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Chapter 389: Why Dont You Learn From Me

He hadnt been to Second High with Shi Jin, so he hadnt seen the principals of Imperial Capital University and Qing University looking for Shi Jin.

In comparison, Yao Jiahong was much calmer.

He called out, “Principal Ling.”

Ling Yida said to Shi Jin, “Welcome, welcome.

I originally was going to arrange for a car to pick you up, but Mr.

Yao said that it would be too troublesome, so I came here specially to wait for you.”

With Shi Jins grades, she was way overqualified for the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The principals of Qing University and the Imperial Capital University are still unhappy even now.

Ling Yida didnt expect such a day to come either.

When he spoke, it had more pride to it now.

“Sorry to trouble you, Principal Ling,” Shi Jin said politely.

“Its not troublesome, its only right.

I should have come to see you earlier, but I havent had the time.”

It was mainly because Shi Jin had no time.

Xiao Li was following behind them.

When he heard the greetings, he was stunned.

Ling Yida told Shi Jin about the arrangement.

“I heard from Mr.

Yao that you wont be coming to class for a long time in the future.

However, since youve chosen this major, I still hope that you can grasp the basic knowledge of this major.

You cant just skip class completely.”

Shi Jin nodded.

“I understand.”

Ling Yida felt that it was a pity that Shi Jin chose to major in traditional Chinese medicine.

The University of Traditional Chinese Medicine had all sorts of majors like combining Chinese and Western medicine.

There were very few people who studied pure traditional Chinese medicine and it was also very difficult for them to master it.

In this field, more time was needed to accumulate experience.

However, what needed to be said and what needed to be communicated had already been said.

Someone like Shi Jin, who rejected both the Imperial Capital University and Qing University, was naturally not easily swayed.

Hence, Ling Yida didnt say much.

He only briefly introduced the school to her.

Along the way, many people recognized Shi Jin.

However, she had the principal beside her and the other school administrative staff behind her.

No one dared to come forward to greet her.

Ling Yida brought Shi Jin to the office of the Director of the Ancient Chinese Medicine department.

Although it was difficult to be proficient in Traditional Chinese Medicine and there werent many people in the major, once one mastered it, Western medicine could not be compared to it.

Director Zhang Fengnian was rather proud of his profession.

His student, Hu Hao, was talking to him, and Vice Director Ouyang Ping was sitting beside him.

“I heard that Shi Jin is coming to report.

Why isnt she here yet” Hu Hao glanced at the door.

Zhang Fengnian frowned.

Hu Hao said, “Theyre downstairs.

I think Principal Ling went to pick them up personally.”

Zhang Fengnians expression was calm.

It wasnt that he hadnt seen students with good grades, but there were very few students with talent in Chinese medicine.

He heard that Shi Jin had already agreed to prioritize her career and would not come to school often.

So Zhang Fengnian was not interested in her.

If she didnt come to school, why would she be a student

A moment later, Ling Yida brought Shi Jin upstairs.

After they entered, Ling Yida introduced them to each other.

Yao Jiahong handed over the things he brought.

Hu Hao took them and handed them to Zhang Fengnian to sign and stamp.

Ling Yida smiled and said, “Ill leave Shi Jin to you guys.

I dont want to leave her to the other teachers.”

Zhang Fengnian said, “Dont first-year freshmen learn from their teachers first, and only when theyre in their third year will they let us mentor them”

“Shi Jin is different,” Ling Yida said.

Zhang Fengnian, however, did not feel that she was any different.

In fact, he felt that she was far inferior to his favorite students.

Qin Fanya, the student he was most proud of, was extremely talented in the field of medicinal herbs research.

She had already gone to an ancient Chinese medicine hospital overseas and had a chance to meet the genius researcher Du Xian.

Shi Jin Even if she did come to school often, would she be able to see Du Xian even in ten years

Seeing Zhang Fengnians attitude, Hu Hao didnt greet Shi Jin.

Ling Yida saw his unwillingness and knew that Zhang Fengnian didnt lack good students.

However, Ouyang Ping was very open-minded and said, “Shi Jin, why dont you learn from me”

“Thank you, Teacher Ouyang,” said Shi Jin.

Zhang Fengnian said, “Since both of you have this intention, its not appropriate for me to snatch the person from you.

Its decided then.”

Seeing that they had reached an agreement internally, Ling Yida didnt probe any further.

He had indeed taken a liking to Shi Jin when she came to school.

However, it seemed that her reputation was more meaningful than he thought.

Ouyang Ping gave Shi Jin a set of books and documents.

Shi Jin only left after both parties had agreed on negotiations.

When she walked out with Ling Yida, she heard someone talking about a familiar name, Du Xian.

“Senior Qin has the opportunity to meet Du Xian! Im so jealous.”

“I wonder if Ill have the chance if I keep studying.”

“For students like us, its already good enough that we have the chance to visit the International Ancient Chinese Medicine Hospital, let alone see Du Xian.”

Only then did Shi Jin realize how popular Du Xian was.

Seeing that she was very interested, Ling Yida introduced, “Shi Jin, although ancient Chinese medicine originated from our country and was brought to greater heights in our country, this national essence has been misinterpreted by too many people.

As a result, there are fewer and fewer people who can learn this subject well.

Instead, many people overseas are better at research than us.

Shi Jin had experienced Country H taking credit for the ancient dance, so she was not surprised.

Some things were not valued by ones own people, so of course outsiders would study and use them.

“Luckily, theres still Du Xian.

He has always been outstanding and is respected in the International Ancient Chinese Medicine Hospital.

He wont let the essence of our country be taken over by foreigners.

In our school, students who learn well will have the chance to go there and receive Du Xians guidance.”

Shi Jin nodded in understanding.

Ling Yida knew that she would have limited time to study in the future, so he didnt say much and accompanied her to the school gate.

When they reached the door, Yao Jiahong suddenly remembered and said, “Shi Jin, a foreigner named Andrew called just now.

He said he was here to deliver something and is waiting at the school gate.

Is he someone you know”

Shi Jin had been talking to Principal Ling just now, finishing the registration and so on.

She had not checked her phone.

She took out her phone and looked at it.

She realized that Du Xian had sent her countless messages.

He said that the frostbloom had arrived.

It was delivered by someone called Andrew.

She hadnt replied, so Andrew called Yao Jiahong.


Help me retrieve it,” said Shi Jin.

Yao Jiahong walked towards the school gate.

Ling Yida felt that Andrews name was familiar.

Wasnt he one of Du Xians assistants

He couldnt help looking in Yao Jiahongs direction and saw a blonde-haired, blue-eyed man handing something to Yao Jiahong.

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