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Chapter 385: Everything Was Lost When She Began Using Petty Schemes

“Okay.” Shi Jin agreed.

Huang Jue pointed at her.

“Then you keep your word.”

Ye Peiwen felt that she could see the excitement of a child getting candy in Director Huangs eyes.

As Ye Peiwen was the first to enter and the waiting number she received was also the first, Huang Jue let her begin her audition immediately.

Ye Peiwens acting skills had improved tremendously.

After she got her part, she prepared for a while before acting according to the requirements.

From Huang Jues professional point of view, it was hard to say that her acting skills were top-notch.

However, it was natural and made people empathize.

This was very important.

When they begin filming, with a little adjustment, she should be able to take on the role.

Naturally, he had already made Shi Jins friend his first choice.

Unless there was another actress who was too stunning to be abandoned, it would be Ye Peiwen.

The next person to enter was Huang Kaiqin.

When Director Li personally brought Shi Jin and Ye Peiwen in, she had been bewildered.

When she finally adjusted her expression and came in, she saw Director Huang talking to Shi Jin in a low voice.

Her heart instantly turned cold.

After the audition, she sat back in the van and panted heavily.

Her manager followed behind her, looking a little upset.

However, they still had to wait for the result, even though it might be unbearable.

After some time, when everyones auditions were over, Director Li walked towards them.


Huang, you didnt look too good during the audition.” Director Li had originally placed her information in front of Huang Jue first.

The waiting number he gave her was also very far ahead.

Logically speaking, she had a huge advantage.

There was no problem with her acting skills.

Otherwise, Director Li would not have promised her during the initial selection that the contract was already prepared.


Huang, I really cant give you this contract anymore,” Director Li said.

If she had behaved normally today, she would not have ended up like this.

However, she was not in a good state, so Director Li was helpless.

Huang Kaiqin remained silent.

The manager asked, “Director Li, didnt we agree that it would be us”

“Do you think this audition result will convince the public”

The manager recalled Huang Kaiqins ugly expression and terrible performance just now… She couldnt even convince herself, let alone Director Huang.

“Who got the role” Huang Kaiqin asked.

Director Li asked, “Do you know Shi Jin If you find her, you might get a second chance to audition.


He shook his head, clearly unable to help.

Huang Kaiqin recalled the few times she had expressed to the public that she was not familiar with Shi Jin and how she wanted nothing to do with her.

And the piano substitute incident…

Everything she had lost was irrevocable.

If she couldnt get this role, even the production team of “Our Life” would place the focus of the finale program on other artists.

She knew that ever since her comeback, she had already lost everything when she started using petty schemes.


Indeed, Huang Jue did not manage to find a more suitable actress than Ye Peiwen, so he decided on Ye Peiwen.


Ye, after we sign the contract, lets discuss the script together and come out for a meal,” Huang Jue invited enthusiastically.

Ye Peiwen glanced at Shi Jin and knew that the person Huang Jue really wanted to invite was Shi Jin.

She was still inexperienced in acting and Shi Jin often accompanied her.

If she came to eat, wasnt it expected that Shi Jin would come as well

She glanced at Shi Jin, who smiled and said, “Ms.

Ye, if you are free, you can chat with Director Huang more often.

Your acting skills will definitely improve faster.”

She didnt say if she was coming or not, so Huang Jue had to ask directly.

“No matter how busy you are, you still have to eat, right”

“Of course.

Lets schedule a time later on.” Shi Jin could only agree.

When Ye Peiwen followed Shi Jin out, she felt like she was in a dream.

She had only come to the capital to sing a theme song.

Within a short period of time, she had already become a popular TV star.


After Shi Jin and Ye Peiwen parted ways, Liu Nings WeChat message finally arrived.

“I shouldnt have drunk that wine! Im guilty! Ill accept any punishment!”

His apology was so sincere that Shi Jin couldnt pursue it any further.

“Shi Jin, please dont tell Brother Li!” Liu Ning was afraid of Li Juekai.

Shi Jin ignored him.

After a while, Liu Nings video chat window popped up.

Shi Jin finally answered.

He admitted his mistake first before getting to the main topic.

“Didnt we plan to filmEmergency Rescue to catch up to the Wen familysTomorrow Rescue But the female lead we selected didnt sign the contract.”

“Why” Shi Jin asked.

Liu Ning heaved a sigh of relief.

It was good that Shi Jin wasnt angry.

“She said that because of some personal reasons.

If we look for someone now, we wont be able to make it in time to match whenTomorrows Rescue will be aired.

Actually, I dont think its very important whether this movie is filmed or not.

But! I just cant watch the Wen family have it easy!”

Shi Jin could not bear to watch it either.

After all, the Wen family had snatchedTomorrows Rescue from Liu Ning directly.

Otherwise, she would not even bother to look at that family.

Shi Jin said, “Make an appointment with that female artiste.

Ill take a look at the situation.”

That female artiste was called Su Ying.

Liu Nings “Emergency Rescue” was specially made to compete with “Tomorrows Rescue.”

Su Yings acting skills were good.

She had a high-class face, and all along, the roles she played were very stylish.

The role in “Emergency Rescue” was almost tailored to her appearance.

It was obviously unrealistic to find someone else at the last minute.

When Shi Jin returned to Orchid Pavilion, she was still thinking about this question.

After dinner, Fu Xiuyuan went upstairs and saw her browsing Weibo in front of the dressing table.

He walked over and saw that her hair was still dripping with water.

It was obvious that she had not dried her hair in time after washing it.

Fu Xiuyuan raised the temperature of the air conditioner and used a towel to dry her hair.

Shi Jin turned to look at him and smiled.

Fu Xiuyuan whispered into her ear, “What are you thinking about”

“I want to know why Su Ying didnt sign this contract.

She hasnt had many activities recently and has nothing to do.

This movie is worth it to her.”

“Youll know when you see her,” Fu Xiuyuan said in a low voice.

Shi Jin hummed softly.

Her voice was lazy and alluring.

The man behind her obviously couldnt resist.

He pulled her chin over and lowered his head to kiss her.

Shi Jin raised her head in response.

She heard his heavy breathing.

She suddenly thought of something and pushed him away.

“I think I know why she didnt sign it.”

“Hm” Fu Xiuyuan raised an eyebrow, clearly more concerned that she did not focus on him.

Shi Jin saw that he was slightly annoyed and took the initiative to put her arms around his neck.

“I just thought through a little problem.

I didnt mean to push you away.”

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