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Chapter 384: Wasnt Shi Jin Coming

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Huang Kaiqins arrival caused a small commotion.

She, along with her manager, had brought many reporters with them today.

She had been in contact with this project for a long time.

The casting director had almost confirmed her contract, but they had not officially signed it yet.

She lacked popularity recently, so she naturally had to bring the reporters over.

She had prepared a series of drafts for the contract.

She was in the midst of an interview when she saw Shi Jin and Ye Peiwen getting out of the car.

The reporters did not expect to see Shi Jin here.

They immediately gathered around her.

“Shi Jin, are you here for the audition too”

“No, I accompanied Ms.

Ye here.”

“Which role is Ms.

Ye planning to audition for” The reporters asked one question after another.

Ye Peiwen smiled modestly and said, “Its already my honor to be able to come here.

Even I cant be sure which role Im auditioning for.

Everything depends on the situation.”

“Then we wish you a successful audition.”


“Oh right, can we ask aboutTwilight Years Ms.

Ye seems to be quite familiar with Ms.


Since the reporters asked so directly, Ye Peiwen could not avoid the question.

However, she never minded others comparing her to Huang Kaiqin.

Only through comparison would she see where she needed to improve.

She was about to speak when Huang Kaiqin spoke.

“I only met Ms.

Ye once.”

In other words, they were not familiar with each other.

She did not want to take advantage of Ye Peiwen and Shi Jins popularity.

Of course, she also hoped that they would not take advantage of her popularity.

Especially now that she was going to be confirmed for the role of the older sister.

She would definitely be on the hot searches today.

She did not want to bring Ye Peiwen and Shi Jin along.

Ye Peiwen only had “Twilight Years.” It could not be compared to this film she auditioned for.

Hearing Huang Kaiqins words, Ye Peiwen smiled and did not say anything else.

Shi Jin reached out to hold her wrist and said to the reporters, “Everyone, well get going first.”

When the reporters saw them leave, they turned around to talk to Huang Kaiqin again.

After Shi Jin and Ye Peiwen entered, they chose a seat at the back and waited for the casting team to call for Ye Peiwen.

There were many people waiting to audition.

When they saw Shi Jin appear, everyone was surprised.

However, the people here were all big names in the world of television dramas.

Their resources did not conflict with Shi Jins resources.

After the surprise wore off, they buried their heads in their own work.

The director of the production team today was Huang Jue.

He wasnt the most famous within the team, but he had always been steady and strong.

The casting director was right in front of him.

He placed the information of the recommended and backup actors in front of him.

Huang Kaiqins information was placed at the front.

The casting director wasnt exactly biased.

After all, Huang Kaiqins status, qualifications, and image indeed fit the role.

Huang Jue took a glance and nodded.

“Didnt you say that Shi Jin was coming”

Everyone was stunned.

Who said that Why would Shi Jin come

Huang Jue and Liu Ning were close friends.

Previously, several of Liu Nings scripts became popular after they were filmed.

Huang Jue pestered Liu Ning for a long time to find out who the scriptwriter was.

Liu Ning did not say anything in the beginning.

He only revealed the truth after he got drunk.

As a result, Huang Jue was interested in Shi Jin and had always wanted to meet her.

Although she had added him on WeChat, Shi Jin never had the time to meet.

Huang Jue pestered Liu Ning endlessly, and it was only then that he heard from Liu Ning that Shi Jin might come today.

“Go and see if Shi Jin is here.

If she is, invite her in.” Huang Jue did not expect that Shi Jin would cooperate with him and give him a good script right after their first meeting.

However, opportunities were given to people who were prepared.

As a good director, his desire for good scripts was no less than the audiences desire for good works.

The casting director happened to be free and said, “Ill go out and take a look.”

Huang Jue nodded.

The casting director walked out.

Huang Kaiqin had already finished her interview and was waiting.

Seeing the casting director walk out personally, her face lit up as she greeted, “Director Li.”

Director Li nodded.

“Wait for a while.”

“Alright.” Huang Kaiqin sat down.

She did not deliberately try to get close to him.

Her manager had already helped her use her connections behind the scenes.

The audition was just a formality.

There was not much point in kissing up to the director last minute.

When the bystanders saw that Huang Kaiqin and Director Li had a good relationship, they started to have second thoughts.

They knew that it would not be easy for others to get this role.

Huang Kaiqins age, image, and acting skills were all suitable for this role.

In addition to this relationship…

Shi Jin was talking to Ye Peiwen in a low voice when Director Li approached them and softened his tone.

“Are you Shi Jin”

“I am.” Shi Jin looked up.

His face was clean and flawless.

Director Li was stunned for a moment, and his mind quickly searched for a suitable role for her.

It was a pity that there was no such character in this work.

Otherwise, he would have to convince Shi Jin to act.

As a casting director, his judgment in this area had always been accurate and sharp.

“Director Huang invited you to go in first,” Director Li said.

Shi Jin thought for a moment before remembering that she did know a Director Huang.

She asked, “Director Huang as in Huang Jue”


Shi Jin thought of the person on WeChat who had been chasing her for a script for days.

Later on, Liu Ning sent a WeChat message to apologize and repeatedly promised that he would never drink again.

Shi Jin did not intend to alarm Director Huang when she came today.

She was only here to accompany Ye Peiwen.

At that thought, Shi Jin opened Liu Nings WeChat and sent a message.

“Producer Liu, did you drink too much again last night”

After that, she stood up and said, “Lets go.”

Since he knew that she was here, it would be unreasonable not to greet him.

Director Li did not neglect Ye Peiwen and invited her over as well.

As the two of them passed by Huang Kaiqin, Huang Kaiqins expression suddenly became very interesting.

When Shi Jin and Ye Peiwen walked in, Huang Jue stood up and extended his hand.

“Shi Jin, we finally meet.

And Ms.

Ye as well.”

Ye Peiwen was terrified.

Not long ago, she was just an ordinary singer.

And now, she actually dared to audition in front of Huang Jue.

She had never dared to do something so big even in her dreams.

She shook Huang Jues hand.

Huang Jue invited Shi Jin to sit down and said, “I thought I would never get to see you.”

There was a tinge of resentment in his tone, as if he was complaining that Shi Jin had time to accompany Ye Peiwen to the audition, but had no time to respond to him about the script.

He sounded like a resentful wife.

Ye Peiwen heard his tone and glanced at Shi Jin subconsciously.

“Director Huang is busy too, I didnt want to disturb you.”

Huang Jue said with a smile, “You can find me anytime, I always will be free.

Of course, under the context that you have time first..

Lets sit down and have a good chat.”

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