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Chapter 383: Please Speak With Your Works

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Huang Kaiqin could not believe her eyes when she saw the data.

“With Ye Peiwens acting skills, how is that possible” she asked angrily.

Her manager did not say anything.

The television stations viewership ratings statistics were very authoritative.

The figures that they announced could not be faked.

Huang Kaiqin said, “Its just the first day.

Most of the views are contributed by Shi Jins fans.

They can contribute views for now, but can they maintain it forever”

However, on the second night, not only did the viewership numbers not decrease, they even slowly rose.

Ye Peiwens acting skills gradually improved, and there were discussions about it on Weibo.

Liu Ning even worked overtime to produce the later episodes so that he could catch up with the audience.

Seeing that the viewership numbers were rising bit by bit, the base of “Twilight Years” was no longer Shi Jins fans.

It was replaced by the common masses.

Everyone was discussing all kinds of questions: “Should a familys financial power be managed by one person”

“Did housewives contribute to society”

“Whose surname should the second child take”

“Is it normal to ask for betrothal gifts when getting married”

“Is accepting gifts from the opposite gender while in a relationship a sign of disloyalty”

These were the hot topics of society and could even be considered the sore spots of many people.

The screenwriter, Ms.

Luo, had interviewed many married men and women and came up with many interesting ideas.

She cleverly blended them into the storyline.

After airing for three days, the viewership numbers were very optimistic.

The next episodes were scheduled to air next week.

Weibo was filled with people wailing, crying and screaming for the television station to not be so cruel, because they only air six episodes a week.

Even the production team of “Our Life” could not sit still anymore.

They hinted to Huang Kaiqin, “Ms.

Huang, werent you part of “Twilight Years” Have you experienced any interesting things You can discuss it with the guests in the show.

Or, discuss the topics brought up in “Twilight Years.” If you havent seen it, Ill get someone to write a plot outline for you.”

Huang Kaiqin did not watch a single episode.

She did not want to watch it at all!

At this point, asking her to bring this up was obviously to gain attention.

All the previous news articles had been deleted, and it was impossible for her to recover them again.

Now they wanted her to suck up to “Twilight Years” for attention Her pride would not allow it.

“Is that all we can say about married life People can still live happily after getting married!” Huang Kaiqin said.

“We still have to give the audience hope.”

She rebutted the production team.

The production team did not want to offend her, so they could only find other artists to bring up the topic.

Her manager was caught between a rock and a hard place.


Huang, if other artists bring up the topic, your popularity will drop.”

Huang Kaiqin did not expect Ye Peiwen to have such acting skills.

Her manager said, “Let me post some photos of your daily life first.”

Her manager selected a few photos of Huang Kaiqin having afternoon tea and posted them.

She was wearing a diamond ring and enjoying her exquisite afternoon tea at a high-end five-star hotel.

Based on past circumstances, her fans would praise her for being rich, happy, and for marrying well.

The comments section would be filled with comments like “Im so jealous” or “I want to live like Sister Qin.” However, today, one of the fans couldnt help but say, “Youve been showing off your diamond ring every day.

Its been so long since you made your comeback.

Where are your results”

The comment section exploded because of that single comment.

“I know right.

Sister has made her comeback a while ago, but why hasnt she been in any television dramas Im a fan of Sisters career.

I still hope to see Sister produce more good works like she did in the past and not only appear on variety shows.”

“Thats right, thats right.

Didnt we agree not to be a housewife But youre just showing off your diamond ring.

Wheres your career”

“Please speak with your works!”

“Whats going on with the studio Why cant they arrange proper jobs for Sister Why do they always have to build the rich lady image”

There was no end to these comments.

After deleting one, the fans would post another.

When Huang Kaiqin saw that her manager had finished posting on Weibo, she clicked on it, wanting to enjoy the compliments from her fans.

However, after flipping through two pages, her expression suddenly changed.

“Are these people crazy”

Who she hated the most now were her fans.

Previously, they were clamoring for her to leave the production team of “Twilight Years.” Now, the comments section was saying that she did not have any works Who did she give up “Twilight Years” for


It was all for these fans! She even offended Liu Ning! Now they were accusing her of not having any works

The fans were clamoring for her to stop filming variety shows.

Even the Weibo account for “Our Life” was filled with comments from her fans.

This matter quickly went viral and attracted the attention of passers-by.

Everyone still remembered what Huang Kaiqin had done in the past.

“Its a little funny.

Back then, Huang Kaiqin gave up onTwilight Years to filmOur Life. Now the fans are anxious”

“Ye Peiwen is really popular now.

Shes been endorsing a lot of skincare products recently.

Shes really lucky to have picked this up.”

“What The commenter above doesnt know that Ye Peiwen had originally recorded an episode ofOur Life It was Huang Kaiqin who was jealous and insisted on removing Ye Peiwen and joining the show.

Thats why she gave up onTwilight Years. I bet she didnt expect to throw away a watermelon only to pick up a sesame seed.”

“But then again, Ms.

Ye looks really young and her acting skills are not bad.

If it were Huang Kaiqin, she might not be able to achieve this standard.”

“Huang Kaiqin and her team are too funny.

They even listened to the fans arrangements, now they deserve to see Ms.

Ye become famous.”


After Ye Peiwen became famous, her manager and company quickly adjusted her future plans.

They were prepared to let her enter the film industry and shoot a few more works.

After this experience, she was also very interested in television dramas.

Shi Jin arranged to meet her for a chat.

After the two of them had coffee, Shi Jin took out a script.

“This is a television drama that is currently in the midst of casting.

There is an older sister role in it that suits you quite well.”

“But this main production team seems to be quite strict” Ye Peiwen glanced at the names of the team members and immediately felt a little scared.

This production team could be said to be extremely professional.

Every time they filmed a television drama, they received good ratings.

The directors of this team all had their own strengths as well.

They worked together and each had something to bring to the table.

In recent years, they could be considered as role models in the television drama industry.

“You work so hard to improve, are you afraid that they will be strict” Shi Jin smiled.

“Ill go with you.”

“Were going now”

“Theres no time like the present,” Shi Jin said with a smile.

Ye Peiwen took a deep breath and followed Shi Jin.

At the entrance of the audition venue:

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