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Chapter 39: Are You Really Fu Xiuyuan

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The doctor said, “Young Master Fu didnt get poisoned.

He fell ill after consuming expired food.

He suffered a serious case of gastro spasm from eating it.

This led to stomach bleeding and fainting.”

“Expired food” Fu Heyan gritted her teeth.

Butler Chen was dead meat!

“Did you drink some expired fruit juice” asked the doctor.

Since Fu Xiuyuan was unconscious, he could only determine his condition based on examining the contents of his stomach and could not verify it with the patient.

Now he could finally check with Fu Xiuyuan.

Fu Xiuyuan nodded.

“I did.”

Fu Heyan was furious.

“Fu Xiuyuan, why did you drink it when you knew it had expired”

She was seriously doubtful of Fu Xiuyuans intelligence!

Hang on.

He had an IQ of 240! He had one of the highest IQs out there!

Even though the doctor found this strange, he only said, “You have a weak stomach, so you have to be careful.”

“Fortunately, there isnt much left.

Just a few mouthfuls,” said Fu Xiuyuan nonchalantly.

“A few more mouthfuls Fu Xiuyuan, dont tell me you want to drink more Doctor, can you check his brain while youre at it” said Fu Heyan in shock.

The doctor looked at Fu Xiuyuan bafflingly.

He knew that Fu Xiuyuan was at the helm of the largest company in the country.

He had become one of the richest people in the world at a young age.

No one could compare to his decisiveness.

Was this man really Fu Xiuyuan

Shi Jin finally realized why Fu Xiuyuan had insisted on drinking the juice.

She raised her eyes to look at him seriously.

“Dont drink the rest.

If you want juice, I can make you more.”

“Get Butler Liu to throw out the expired juice in the fridge,” said Fu Xiuyuan to Song Fan.

Fu Heyan opened her mouth wide.

Did he drink expired juice because Shi Jin prepared it for him

Was that it Was that it

Shi Jin recalled offering Fu Xiuyuan fruit juice a few days ago.

She had made too much juice and could not finish it, so she gave it to him without much thought.

She did not expect him to save the juice and slowly drink it.

Fruit juice expired very quickly.

She choked just thinking about this and felt bad as she said, “If you want juice, just tell me.

Stop drinking expired juice.”

Fu Xiuyuan looked at Shi Jin fixedly for a few seconds before he nodded.

Color gradually returned to his pale face.

“Oh yes.

Miss Fu, we found medicine in Young Master Fus system…”

“Sure enough, she drugged him” Fu Heyan instantly cast a knowing look on Shi Jin.

“Uh huh.

The meds are very good for gastritis.

I checked its ingredients and found that it contains rare Chinese herbs and is not readily available on the market, so its fine if he wants to keep taking them.

They are very good for his gastritis long term.”

The doctor seemed impressed by the medicine.

He assumed that the Fu family had attained the medicine from overseas.

Although he really wanted to know what it was, he knew that he was incapable of getting it even if he knew what it was.

He could not help sighing in his heart.

The Fu family was certainly powerful enough to get their hands on such medicine.

The doctor left after telling them about the medicine.

Fu Heyan recalled Shi Jin saying that she had given Fu Xiuyuan medicine for his gastritis.

She looked at her somewhat disbelievingly and could not believe that she was Shi Jin.

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