relationship with Chu Ling, her title as a talented woman was not to be underestimated.

Piano player, composer, Chinese painter, all of these were enough for her to gain everyones admiration.

“Congratulations, Xuexin.”

“We will be colleagues from now on.

Please take care of me.” Shi Xuexin raised her glass.

“Same to you, same to you.” Everyone was very humble.

Seeing Chu Ling walk over, Shi Xuexin said with a smile, “…Chu Ling.”

She swallowed the wordBrother.

“Congratulations.” Chu Ling clinked glasses with her.

Shi Xuexins face lit up.

“It was really lively tonight.

Thank you for holding such a grand signing ceremony for me.”

“Of course,” Chu Ling said.

“I have to be interviewed later.

I cant drink too much.” She took a little sip.

Hu Lai came over and held her hand.

“Lets go, Xuexin.

Were going for an interview.”

Chu Ling still had to avoid starting rumors and did not follow her.

The reporters were all invited by Xiuli Entertainment, so everyone knew what to ask and what not to ask.

The moment Shi Xuexin entered, everyone greeted her before asking questions.

“I heard that you and Shi Jin were switched at birth” the reporter asked.

This question was obviously meant to make use of Shi Jins popularity.

An agent like Hu Lai would not pass up on the opportunity.

Now, no matter what happened, as long as Shi Jin was mentioned, they would end up on the hot search list.

She didnt want to give up this opportunity.

Although Shi Xuexin was somewhat unwilling, she knew that this was a path she had to take, so she still answered.

That night, the interview report came out.

‘The real daughter of the Shi family has made her debut! What does the girl behind the talented piano skills and Chinese paintings look like

“Who is the real heiress whose looks are not inferior to Shi Jins”

‘In a battle between the real and fake daughter, the winner is clear.

Lets see Shi Xuexins interview.

It had nothing to do with Shi Jin, but Shi Jins name was everywhere.

This wave of views and attention had given Shi Xuexins debut fame and popularity.

Especially since the photo was taken outside the Philharmonic Music Hall in Warsaw, she indeed looked like a girl of talent.

Although her looks were far from surpassing Shi Jins, many people still fell for it.

They acknowledged her persona of someone who could play piano and paint Chinese paintings, causing Shi Xuexin to have many fans.

The gossip about her relationship with Shi Jin and Chu Ling also started flying.

Shi Jins fans were so angry that they kept complaining.

Fortunately, Shi Jins core fans were very rational.

Among them, “A Man Like the Wind” and “Lily Pad He Tiantian” were the calmest.

They tried their best to calm the fans down.

“Everyone, just dont look at her.

Focus on Shi Jin.

You dont have to increase Shi Xuexins popularity.” However, on Shi Xuexins end, there was a constant stream of petty tricks.

Interviews kept appearing.

For example, when Shi Jin was mentioned, Shi Xuexin openly expressed, “Our relationship has always been pretty good.

Although there were all kinds of misunderstandings between us, I believe that it will all pass.”

“I just debuted, I definitely have no intention of using her popularity.

But as two people who grew up in the same family, its inevitable that we would be compared together.

Im mentally prepared and used to it.”

“Ive been thinking about entering the entertainment industry since a long time ago, but I still feel like I need to finish my education first.

Only then can I bring more and better works to everyone.”

“Now that Im ready, I hope youre also ready to accept me.”

“As for Chu Ling, forget it.

He is my senior.

I have no right to say anything.

Engagement is also a family matter.

I am someone who yearns for freedom and will not be restricted by those old rules.”

Every sentence was filled with Shi Jin, and every sentence was indirectly attacking her.

As for bringing Chu Ling along, she was much more cautious.

She didnt want to offend Chu Lings fans.

Therefore, most of Shi Jins fans were furious while Chu Lings fans were quiet.

“A real heiress is a real heiress.

Shes very magnanimous.

Im a fan now.”

“She plays the piano really well.

I like such talented girls.”

The fake fans that she had bought were mixed in with the real fans.

In just one night, Shi Xuexins fans had increased from one million to two million.

It was breathtaking.

At this moment, no matter what Yao Jiahong and Shi Jin did or said, it would be unwise.

Therefore, the two of them could only wait and see.

Shi Xuexin took the opportunity to post on Weibo, announcing her first activity after entering the entertainment industry.

“This weekend, Ill be participating in the semi-finals of the Ivy League Piano Composition Competition.

I hope to receive everyones support.”

After this battle, Shi Xuexin had gained the reputation of a real heiress.

The comments were all supportive comments that said that they would watch the semi-finals for her.


In the medical laboratory of the Imperial Capital University, Wei Zai was so excited that he stopped his experiment.

He set an alarm and went to grab the tickets.

The tickets for the previous preliminaries were already very difficult to get, so one could imagine how difficult the semi-finals would be.

“Xuexin has finally made her debut! Ill have more chances to see her in the future!”

Glasses Boy glanced at Gu Jingyuan and said, “This so-called real heiress is a little too much.

She appeared out of nowhere and keeps taking advantage of Shijins popularity.”

Gu Jingyuan glanced at the news and said, “Do your experiment.”

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