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Chapter 386: Not Handsome When Youre Angry

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His knitted brows finally relaxed.

Shi Jin placed a finger on his lips.

“You wont be handsome when youre angry.”

The fragrance from her fingers entered Fu Xiuyuans nose.

He raised his eyebrows slightly, and his earlier anger had dissipated.

He opened his mouth and bit her finger.

“Arent you afraid that Ill give you the drug that I gave Hu Guangquan” Shi Jins eyes were like flowers as she challenged him.

“I dare you!” Fu Xiuyuan clenched his teeth tightly, biting her finger.


Liu Ning arranged to meet Su Ying again.

Shi Jin arrived on time as well.

In the private room, Su Ying felt a little strange when she saw Shi Jin.

Shi Jin explained, “My dad and Producer Liu are friends.”

Only after she recalled this relationship did Su Ying relax her expression.

Su Ying wasnt a typical beauty, but she had a lazy charm to her.

Her long curly hair reached her shoulders, and she was the kind of beauty that had a special atmosphere around them.

However, she was really valiant when she moved.

She did not have the face shape of a typical beauty.

When she brushed back her long hair, she had a hint of fierceness.

There were too many beautiful people in the entertainment industry these days, but it was hard to differentiate between them.

So in the eyes of many directors and audience members, Su Ying had a very iconic movie face.

Liu Ning smiled and said, “Su Ying, we had a good talk before, but you didnt sign the contract.

Even Shi Jin was curious and wanted to talk to you to see if there were any topics that could only be discussed between girls.”

“Yes, we can have a chat.”

Su Ying took out a cigarette.

“Do you mind if I smoke”

“Up to you,” Shi Jin said.

Liu Ning stood up and opened a window.

Su Ying took a glance at Shi Jin.

There was a pleasant scent on her, unlike any perfume or skincare products.

She thought for a moment and didnt light the cigarette.

“Its a personal matter of mine that made me unable to accept the role,” she said flatly.

“As far as I know, you have nothing else to do recently,” Shi Jin said.

She had also heard that Su Ying had been in the entertainment industry for so many years and was very capable.

She wasnt someone the Wen family could bribe easily.

Su Ying shook her head.

“I just dont want to take the role anymore.

Im really sorry about this.

So, Im here today mainly to apologize to all of you.

Nothing else.”

Liu Ning shrugged and glanced at Shi Jin.

This was Su Yings attitude before, and it was still the same now.

The manager did not give a definite answer either.

“Ill owe you guys,” Su Ying said.

“Its my fault.”

With that, she stood up and was about to leave mercilessly.

“Su Ying,” Shi Jin called out to her.

She turned to Liu Ning and said, “Producer Liu, please get me a cola.”

Liu Ning glanced at her, stood up, and left.

He closed the door behind him.

Shi Jin passed Su Ying a bottle of something.

“Take it and use it.

Come find me when youre better.”

“What” Su Ying looked at the thing and hesitated, not reaching out her hand.

“Ive gone through your social media.

You have canities.

Youve always been dyeing your hair, right”

Su Yings hair was especially thick, making people envious.

However, only a few people close to her knew about her canities.

Her hair was mottled with strands of white, and she couldnt go out in public without dyeing it.

She had only shared the fact that she had white hair once, and it was a long time ago.

She didnt say much about it either.

However, people nowadays have the issue of balding and growing white hair, so fans thought that she was just teasing them.

The public didnt know how much white hair she had.

“What is this” Su Ying asked.

“Its for your allergies.

Youve been having an allergic reaction recently, so you dont dare to continue dyeing your hair.” Shi Jin pointed at the area beside her earlobe.

Su Ying had put on heavy makeup today to cover up the allergy to her skin, but the area under her earlobe was missed.

The doctor said that she would not be able to put on makeup for a long time and needed to rest.

She had to recover from her allergies first.

As for the canities problem, it couldnt be solved, and she could only rely on dyeing her hair.

All the products on the market that could turn white hair into black were all frauds.

Modern science and technology still could not solve all problems.

“Well talk about the white hair after the allergy is dealt with,” Shi Jin said calmly.

Su Ying tugged at the cloak on her shoulders.

She really wanted to take on this film.

A film with Liu Ning as the producer was bound to be a hit.

However, it was precisely because of her allergies that she had to reject the movie.

The reason why she did not mention her allergies was because she still had two endorsements for skincare products, one of which was a product meant for sensitive skin.

If word of this got out, she would not be able to renew her endorsement contract next year.

She did not expect that Shi Jin would be so observant to notice this.

She reached out to take it and said with a bitter smile, “My allergy is a little serious.

I dont know how long itll take for me to recover.

I dont want to delay you.”

“Well give you three more days.

Give me an answer in three days.”

Su Ying looked down at the item in her hand and said, “Alright, Ill consider it for another three days.”

She packed the vial into her bag and returned to her car.

She took out her mirror and sighed.

The burning sensation on her face intensified.

Her makeup was still too heavy today.

She hurriedly grabbed her things and went to the bathroom to remove her makeup.

After she was done, she washed her face and ran her fingers through her long hair.

She could not dye her hair recently.

She was wearing a wig on the top of her head, so naturally, there was trouble everywhere.

All her activities for the past few days had been postponed.

She had been famous for a long time and had gathered all kinds of good luck.

Although she was not born with a typically beautiful face, she was considered an exotic beauty and was recognized by everyone.

The only flaws were her hair and her sensitive skin.

When these two were added together, it was even worse.

Liu Ning came back after grabbing the cola.

Seeing that Su Ying had left, he reached out and handed it to Shi Jin.

“Where is she”

“She went back.

I said Ill give her three more days.”

“Im afraid it will be difficult.” Liu Ning vaguely guessed the situation.

However, as someone in the industry, he didnt talk about other peoples secrets.

Since there was indeed a situation with Su Ying, he could only settle for someone else.

Shi Jin said, “Lets take a look first.

Its okay if it doesnt work out.”

With that, she walked out and got into her nanny van.

Yao Jiahong reminded, “Tomorrow, you have to report to the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.”

“You arrange it.”

“After you finish at the University, there is a simple interview arranged by the Shen Group.”

Shi Jin nodded.

“Next up is the semi-finals of the Ivy League Composition Competition.”

Shi Jin received a WeChat message from Du Xian.

“Little ancestor, are you going to report to the University tomorrow Are you ready Is there anything I can do”

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