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Chapter 382: Dont Bring Her Along

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After hanging up his call, Shi Jin saw the news of “Twilight Years” being aired on Weibo.

No wonder Shi Jin often heard people call him Liu “Fast” Ning.

The filming time for “Twilight Years” was similar to “Our Life”.

The former was a 30-episode television drama, while the latter was just a variety show.

Now that “Twilight Years” was about to be released, “Our Life” had not ended yet.

Although “Our Life” did not explode in popularity this summer, it was still able to rely on a few trending incidents to maintain its popularity.

Huang Kaiqin, who did not manage to participate in “Twilight Years”, became popular again.

Now, her sponsorships and show offers were starting to recover.

After all, she was also an A-list actress back then.

She just lacked the opportunity to become famous again.

When she heard that “Twilight Years” was about to start airing, she immediately said to her manager, “Watch closely.

Dont let Ye Peiwen take advantage of my popularity.

Delete all the news of me participating inTwilight Years.”


Its old news, so its easy to delete them.

Ill do it now.”

A moment later, Huang Kaiqin went to check the news again, but she couldnt find any on the topic.

Coincidentally, she had a livestream event with her fans that night.

In the livestream, someone mentioned Shi Jin.

Someone asked her, “Sister, did you come in contact with Shi Jin when you were filmingTwilight Years Hows your relationship”

“What are you talking about Ive never heard of it.

Dont mention it anymore, Im not familiar with her.” Huang Kaiqin quickly denied everything.

“Then you and Ye Peiwen…”

“I dont know her.

Dear fans, can you ask me more questions about me personally Im still waiting to interact with you.”

After that, no one asked any more questions about that topic.

After the livestream, Huang Kaiqin snorted.

Who does Ye Peiwen think she is to try to use her for attention

Her manager said to her, “We only have two episodes before we finish recording.

The last two episodes are very important.

This directly determines whether you can get the next important contract.”

“I understand.” Huang Kaiqin understood the importance of this matter.

“Our Life” had relied on her flashy lifestyle in a wealthy family, showing off her luxurious cars and luxury watches to gain its current popularity.

She had also become one of the most important guests.

The director had already told her that the viewership ratings depended on her alone, so he hoped she would perform well.

At a time like this, she definitely could not drop the ball.

This was especially so for the next big production that she had her eyes on.

One of the roles was an elder sister from a wealthy family.

She was decisive, rich, and powerful.

She doted on her younger brothers very much.

What the role needed was this kind of rich and bold aura that she had.


On Liu Nings side, the promotions were already underway.

The person in charge asked him, “Should we take advantage of Huang Kaiqins popularity After all, she was part of our TV show…”

“No, please dont bring her along.” Liu Ning was very clear about cutting ties with the artists he no longer worked with.

Moreover, when Huang Kaiqin left back then, she tried to scheme against Shi Jin.

This was something he could not tolerate.

The person in charge immediately agreed and found another hot topic to promote.

Coincidentally, Shi Jin came to visit Ye Peiwen that day and they went to karaoke together that night.

With Shi Jins approval, the publicity department recorded Shi Jin and Ye Peiwen singing.

Hence, Shi Jin was included in the promotions for the show.

As long as there was Shi Jin around, there would be no lack of popularity.

Besides, Ye Peiwen and Shi Jin had worked together in “Ultimate Songwriter” before.

The fans were instantly reminded of the grand performance.

“It turns out that the two pretty sisters have such a good relationship in private.

I ship it!”

“Oh my god, is this the capability of a singer Even when theyre at karaoke, theyre competing to see who can sing higher notes.”

“Theyre amazing.”

Taking advantage of this opportunity, they also announced the interlude and theme song that Ye Peiwen sang for “Twilight Years.”

The interlude was composed and written by Shi Jin.

It was called “Awakening from a Dream.”

As for the other theme song, Ye Peiwen wrote and composed it herself.

It was called “Falling In Love with a Person Who Doesnt Come Home.”

One was slightly sorrowful, the other was sad and moving.

The melodies of both songs were very good.

“Im crying.

How could there be a song like this”

“Little Stone wrote such a touching song.

I hope you two will be happy.”

“Sigh, women in marriage are always like this… I already have a feeling that this drama will be heartbreaking and irresistible.”

“I will watch the drama when it comes out!”

“I will watch the drama when it comes out!”

Accompanied by Ye Peiwens interlude and theme song, the number of people who voted that they wanted to watch “Twilight Years” had already exceeded 400,000.

This number was still increasing.

Before “Twilight Years” was even aired, the two songs were already quite popular.

The lyrics of these two songs echoed all over the internet: “You said you loved someone you shouldnt love.

Your heart was full of scars

You said you made a mistake you shouldnt have made

Your heart was filled with regret

You said you tasted all the bitterness in life

You couldnt find someone to trust

You said you were extremely upset

You even started to doubt your life

If you had known sadness was inevitable

Why would you be so passionately devoted

Because love is always difficult to part with.

Why care about that little bit of warmth

You know sadness is inevitable

In every waking dream

There are things you dont have to ask about now

There are people you never have to wait for again.”

Many netizens were already singing along while waiting for the television drama to air.

The next day, “Twilight Years” officially aired.

The drama was about a woman in her thirties trapped in her marriage.

Apart from Ye Peiwen, there were two other female characters.

The content of the script was brilliant and solid, and the directors technique was meticulous.

In just two episodes, he had already established his character profile and made everyone empathize with the fate of the three women.

On the day the show aired, the results were pretty good.

Especially when the theme song played in the background, many people felt sad and touched.

Most of the audience for tv shows were made of women, especially those older women, and they were very accepting of such topics.

On the day of the broadcast, the viewership ratings reached a peak.

In other words, as long as they maintained this pace, it wouldnt be too much of a problem for the drama to become popular.

What was even more unexpected was that not many people could tell that it was Ye Peiwens first time acting in a television drama.

She debuted as a singer and had been active on screen for many years.

Many older people still remembered her.

All these years, she had been a stay-at-home mother.

She had experienced many things that could be said to be very similar to the female protagonist.

To her, this drama was practically her own story.

There was nothing wrong with her performance.

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